Are you ready for some Phil Robertson football? Here’s footage from Duck Dynasty star’s 1965 Louisiana Tech debut

Are you ready for some Phil Robertson football?

Anyone familiar with Duck Dynasty — and judging from the A&E series’ ever-rising ratings and the prodigious amount of Duck Dynasty merchandise inundating store shelves this holiday season, that’s a lot of you — knows that family patriarch Phil Robertson used to play some football. He was the starting quarterback at Louisiana Tech, in fact, ahead of an upstart young player by the name of Terry Bradshaw. But Phil walked away from the game to pursue his love of duck hunting, allowing Bradshaw to go on to earn the name the Blonde Bomber and four Super Bowl rings with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The old teammates reunited earlier this fall for a FOX Sports segment, and now the university has released highlights from Phil’s 1965 debut behind center. The sound-free, black-and-white footage reflects a lot of the three-yards-and-a-cloud-of-dust approach that defined the game at the time, but you do get to see Phil sling it pretty well a time or two. And hey, despite his love of waterfowl, those passes were anything but — ahem — ducks. Hint: Phil is wearing white.

It’s well-known that despite his pro prospects, Phil eventually decided he would be happier chasing ducks, paving the way not only for Bradshaw to take over but for Robertson to go on and create the Duck Commander empire that has now become a cultural phenomenon. (How many beard-and-camo combos did YOU see at Halloween this year?) Perhaps the 8-20 record the team posted during his playing days helped sour him to the game as well. In the game against Rice that’s featured in the highlights video, Phil’s Bulldogs were blanked, 14-0.


Phil Robertson football Terry Bradshaw Duck Dynasty Louisiana Tech
College football teammates Terry Bradshaw and Phil Robertson reunite at a Louisiana Tech game in September. Credit: Associated Press



  1. Terry Bradshaw turned-out to be an awesome quarterback, I guess we’ll never know how good you could have been, punk, I can only guess you were better, you had to be.

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