Scandal recap: Episode 5 – “More Cattle, Less Bull”

Scandal recap: Episode 5 — “More Cattle, Less Bull”

Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) continued her off-and-on love for the president (Tony Goldwyn) in a phone call. After another Sunday dinner with her father, Eli Pope (Joe Morton), which went ever-so-cheerfully, Olivia quickly started drinking wine in her humble abode. What seemed very obvious as the scene started, she felt the need to vent her sadness in a call to the president and approached the garbage where her secret phone was thrown away earlier in the show. The call showed the president and Olivia relieving themselves of their stressful daily lives. During the call, First Lady Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young) overheard the conversation and turned it into a positive by asking for Olivia to run as the campaign leader in the next election, understanding that an energized president would have a better chance to be reelected.

The client featured in the episode was Democratic presidential hopeful Josephine Marcus (Lisa Kudrow a.k.a. Phoebe from Friends!), who had a problem with keeping quiet an abortion she had when she was 15. The team at Pope & Associates quickly identified and paid off the five people who may have known about the abortion in Montana (Josephine Marcus’s home state) with $10,000 apiece, only to realize from the last person (her mom) that the baby was alive and a part of the family. Olivia brought this up to Josephine the next day, with her admitting that her daughter was actually raised as her sister in the family and campaign adviser during the elections. However, Josephine decided to not tell her sister and was ambushed at the Democratic debates by one of the candidates. Going against her wanting to not turn the situation into a political positive, she decided to tell about the “abortion,” with her sister realizing that the imaginary person was actually herself. After quickly getting fired from the campaign, the next day Olivia was reoffered the position by Josephine. Of course, this was right after Olivia got offered a position as campaign leader for the president’s campaign.

Meanwhile, Huck (Guillermo Diaz) and Jake Ballard (Scott Foley) focused on their efforts to bring down Eli and Operation Remington by having Jake steal a file from Eli’s home while he was off eating dinner with Olivia. The file revealed the cliffhanger conversation from last week’s episode between the president and Eli Pope, explicitly stating that someone was after information about Remington. After realizing that the president was not the pilot in the Remington plane, Huck theorized that the president was actually in Iceland with a naval ship at the time. The reasons behind this were because a plane crash happened the same day he was ported there while all the airspace video was deleted during the crash, and a Maya Lewis was one the plane. Maya Lewis … as in Eli Pope’s wife … as in Olivia’s mom!

I have a feeling that Olivia spurns President Grant’s bid and runs Josephine Marcus’s campaign. Not only is this because of the emotional blowup (and rightfully so) that is about to occur next episode, but also because Olivia has chosen clients in the past to put up against the White House. I also think that Eli requested the plane be shot down based on foreshadowing and that he had bigger plan in mind. Earlier in the episode, the recorded conversation between the president and Eli featured an annoyed president who was sick of people dying for things they didn’t deserve to die for. Eli’s past episode history has proven this to be true, so I feel like his past wife is no different. As for motive, Maya Lewis was the main target for Eli, but I feel like the president was lied to and had another target in mind for the killing.

Potential Stories for New Episode

  • Olivia’s choice between running President Grant’s campaign versus Democratic nominee Josephine Marcus’s campaign.
  • Quinn Perkins’s (Lindsay Dwyer) use of the gun she bought in Montana.
  • Jake and Huck’s cliffhanger before their discussion about Olivia’s mom’s death.
  • Vice-President’s Sally Langston’s (Kate Burton) potential third party candidacy.

Memorable Quotes

Olivia to her father:

“I made myself in spite of you.”


“We’ve been Poped.”