Ravenswood recap: “The Devil Has a Face”

Ravenswood recap: “The Devil Has a Face”

By Aleina McGettrick

In last week’s episode of Ravenswood, the group was communicating with the ghost of Abigail, and the last answer that they got from her was, “Five Pact.” It was a scary situation to be in, and it’s not one that Luke (Brett Dier) doesn’t know if he can accept. He doesn’t want Olivia (Merritt Patterson) involved in it anymore because he thinks that it’s dangerous and he doesn’t want anything horrible to end up happening to her.


Are they the only ones in danger? It doesn’t seem that way when Miranda (Nicole Gale Anderson) looks for Abigail and finds that her tombstone is broken — perhaps as a punishment for giving them some answers to the curse of Ravenswood. The appearance of ravens throughout the episode continuously reminds us of the curse and how all five of them should have been killed in the car accident. Even more, maybe Mr. Collins (Steven Cabral) knows more about the curse than he lets on. Outside of the café he talks with Luke and Olivia’s mom (Laura Allen), suggesting a friendship — one that was not approved of by Luke and Olivia’s father when he was alive.

Miranda isn’t the only one to have a long-lost uncle in the town of Ravenswood. Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) has a conversation with an old lady on the grounds of the graveyard. She recognizes him as the spitting image of Mr. River’s older brother; Caleb and Remy (Britne Oldford) go to visit this Mr. Rivers. He’s staying at a nursing home, and while they play a game of chess with him they don’t get any helpful answers from him in relation to the curse besides a warning to them to watch the movies that they make and to not be so careless.

Miranda has been spying on her uncle in his office and she tells Olivia that she might have found the murder weapon that was used to stab her father. The two of them go back to his office and find the weapon, but what they find instead is even more astonishing. Remember in a previous episode of Ravenswood when we saw Mr. Collins cutting off a piece of Miranda’s hair? Well, it seems as though he’s been cutting off a piece of hair from every single patient he’s worked on and keeping them in individual jars in a wall of drawers. Miranda finds her jar and destroys it out of disgust and anger. After she destroys the jar she is finally able to leave the grounds of the graveyard making us wonder if Mr. Collins has an even stronger connection to the curse of Ravenswood.

Miranda searches for Caleb and goes to the school to look for him. Remy and Caleb had gotten a visit from Mr. Rivers, who gave them an old pair of keys telling Caleb that it is “his turn now.” Remy discovers that the keys are to rooms in the basement of the school — rooms that used to be part of the old courthouse. They are in the basement of the school then they find an old rusty box that one of the keys will fit in; however, the key breaks off inside the box when they open it. Meanwhile, right above them, Luke has been at the school rehearsing in a play with Tess (Haley Lu Richardson) — Olivia’s former best friend — for extra credit. While he is onstage he sees Miranda and she asks him to help her find Caleb. While he is gone Miranda sees the ghost of her mother up on the stage, and when Caleb comes up from the basement to find Miranda she is gone and he can’t find her anywhere.

There’s only one person in his mind that is to blame for the disappearance of Miranda: Mr. Collins. Caleb goes to confront him but when he does, all the evidence is gone. The jars of hair are all gone, and Mr. Collins has nothing to put him at fault. In the closing scene of this episode of Ravenswood we see Miranda holding her mother’s hand, walking through a door filled with lights. Is it heaven or a trap? Is this the last time we’ll see Miranda here in Ravenswood?


Ravenswood: “The Devil Has a Face” — Skip Bolen/ABC Family

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