Dance Moms Season 4 premiere date announced

The new season of Dance Moms will premiere Wednesday, Jan. 1, 2014, at 9pm ET/PT, with new episodes airing Tuesdays at 9pm ET/PT.

And as the series’ take-no-prisoners star Abby Lee Miller warned the ALDC moms and Dance Moms fans in the Season 3 reunion, she’s taking her show on the road for a nationwide casting tour in search of elite young dancers for her competition team for the new season.

Here’s the rest of the Season 4 announcement straight from Lifetime:

With the threat of new dancers coming into the company, the dance moms will stop at nothing to make sure their girls have a place to shine on stage, even if it means going up against Abby.

Dance Moms Season 4 premiere

For the dancers who think they have what it takes and for the parents who can go toe-to-toe with Abby, the Dance Moms national scouting tour will make stops in the following cities:

  • October 25 — Orlando, FL
  • November 8 — Atlanta, GA
  • November 22 — New York City

More information on the tour can be found at

Before the New Years Day premiere, Lifetime will kick off  Season 4 with Dance Moms Special: Guess Who’s Coming to the Dance? at 8pm ET/PT, which will reunite Abby and the moms for updates on the ALDC dancers and what has happened since the cameras stopped rolling at the end of Season 3.  The girls will also perform new dances.

So what say you, Dance Moms fans? Is this the perfect way to ring in your New Year? Would you welcome new moms and dancers, or are you hoping the old crew sticks around? Both? Who still wants recaps? Let us know in the comments section below.

Dance Moms Season 4 premieres January 1 at 9/8 CT on Lifetime.




  1. I personally WOULD like to see the show revamped and get rid of some of the cast. And personally, I’d like to see more of the girls and less of the moms. I know the show is called “Dance Moms” but honestly, I get frustrated only seeing the girls dance a tiny bit and watching the moms be ugly. I can’t stand Christi and if she was off the show I’d like it much better. She’s rude, foul mouthed and white trash. She may put on fancy clothes and she may have money, but her behavior is purely trash. If your kid is good, you don’t need to make excuses. She can’t stand it that Chloe is not as good as Maddie so she blames Maddie and Melissa for everything. The fact is-Maddie has all the emotional elements that separate a great dance (like Chloe does) from an amazing dance that moves people emotionally (like Maddie does). Chloe is getting better, but so is Maddie. I also think Kelly is nicer when she is not with Christi. But then again, her kids don’t do much and as much as I like Brooke-she needs to move on. She doesn’t seem all that into dance and in my opinion she wants to be on tv, but doesn’t want to do any solos or anything, so replace her with someone who does.

    I quite watching the show for almost the whole last season mostly because Holly and Christi were putting down home school moms and kids and it made me angry. It was purely jealousy. They don’t like seeing anyone home school so their kids can get more dance time. But what difference is it to them or business is it of theirs? They are free to home school if they want and Holly is certainly qualified, but she thinks they need the social aspect. Give me a break-the social aspect is the reason NOT to send kids to public school. I know tons of home school kids who are well-rounded socially but they are far more respectful and much smarter than public school kids and they have time to pursue their passions.

    The whole show is just irritating and if some new moms were in and the show started showing more of the dance aspect I’d like it better.

  2. I would still love to see most of the old dancers back. I love Chloe & will miss her if she’s gone. Bu I think a mix of some new blood would be nice too. I am a fanatic about this show.

  3. I can only comment on what we see. What caused all the viewers out here to continually watch the show every week. (As well as repeatedly watching repeats) was the DANCE MOMS. The original concept was what draws. Psychologically , for instance, when viewers get hooked on a soap opera, The people almost become family. The things that affect them move us as well. Each girl is sweet and cared for. People are interested in them. It doesn’t make sense to change out all the cast. It’s empty. Starting all over. It may catch new veiwers but I think for the larger percentage its confusing. The reason they want to change is the reason most people watch. As far as christy and Payton’s mom. Didn’t she hit Abby with her purse after Abby threw water on her? Sure add more dancers but keep the originals. Those girls work hard. The moms? Are not contracts signed to aliviate undesired problems? Abby has a new show already with the Ultimate show. I wouldn’t watch a new cast. Last thought. As far as writing up contracts. I would write in a clause having Abby take a class on how to teach a child WITHOUT breaking their spirit. So much of what she wants was crushed by her crushing those kids spirits before they went out on stage. They are children not actors they are dancers second. They will always desire affirmation from their teacher. Correction can be given without hurting their hearts. Not babying them of course. Abby is a great teacher but as she tells her kids. You can always be better. Why not learn the best way to motivate a child. Get double wins!! Be gentle in telling mothers if truly their kids are not gifted. I hope all goes well with everyone in the show. I loved it and came to care for them all.

    • You completely read my mind! One thing though, it was Cathy who clocked Abby with her purse after Abby threw water on her.

  4. I am only interested in the orginal cast. The show could lose Cathy though she is just an awful person.

    • I agree, but I can’t see them getting rid of Cathy, she adds drama and the whole rivalry between her and Abby is a huge part of the dynamic of the show. Annoying as she is, the show would be boring without her.

    • I agree I love the cast on the except for Cathy that lady bugs me to death. Also Abby needs to learn how to teach these girls without screaming at them and not taking her problems with their mothers out on them.

  5. Debra, no I don’t frequent the DM board, and frankly I don’t give two hoots about Melissa or her sister, or the drama they’re creating. My life and day don’t revolve around this show.

  6. Yes, definitely I want to continue reading your recaps! The new shows don’t air where I live until a good 2 or 3 months later, so this is how I stay in the loop lol.

  7. Please don’t stop the recaps! They are the best part. I am pretty attached to the Pitt Crew, but wouldn’t mind a few new dancers. Really hope there is less mom drama and more dancing, but I won’t hold my breath. 😉

  8. I’m not wasting another second on the “miller & maddie show”. I took it at face value in the beginning, with the understanding that it was heavily edited. But now I know about melissa’s sister and miller’s lies, and I will not support this a second longer. Miller owes Cathy Stein an apology. She called Cathy a plagiarist. Remember the dance “electricity” that had so many shocked? Go to you tube and put in the search box “single ladies dancing, seven year olds” and see exactly where miller stole those coustumes and dance.

    • Debra, costume suppliers are used by several different studios, so what if the two groups used the same ones? The dance is nothing like what Abby’s girls did, sure it may have had some of the same moves, no one “owns” those moves. Find me a dance teacher who doesn’t use other studios’ moves, it’s called networking! Cathy Stein CHEATED in the competition where she and the mother LIED about that dancer’s age, that’s 50 times worse than anything Abby did to her. Trust me, I’m no fan of Abby herself, but as a choreographer, she is brilliant and would not risk her standing with the Dance Techers Association by plagarizing someone’s work.

      • You mean the Dance Associations she has been kicked out of? I wasn’t talking about her using the same costumes/dance so much, which she did lie about by claiming she herself designed them, but the fact that she has done every single thing she accused Cathy of doing. And maddie, still 9 years old??? She has been 9 for almost 4 years now.

        • You’re going to have to come up with more proof than that Debra, sounds to me like you’re a disgrunted co-worker….pretty sad.

          • Me, her disgruntled co-worker? lol If I was, I certainly would have plenty more to say. Many of us know about Melissa’s sister and their dirty dealings. Have you been to the Lifetime DM board? Noticed it suddenly vanished? Thank Melissa and her sister, and some good folks doing their research, and Lifetime scrambling to hide the evidence.

          • LOL exactly! Funny how that age thing works, every year the number changes! Not trying to be sarcastic towards you, but that struck me as absolutely hilarious, Debra must be slightly senile to think that people stay the same age from year to year…

        • Actually, Maddie was only eight during the first season of Dance Moms and sometimes Abby moved her up an age division. It may seem like shes been in that lower age division for a while, but Maddie is one of the youngest girls on the team. She’s the third youngest right in front of Kendall and of course, Kenzie.

  9. Is Chloe still dancing with Abbe, I don’t see her name on the list of dancers. Also saw flaws in Maddie’s solo – her split jumps, the lead leg falls down rather than have both legs in a split. She needs correcting now, or her bad habits will become part of every routine. Surprised that Abbe didn’t notice.

    • Abby has blinders on when it comes to Maddie, she wouldn’t notice a mistake unless it kicked her in the head lol.

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