Scandal recap: “Everything’s Coming Up Mellie”

Scandal recap: “Everything’s Coming Up Mellie”

Maya Pope (Khandi Alexander) is alive! Olivia Pope’s (Kerry Washington) mom, who was thought of by me and numerous other Scandal viewers as a character who died in the plane crash, was actually in a jail. And, of course, Eli Pope (Joe Morton) — or, should I say, Neil Hastings — knew this whole time that Maya — or, should I also say, Omar Dresdin — was alive.

However, Olivia has yet to find out that her mother is alive, so she decided to make her mother Pope & Associates’ new client. They quickly realized that the flight that day: A) left 27 minutes late even though it was not listed as departing late; B) four passengers were missing from the flight; and C) Fitzgerald Grant’s (Tony Goldwyn) father, Jerry Grant (guest star Barry Bostwick) oversaw the crash investigation. With the new information in hand, they decided to talk to the gate agent, who explained that a U.S. Marshall held up the plane on the tarmac to take off an individual (which took me until the end of the episode to realize it was Maya Pope).


The episode’s main focus was on First Lady, Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young) who we learned more about from her past. Fifteen years ago, her and a young Fitzgerald Grant were presented with the opportunity to run for the gubernatorial candidacy in California by a fully bearded and shaggy haired Cyrus Beane (Jeff Perry). However, Fitzgerald did not want to run as early as Jerry Grant intended and blew his father and Cyrus off. His father tried to blackmail him into running because Jerry felt owed to after taking Fitzgerald’s name off the plane crash report. Mellie was not able to convince her husband either and decided to help his father. The help turned into a rape scene from a drunken Jerry and Mellie could not do anything about it.

I have a feeling that Huck (Guillermo Diaz) knew that Quinn was of interest for Eli Pope and B613, but I don’t think he could do anything about it. I feel like he was forced to ignore her requests for help with Eli Pope knowing that she would eventually help them out. I also think this example parallels the situation that Eli Pope and Maya Pope are in. I have a feeling that Maya’s life was saved, but as punishment, she would have to be a member for B613. I also feel like President Grant’s child is actually Jerry Grant’s kid and that President Grant is eventually going to find out near the end of the season.

Potential Stories for Next Episode

  • Eli Pope’s knowledge of why his wife is still alive
  • Quinn’s role after officially becoming a member of B613
  • Maya Pope’s role in the show going forward

Memorable Quotes

Olivia (to President Grant about her daily life)

“I’m surrounded by murderers.”

President Grant’s father (to President Grant)

“I own you.”

President Grant’s father (to Mellie about President Grant)

“I’m a decent father. I don’t beat him.”


Scandal: “Everything’s Coming Up Mellie” — Eric McCandless/ABC