Ravenswood recap: Episode 3 – “Believe”

Ravenswood recap: Episode 3 – “Believe”

By Aleina McGettrick

In the opening scene of ABC Family’s Ravenswood Episode 3, “Believe,” we see Miranda’s uncle, Mr. Collins (Steven Cabral) and Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) preparing for her funeral. It is being held at the graveyard that Mr. Collins lives on. The whole group is there for the funeral, including the ghost of Miranda, who is apprehensive at the sight of her body being lowered into the ground. During the service, Olivia (Merritt Patterson) glances over at her father’s grave, where the words “Black Widow” are still written in red, and as she looks over she thinks she sees the ghost of a woman standing over her dad’s grave. Later, after the service, Remy (Britne Oldford) talks to Luke (Brett Dier) about meeting up with him, Olivia and Caleb at the café to discuss the theory that she has about the curse in Ravenswood.

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Before the end of the scene Luke and Olivia go back outside to talk to a police officer about the open case of their father’s death. The officer, an old acquaintance of Luke’s, tells them that they may have a lead on a woman named Abby — with whom they suspect their dad was having an affair. Later in the episode we will find out that Abby will have even more of an importance in finding answers about this curse than we initially think. Remy and Caleb are at the café when Olivia and Luke show up to her what Remy has to tell them. She tells them of the pattern she found, the repeated history of the death of five teens, the curse that is now affecting their lives in such a negative and devastating way. Olivia and Luke don’t know if they can believe what Remy is saying though. If she’s right, then why aren’t they all dead?

Their minds are somewhere else, they leave to go find out more answers about the mysterious Abby. At home, Olivia and Luke are on their dad’s laptop looking for answers when their mom (Laura Allen) walks in. They ask her about Abby and they find out some shocking news. Abigail Wheeler had been their father’s girlfriend in high school, she had been trying to contact their father about the suspicions that he had about Ravenswood before he died. Here’s the shocking part: Abby has been dead for the past twenty years. Now, do they believe the suspicions that Remy has? To give them more of a reason to believe her, Olivia is at the school when an unpleasant scene happens. She is looking in the yearbook from her dad’s class and finds out that Abigail was one of the teens who died in the horrific science lab accident. She goes to the science lab and can hear faint screams as if they are coming from that day of the accident. All of a sudden the ghost of Abby appears at the door, burning and surrounded by flames in the science lab. Now the only one that still needs convincing about the curse of Ravenswood is Luke.

Mr. Collins has allowed Caleb to stay at a house on the grounds as long as he has agreed to help with some of the work around the graveyard. Due to the fact that for some reason Miranda’s ghost cannot leave the grounds of the graveyard, Caleb has invited Remy, Olivia, and Luke to the house to tell them that he can see and talk to Miranda’s ghost. Remy and Olivia believe him right away, Luke doesn’t and that’s when they decide to have a séance to communicate with Abby in the hopes of finding out more answers — and answers are exactly what they get. They find out that their dad was killed by the same thing that killed Abby, the same thing that is now out to kill them. What’s going to happen to them? And more importantly — what’s going to happen to Caleb in this spooky house that he’s staying at where the previous groundskeeper supposedly “retired”? We’ll find out in next week’s episode of Ravenswood!


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