Ravenswood recap: “Scared to Death”

Ravenswood recap: “Scared to Death”

By Aleina McGettrick

In last week’s episode of Ravenswood we left off with Miranda (Nicole Gale Anderson) leaving with the ghost of her mother to an unknown place. Although we all wish this was her happy ending, we know it definitely is not. This week, on the midseason finale of Ravenswood, the show started out with Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) having a sort of dream of where Miranda was. She was shown in a room with her mother and father and a strange little girl — her parents claimed that the girl was wondering by herself on the street and that they were now to take care of her. At the end of his dream Caleb sees the girl for what she really is, a devilish little girl. When he wakes up he immediately brings everyone together and tells them that Miranda is in danger. They are not quite sure what to do yet, so they start out by looking at the things in the box that they found in the last episode of Ravenswood.


They find a letter written by the elder Caleb to the elder Miranda. It’s a love letter, and in it he proclaims his feelings for her. After this happy discovery of the love letter there is sure to be something to ruin it; and sure enough, Caleb goes to see Mr. Collins (Steven Cabral) and finds out that his uncle died. We are shown his corpse in the workplace of Mr. Collins and it is very eerie. His expression is one of terror, a face that Mr. Collins claims he has seen before; Caleb’s uncle was scared to death. Back in his room, Caleb is talking on the phone to Remy (Britne Oldford) when the window opens by itself and when he goes to close it a ghost of a teenage boy appears behind him with blood coming from his eyes — we aren’t sure who this boy is, but we will see him again later in this episode of Ravenswood. Later, Mrs. Grunwald (Meg Foster) comes to bring him lunch and also lets him know that she is looking for Miranda. Caleb shows her a picture of a room from his dream and asks her if she has ever seen the room. She lets him know that it might perhaps be a room from a house that Miranda’s parents used to stay at; however, it’s a lead that shows no results. Where is Miranda?

Later in the episode, Olivia (Merritt Patterson) and her boyfriend Dillon (Luke Benward) are at her house discussing the curse. We haven’t seen much of Dillon at all so far throughout all of the things that Olivia has been though so seeing him now so willing to help her figure things out is surprising. However, Olivia accepts his help and they find a map of a place that may be of some help to them. Later that night, Caleb has another dream of Miranda, this one more disturbing. He is back at the same place and when he sees Miranda it’s like he is actually in the dream and he tries to get her to go with him. This place is, to Miranda, what she has wanted all of her life so she of course does not want to leave with him. She stays again with Max (Isabel Meyers), the evil little girl.

Remy isn’t having a good night of sleep either. She wakes up from sleepwalking and finds herself in the basement of the old bank in the town; however, she feels as if she was guided to this place and calls the rest of the gang there. The map that Olivia found turns out to be a blueprint of this basement and they find out that there is a room connected to it. Unfortunately, it is blocked off by bricks. They break through and find two dead, decayed skeletons sitting on the other side. The two skeletons belonged to two people who sacrificed themselves in the hopes that Miranda and Caleb would one day find each other again for their love. Olivia finds another letter and this one is from Miranda to Caleb telling him that she loves him back. The two letters were their wedding vows. They got married the same day that they were killed. Eventually, Luke (Brett Dier) finds a picture of the elder Miranda standing in front of a house that Olivia and Remy recognize.

They quickly go to the house and it is the same house where Miranda is. When they arrive at the house they are confronted by Max again. When they do reach Miranda, she refuses to believe that this is a trap; she is happy where she is with her mother. After realizing that this is a trap, when she asks her mother a trick question, they all escape through a secret door in the back of Miranda’s closet. Caleb is pushed out of the house and he is unconscious, he barely survives the fall, but he does wake up at the hospital with everyone there with him. Dillon is also there; he leaves the room to go get coffee and he sees Max walking down the hallway. They are in a room together and as he confronts her — if we didn’t all see this coming — we find out they out that they are in cahoots together, scheming for an unknown person against the five teenagers.  Max says that whoever they are working for “is going to be very mad.” Who is this mysterious person? Perhaps we’ll find out in January when Ravenswood returns with new episodes following the winter premiere of Pretty Little Liars. 


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