Ravenswood recap: Episode 2 — “Death and the Maiden”

Ravenswood recap: Episode 2 — “Death and the Maiden”

By Aleina McGettrick

In the premiere episode of ABC Family’s Ravenswood we were left with the dreadful scene of the five teenagers involved in the curse, Miranda, Caleb, Remy, Olivia and Luke trapped in Remy’s car in the river after they crashed off of the bridge. In this episode, we are presented with more dread as an ambulance quickly takes Miranda (Nicole Gale Anderson) to the hospital. She is the only one out of the five that does not survive this disturbing accident. She passes away at the hospital and we are left with so many questions. So is Caleb, (Tyler Blackburn) who decides to stay in this perplexing town. Police and parents arrive at the hospital wondering what happened. The only explanation they get is from Remy (Britne Oldford), who relays over and over that Miranda just grabbed the steering wheel from her; there was nothing on the road.

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Was Miranda in the wrong state of mind or depressed – claims that the police officer had made. However, we know that Miranda really did see something on the road that night. Caleb sees the same figure in this episode of Ravenswood when he has a dream of Miranda telling him to go get her backpack from Remy’s car. His “dream” ends when he sees the eerie figure and he is woken up. Remy agrees to help him after school, against the appeal of her boyfriend Luke (Brett Dier) – who doesn’t like Caleb and the trouble that seems to follow him.

While Caleb and Remy are at the junkyard, back at the school, Olivia (Merritt Patterson) is with her best friend Tess (Haley Lu Richardson) getting ready for a photo shoot even after the awful incident at the homecoming parade in the previous episode of Ravenswood.  Olivia is hesitant about doing the photo shoot because she’s tired of pretending that everything is okay, especially after the death of her father. Her decision to leave the photo shoot is finally made when Tess receives a text from Springer (Brock Kelly) and realizes that maybe Luke was right – Tess isn’t the true friend that she thought she was.

Caleb and Remy aren’t having a favorable time at the junkyard either. They have to climb over a fence to get in and are chased by a dog. When they finally do find the car, Remy reaches in and the car is mysteriously turned on, almost trapping her in it. After they retrieve the backpack they are once again chased by this dog when Luke shows up to help them and gets into a fight with Caleb for getting Remy into this situation. Caleb just can’t catch a break here in Ravenswood, can he?

In the final scene of this episode of Ravenswood there is suddenly a reappearance of Miranda, a ghost perhaps, after Caleb reads Miranda’s letter from her mom that was in her backpack. How is she here? She says things can move “back and forth” in her uncle’s house and that she isn’t the only one there that’s like her. Before the episode ends, Miranda also tells Caleb that the frightening figure had been waiting a very long time for the five of them. Were they all supposed to die? We’ll find out in the next episode of Ravenswood as to what will happen to the ones that got away.


Ravenswood Episode 2: “Death and the Maiden” — Skip Bolen/ABC Family