Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition recap Season 2 episode 11: Malice in Wonderland

With one week to go to the finale, we’ve reached the point of Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition where the show should theoretically be about dance alone. Am I right? The also-rans have gone home. The remaining dancers are all deserving. The mothers are well-behaved … well, except for Cindy. But her big problem was JoJo and Jessalynn, and they’re back in Nebraska. So nothing but earnest, honest competition and great dancing, yes?

No. Cindy just said she would do whatever needs to be done to win this thing. There will still be hysteria.

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This week’s theme is “Down the Rabbit Hole” — AKA Alice in Wonderland — and the skill is characterization. Gianna is especially happy about that because that’s her strong suit. The challenge winner gets to assign the other dancers’ dance style/character.

Tessandra Chavez is on hand to teach the combo. Once they’ve got the movements down, Abby will give the group a character and they will perform the combination as that character. First up is The White Rabbit. Lots of miming bunny ears and paws. Demonstrate, Gianna.

Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition Gianna

Abby says Trinity’s characterization was excellent, but her feet were bad. She’s first out.

Next the girls will dance as a dormouse, which is actually a thing in addition to a character. Dormice also come in edible varieties, but I don’t think we will worry about that right now. Again the girls do an excellent job of characterization, but McKaylee does her ball changes on the wrong foot, which Abby thinks should make Shari embarrassed. I realize I remember pretty much nothing about Alice in Wonderland other than Alice and possibly a stopwatch, which I think should make me embarrassed.

Kalani and Gianna will do battle for the win dancing as The Queen of Hearts. In the end, Abby says Kalani was the superior dancer, but Gianna brought off-with-your-head fierceness as The Queen of Hearts. Characters related to Off With Your Head is Gianna’s thing. She, er, killed it as Marie Antoinette last week, remember? Abby says she’s been well trained in evil thanks to her mom. No arguments here. From Cindy, either. She finds it hilarious.

On that subject, Cindy and Gianna disagree about who should have what dance, because Gianna wants people to still like her and Cindy just wants to win. Gianna lets Cindy have her way, unable to speak her mother’s decisions until Abby demands it.

Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition cindy gianna

So Gianna does it. The dances shake out like this.

Gianna keeps the jazz funk solo featuring the Mad Hatter for herself. Fine call.
Lyrical routine about Alice goes to Trinity, the hip-hop expert. Good competitive move.
Hip-hop routine featuring the White Rabbit goes to Kalani. Of course. Hip-hop sent her home last time.
Modern funk about the Cheshire Cat is McKaylee’s.

Only McKaylee looks fine with her fate. Trinity and Tina feel sabotaged by a duo they saved from elimination twice, but they know who the real culprit is. Backstage, the hens start pecking and Gianna starts to cry.

As much as Cindy drives me nuts, she did what any of the other mothers would have done in her position — assigned dancers with an obvious Achilles-heel dance style that genre. And since she seems to relish a good verbal throwdown, their fussin’ is only serving to fuel her fire. On the other hand, it’s reducing poor Gianna to rubble, so I guess there is method to everyone’s madness.

Trinity’s Alice dance will be choreographed by Tarua Hall. They both realize they’ve got their work cut out for them, since Trinity admits she’s everything but lyrical and feminine. Abby — who is wearing more color than I have ever seen on her and should really do that more often — comes in and pretty much says the same thing. Not much she can do about what’s about to transpire except tell Trinity to, for God’s sake, mind the feet.

Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition blue Abby
Gianna’s solo will be choreographed by Matt Cady. Gianna likes the dance but says she’s preoccupied because the other moms and dancers are so angry. Abby says she’s angry, too — I’m guessing because the only person who is more screwed than her beloved Kalani is Trinity. She quizzes Cindy about her decision-making, but Cindy’s not the least bit remorseful. Ain’t her job to make sure Kalani looks good.

Abby takes out her frustrations on Gianna’s technique. Who else is glad that GiGi seems to dance her best when she suffers mightily beforehand?

Victor Rojas is crafting Kalani’s White Rabbit dance. He tells the girl to forget her nerves about the style of dance and focus on making the most of the character.

In the Kristie Ray/Yvette Walts Memorial Rhinestoning Room of Contentiousness, Cindy is celebrating being hated on by all the other mothers by not giving a righteous crap. And that’s about all there is to say about that.

Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition Cindy


Matt Cady is also choreographing McKaylee’s dance. He wants her to be a sad kitty. Man, I wish I could remember what the hell Alice in Wonderland was about, because I thought Cheshire Cat was a jerk, not a depressive. In any case, Abby points out that McKaylee lip-syncs and the girl admits that that has turned into a bad habit. The pressure gets to poor, perfectionist McKaylee and she starts to cry.

Abby lets Kalani and Ka-mommy know that she, too, is worried for their girl this week, since the last time Kalani did hip-hop, she was sent packing. Afterward, Kira tells Kalani she has begun to look like she’s giving up. Kalani doesn’t want to be badgered. Kira tells her to ditch the brat face and step up.

Abby's Utimate Dance Competition Kalani

Come competition day, everyone is a veritable time bomb of nerves, which makes the get-ready room a real picnic. Out front, Manno (in subtle shades of gray, if you’re keeping track) reminds everyone in the audience that this is the last performance show before the finale showdown. I’d tell you how the judges’ wardrobe/accessory choices pertain to the theme this week, but you know … unless, they’re wearing a top hat or a blue frock with a while apron, I’m in the weeds. Either way, I was hoping for something more quirky out of Richy.

McKaylee goes first. Before she even takes the stage, Abby signals to her not to lip sync. It’s not my favorite McKaylee dance, mostly thanks to the gigantic ramp prop, but it’s still very good and she emotes for all she is worth, ending up on the judges’ table just for fun.

Shows you what I know — Rachelle says McKaylee WAS her best. Richy says she made his heart pound. Then he rats her out for lip-syncing a little, which Abby didn’t even see. Abby says McKaylee didn’t play a believable cat. Because, you know, this totally is one.

aabbys ultimate cheshire cat

Backstage, Gianna is freaking about the heft of her cockeyed hat, fearing it will take her entire wig — and possibly her head — with it as she moves. Cindy orders her to test that theory by jumping off the couch, not using her inside voice at all and making me sad for how badly I want her to go home now, even if it costs me Gianna, whom I love. At the very least, I hope she watches these back and feels at least a twinge of embarrassment. Hopefully a boatload of it. Hopefully she bought Gianna a pony for what she put her through. Or some noise-cancelling headphones.

Gianna’s dance is lively and chaotic and makes Richy stand and squirrel wave and Rachelle stand and bite the apple, which I’m going to miss. Abby says she played a character well, which thrilled Abby’s cohorts, but her technique is not befitting Abby’s Ultimate Dancer. Richy gives her another finger wave. Rachelle gives her another bite the apple and a bonus head roll. Rachelle says Gianna is a born actress.

Kalani dances her hip-hop solo like the ballerina she is, but she’s so coltish and adorable that it’s hard not to enjoy it.

abby's ultimate dance Competition kalani

Even though there were only rare moments of honest hip-hop, Richy stands and gives her a finger wave, anyway. He says she just let go and he appreciates that. Rachelle liked her isolations and says she’s much improved from her last hip-hop outing. Abby says her expressions were good; her technique not so much. Kira takes the lukewarm praise as a win and thanks Cindy for the opportunity.

Tarua wisely made Trinity’s dance an up-tempo lyrical routine, but it’s still so-so at best, and  — even with my Wonderland amnesia — nothing about it says Alice. Richy says she did well enough, given she was totally out of her wheelhouse. Abby says the dance was a letdown, including the acrobatics, which should have been Trinity’s salvation. Rachelle disagrees. She calls Abby “Ms. Miller” and says Abby failed to recognize Trinity’s game effort.

Backstage, a sullen Trinity tells her mother to accept that she is going home. Mnnneehhhh!

Judges deliberations are tense from the get-go. Abby says none of the girls struck her as her ultimate dancer tonight. Rachelle says Gianna totally had it going on and is a performer. Richy agrees, saying the week is supposed to be about playing a character. Abby didn’t like Kalani’s shoes or her feet. Rachelle calls McKaylee a through-line of talent — solid every week — so to send her home over lip-syncing would just be silly. Richy — again — says Trinity did the best she could with what she was given.

Tonight it just seems like everyone is ready for their AUDC Season 2 experience to come to its fabulous $100,000 conclusion, whatever the hell that entails. I don’t think Abby and Rachelle will be getting together to do each other’s hair and talk about boys for a while.

Backstage, Cindy tells Trinity she looked pretty. Trinity tells her not to talk to her, because it’s all her fault she’s so sad. Kira says all of the dancers — especially Kalani — had a hard time, too, and Trinity’s attitude is horrible. Trinity says the difference is Abby loves Kalani. Kira says it’s time for Trinity to go home.

Come results time, the judges still look owly and Abby tells Manno their decision is only a “kinda-sorta” consensus. On a side note, the stuff that winds up behind Manno’s head (& What Abby Found There) is always a bright spot in my night.

and what abby found there

Abby tells Gianna that everyone felt that she had the best characterization. She’ll be going to the finals. Gianna looked stunned, and I start to worry for Trinity.

Shari says everyone wants to kill Cindy. Pretty much since Day 1, Shari. Pretty much since then.

Then Abby says the remaining dancers are the best she’s seen all year. I think she means all season, but whatever. She goes after McKaylee one last time for lip synching, Kalani for being an iffy hip-hopper and Trinity for lacking softness.

Then — surprise! — she says no way in hell is she going to let some mother determine who goes into the finals, even though she gave Cindy that power. So everyone is going into the finals. Surprise!

So what say you, AUDC-o-philes? Did Cindy make the right calls, even though they amounted to nothing? Would they have amounted to nothing had Kalani scored a better dance? Did you miss the wisdom of JoJo with the BowBow on our first JoJo-free ShowShow? Who’s going to take the win? Sound off in the comments section below.

Coming up on next week’s Season 2 finale of Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition — the return of Robert Goulet Joffrey!

The season finale of Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition airs Tuesday, Nov. 19 at 9/8CT.


  1. I believe evil does prosper to a certain point but then falls on its face. That is why we have people in jails. It’s sad because while evil prospers the good gets hurt. It’s also sad that while good moms try to show their children the right way we have the bad moms showing other children the wrong way. So we will always have good and bad. That is where selfishisness, greed, sense of intitleness, bulliness etc comes from. People forget about compassion, love, and caring for others. Those parents that are raising selfish children are going to reap what they sow in their elder years. When they need those children they are going to be too busy with themselves to help their parents or be to busy to even care about their parents.,it is going to be a sad society. Hopefully there will be enough good kids like trinity and even Giana . Giana is fighting her mother a big evil force!

  2. McKaylee should win. She’s the most well-rounded of all the dancers, and (among others) her “Les Mis” dance was professional caliber. All four are very good dancers, but my money has been on McKaylee for quite a while. Trinity needs more schooling in dance, Kalani needs more schooling in other types of dance, and Giana is terrific but not as good as McK.
    Lori, I love reading your recaps, thanks for helping us see the humor in a show about dancing be more about the dancers’ moms!

  3. What Lori writes is a blog with room at the inn for everyone, no matter how you spell, punctuate or construct your sentences… 🙂

      • You are right no one should curse anyone out. It would be a better world if we were all nice to each other. I’m pretty sure I probably cursed somebody out in my lifetime I can’t remember right now . I guess chemo was good for something because it took my memory and sixteen pounds. Lmao. But I can vouch for this I never started anything bad. I’m always trying to look at the bright side of things. Even with all the Cindy crap on this show I’m sad to see it finish because I enjoyed watching the kids dance. What am I going to watch while I go through six weeks of radiation. :-0?

    • Wow i was wondering why was she so angry with life being so short. But now i…Oh. I get it silly me.sometimes you type so fast you don’t realize you made a mistake or that the dam computer corrected the word to the wrong spelling or the wrong word. Blogging should be fun not offensive. So why don’t we all get along. Lmao. I’m joking. Ok lol. I had a crazy year. My dog died and I got cancer. I don’t want pity I want humor. Lol.

  4. This is a ballet scholarship…. Trinity is a gymnast.
    Abby shows favoritism and is partially responsible for the mother’s at each others throats. Kalani gave Jojo first choice. Not much different than what Gianna’s mother did. IF Trinity cannot do anything but hip hop, how can she win a ballet scholarship? I like all the remaining girls…Couldn’t stand Jojo.

    • Actually the UDC is censored around all dance genra. Not just ballet. But your right Trinity is more experienced in gymnastics.

      • It may be CENTERED around all dance GENRE, but the prize is a BALLET scholarship, not hip hop, lyrical, jazz funk, etc.

        • Actually, Joffrey has expanded to include several other styles. Check out their website. Plus, 100k is nothing to sneeze at. Relax Michelle. No need to yell.

  5. But in all seriousness, I would like to hear who you would like to see win the UDC. I personally would like to see Trinity win. Do I think she has it? No, she still has alot to learn, but she does have the determination and the fight. From my former experience though, Makayly has it. She is willing to give it her all. She’s got the beautiful extended legs, the gracefullness, and the talent.

    • I’d like to see McK win, Kalani on Dance Moms and Gianna and Trinity become Rachelle Rak proteges. I think that would be the most legit outcome all the way around

      • I am excited to see Trinity dance her hip hop in a music video or at a concert. Otherwise, I wish she would continue her Level 8 gymnast competition and represent us at the Olympics. She is fun to watch.

  6. Everybody was shocked to hear what came out of Trinity’s mouth. She didnt’ want to even talk to Cindy. Blame the disaster dance all on her. Why were these moms shocked? This attitude is coming from the moms. Talking bad about dissions that were made. Always saying unwanted comments in front of the children. What happens? The children responces are the same as the parents. These moms are not considering how there mouths and attitude affects the kids. Personally, I love watching Abby’s UDC. But I’m beginning to wonder if this is not another realilty tv show, just with a bunch of children. Is this really healthy????

    • Of course it’s just another reality show with children lol, and I think “healthy” is an oxymoron. Is the child better off after being on tv, worked how many hours a day for weeks on end, screamed at by not only the parents but by someone they’re trying to impress? I say scrap Abby as a judge and bring in someone who isn’t so biased, or actually knows what the Joffrey is looking for. I love that next week the guy from the ballet will be there, hopefully he shoots down some of Abby’s “technique” babble. He should be making the ultimate decision, not Abby and her cronies.

        • Did I call it on the Joffrey “technique” comment, or did I call it? I swear I could be a writer on these shows….oh wait, they don’t have “writers” though, my bad LOL.

  7. Cindy’s attitude is detrimental to her daughter.It stresses her out and then she can’t focus on her choreography. She is also mean.Everyone is entitled to their opinion but most times Cindy take hers too far.

  8. Truly, all of these girls have lovely personalities and are not mean spirited. Their Mums should be proud of that, considering the bad behavior of ALL of them. I was disappointed to see the temper tantrums of Trinity. I get it that she doesn’t want to go home, but her whining and crying is off putting. Agile and feminine she is not. It is Trinity’s time to go. Each of the finalists are good in their own right – a tough call. Anyone is good to win. My pick is between Macaylee and Kalani. Both have beautiful lines and both belong at the Joffrey. Expect to see Kalani on Dance Moms.

  9. Pet Peeve: It’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.”

    I thought Rojas did a great job of choreographing Kalani’s dance to her strengths, so give him some props, too.

    I do find it tiresome when the show resorts to some of these setups. Let the kids dance and let the chips fall where they may, although at this point they’re all really good and I’ll be disappointed no matter who wins or loses.

  10. I am a big fan of Abby,s that being said I think the real problem is allowiing a mom excuse me a child assign the routines. It might be better to have made each dancer do all the genres, or have all the dancers do the same genre each week only use different music.
    They all want to do a routine of what they are good at instead of tackling one they need to develop. I feel for Gianna, Cindy your behavior is hurting her, you need to look at your daughters face after one of your tirades. YOU complain when Abby talks about Gianna’s technique or her shoes but you practically cheer when she points out a another dancers’
    flaw. Abby, you go girl! You are right, it is your name on the line!

  11. What do you mean by you will miss Rachelle’s head roll? Is she not coming back next season?! She was way better than Ms. Pussy Cat Robin. Robin was annoying and inappropriate by constantly telling kids she could see them as one of her “dancers”.

    • I just meant I’ll miss it when the Season is over, Indy. I very much hope she’s back if there is a third season. I thought her critiques were the most encouraging and relevant in terms of becoming a working dancer, and I love how she stands up to Abby in that regard.

  12. Tonight’s show only showed Abby up as a major hypocrite. Yes, Cindy is truly rotten. Never to be trusted and Gianna probably already feels that wrath…daily. But, for Abby to have a temper snit because her favorite dancer/s were in danger of going home. That cut about Gianna not being worthy of sporting the Abby Lee name said it all…FIX…DISHONEST…FIX. Shame on you, Abby.

    • Barbara, what are you whining about? It is a TV Show. You don’t think they didn’t plan to have 4 people in the finale from the start? Just be glad it is the 4 best dancers out of this season’s contestants. I find it funny that people like you always claim things to be rigged because Abby doesn’t like the same dancer(s) that you do. Her favorite (Madison) from season 1 didn’t win and I don’t think Kalani will win this season. If yo don’t trust Abby to be fair, then why even watch her show. She has every right to her opinion about these dancer as you do.

      • I agree, of course the finale was planned to have four instead of the three, and there’s no way that Abby would have let that out of the bag until it aired.

      • Actually, Gianna is not my fave. Whining? Hardly. Abby’s comment on “her name being represented” merely suggests that Gianna was never going to win, so why is she still there? I think Mckaylee is the best all around and she wasn’t going home either way. And yes, I do believe I will stop watching this lunacy.

      • The Olympics is a TV show also. In a perfect world, one can only hope that scoring is fair and true. Last nights “scoring” was overtly biased. The bias had nothing to do with my personal favorite, but, Abby’s comment showed her bias. When I look back at earlier episodes from this season, I see Abby coaching Kalani differently. Do I think Kalani deserves to win? If she outperforms her teammates…yes! My comments do not weigh on my personal favorites…just the honesty, or lack of it in the competition. Last season did not have as obvious flawed judging. RuPaul’s Drag Race and Toddlers & Tiaras also show bias…the way of TV, I guess. How naive am I?

        • The Olympics are a sporting event that happens to be televised, big difference. The people who televise the events are not the ones judging, they have nothing to do with the sports themselves, all they’re doing is covering it. If you seriously cannot see the difference, it’s probably better that you don’t watch. Do you honestly feel that Asia from last season deserved to make it to the top 3 based on her technique? Absolutely not, so please do not say that there was no biased or crooked judging last season.

          • Michelle, again, you miss the point. They are all televised competitions. How many bad plays are judged in, say, football every Sunday? It would be nice to see fairness implemented in all competitions. And I agree about Asia last season. She was in the bottom three for most of the episodes.

        • Fine, I agree with you about the football analogy, it’s subjective. The way you said it led me to believe you were comparing reality tv shows to actual, professional sporting events that people train their entire lives for. Reality shows have editors, producers, writers, etc. Olympics should be about the athletes and the game, I don’t see the comparison at all.

          • Gymnastics, for example, are judged on style and content (number of difficult moves, etc.); however, many complaints are logged on the judges being biased. Competitions that involve being timed are generally not included in this bias because a stopwatch stops and there is often a clear cut winner. Ice skating is another style/content judgment that sees controversy often.

          • My intent was to compare televised competitive events. Are you saying that Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition is nothing but a reality show? If so, ok. There is room for everyone’s opinion.

            Thank you, Lori, for your excellent synopsis of episode 11. Enjoyed it very much. Take care.

      • Always claimed to be rigged? Do you read and comprehend before writing a response? It might help you sound more intelligent.

  13. First off I loved jojo she was an adorable little girl who cares if she had attitude so many young girls don’t believe in them selves so go jojo and who cares what other people say and second ka lain is the best on the show and I loved watching her with the bunny ears on and trinity when she was put in Gianna’s place she wanted to win because she deserved it not because the other girls danced like shit Gianna needs to go home she can’t really dance and like Richie said she’s a performer or other wise should have said not a dancer and for what Abby said at the end there the best she has seen all season meaning in my thoughts ” that’s not including Gianna because she wasn’t one of the 3 girls on stage” just saying Cindy shouldn’t cheat to get her daughter ahead either she’s good or she’s not and Gianna’s not .

    • Cindy may have played mean,but, she didn’t cheat. Hasn’t Abby said her winner needs to be well-rounded? If not, maybe the shows name should change to Abby’s Ultimate Ballet, Contemporary, or Lyrical Dance Competition…lol.

      • Lmao guess I’ll take a breath haha.. Punctuation on a blog lmao that’s all you wanted to say lmao pathetic!

          • I know right? What Lori writes is a blog, I have no use for children (yes Samantha I do consider you a child, no adult would speak the way you do) who don’t know how to write a simple sentence.

        • That’s not a blog, that’s a run-on sentence. Guess you don’t know the difference, along with every first grader learning about grammar, commas, periods, semi-colons, exclamation marks. Google that, you may be surprised in what you find!

      • I’m really sick and tired of people using the internet as an excuse for poor spelling, grammar and punctuation. For how many decades have we been getting a compulsory education with English as a 12 year study? There’s no excuse.

        As to the program, Gianna, McKaylee and Kalani are all beautiful dancers. Trinity is great, and I admire her and Tina for not sabotaging the competition when they won the challenges. But Trinity is not Abby’s Ultimate Dancer. She has a different style.

        I can’t quite decide betwixt Gianna and Kalani. My problem with McKaylee is that she has been given many extra opportunities(arial routine, interesting props, etc.) but has not been challenged to go outside her comfort zone. Maybe Gianna seems to just have an extra something, even though her mother is horrible. She seems to suffer the same fate as Chloe from Dance Moms. Plus, Kalani is the whole-package ballerina; she has beautiful lines and grace. I guess I would pick Gianna and Kalani to be the top two. I have no idea who wins.

    • Samantha, did you pass 2nd grade? Your reply to someone else who called you on your writing was to curse at them. I think that you were being awfully defensive there–because it’s true, you can’t write, spell, or punctuate. But: you have some good points about the show, which is what this reply box is for. To put it fairly, you are no writer, but your opinion is as important as any other’s.

  14. When Trinity was in the same boat ,she told her mother not to play that way. She wanted to win it on skill. Cindy is a fat cow and I feel sorry for Gianna being bullied all the time.

    • I loved that part too. I think Tina and her daughter, Trinity, are a class act. Kind of restores hope for the Human race. Courtesy is a rare commodity. I think Cindy , unfortunately, taught trinity a lesson in giving and than expecting something in return. I wish it worked that way. A hard blow for a 13 year old to endure. Tina is a great mom and I know she will ease Trinity’s anger.

  15. OK everyone is saying Cindy us evil but think this way there not there to have friends she’s there for the money and her daughters dream and were talking $100„000

    • Even if Cindy’s daughter would win the competition and get the scholarship, does anyone really believe that a huge ballet institution like Joffrey would put up with mothers who act that way? Absolutely not, that kid would be out before she even had her pointes tied on.

      • I think you are correct about Joffrey not standing for the mom’s verbal garbage. A season or two ago, on Dance Moms, the girls auditioned for the Joffrey Summer Ballet course. The moms got loud and the teacher came out and asked them all to leave. I believe it was a Candy Apples moms vs. ALDC moms smack down. Abby should move her parent viewing room far away from the dance room so the kids can learn in a healthier environment. Maybe hook up some cameras and mikes for the moms, but get them out of the studio. All that turmoil cannot be good for the students.

        • For once I agree with you completely, especially since it’s apparent that the kids can hear when the moms fight. In the studio that my nephew dances with, they have “watch weeks” and it’s only once to twice a season. The kids can’t focus when the parents are there, and are distracted to the point where they act up and the teacher loses control of the class. Mind you, my nephews teachers are absolutely wonderful and he adores them. A camera set up wouldn’t be a bad idea at all, especially with someone like Abby, I’d want to know what was going on in a classroom with someone like her. Who’s to say that she wouldn’t use corporal punishment (like that ridiculous foam bat) if the girls don’t get the steps right, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

          • And a rule in place where no parent can interrupt a lesson. Dance Moms show uses that ploy or script where a mom will not like how the chart went or a solo wasn’t given and then be egged on by another parent to interrupt an Abby lesson with the kids to voice outrage. It is so phony when they get Holly to do it. You can just tell she doesn’t like the manipulation. Ugh! That’s why I had so much hope for AUDC to be more about the kids and dancing. Oh we’ll.

  16. Cindy did what a competitive person should. aren’t they supposed to be able to dance all types of dance? I think Kalani should have gone it was sicking to watch her dance. Good luck to Mckaylee she deserves it.Thank God JoJo is gone!!! she shoukd have been gone week 2 instead we had to suffer with her feet or lack of and timing.

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