5 ways Brian comes back to life on “Family Guy”

5 ways Brian comes back to life on Family Guy Ryan Berenz

5 ways Brian comes back to life on Family Guy: So you watched Sunday’s episode of Family Guy in which Brian got hit by a car during a game of street hockey and died, and then kept watching waiting for him to be resurrected somehow at the end. Only the end came, Brian was still dead, and WHAAAAAAAAAA? Did they really kill Brian? Are we really now stuck with Poochie Vinnie as the Griffin family dog?

5 ways Brian comes back to life on Family Guy

Fans of the show are already up in arms, offering a petition to bring Brian back. Conspiracy theories abound: Did Seth MacFarlane kill off Brian to enrage fans and hasten the show’s end?

I’m not buying that the show would kill off arguably its strongest character. Brian’s going to come back somehow (TMZ seems to think otherwise).

5 ways Brian comes back to life on Family Guy:

Clone Brian Brian probably sheds, and if he’s anything like my dog, his hair covers nearly every square inch of floor and furniture. Brian could easily be cloned from the DNA (it’s been done before), and the family could raise him from a pup and see how the whole nature vs. nurture thing plays out. How much like real Brian will Clone Brian be?

Jedi Ghost Brian Star Wars fan MacFarlane has brought deceased characters back in ghost form before. Perhaps Brian found that right mix of liberalism/alcoholism that allows him to become one with the Force and return in spectral form a la Obi Wan Kenobi. So Brian may actually still be dead, from a certain point of view.

Time Machine Fix Stewie destroyed the time machine that would’ve allowed him to go back and change the events leading up to Brian being killed. Even though his source for primary components might not be able to come through anymore, would that really stop Stewie from finding another source and rebuilding it at some point? It’s the obvious route that the episode tried to rule out, but the show’s been guilty of similar things before, such as…

It Was All A Dream/Virtual Reality Sequence Remember Stewie Kills Lois/Lois Kills Stewie? I try to forget them, since there’s no satisfying payoff in the double episode. The show is smarter than to pull the most hated of switcheroos on its fans a second time, but if they’re desperate…

Whatever The Hell This Is All About There’s this website called Brian Griffin’s Special Announcement with a clock ticking down to Dec. 6. Is this all a November sweeps programming stunt to boost ratings or sell some merchandise? I guess we’ll wait until the clock ticks down to find out.



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