Totally ’80s The Goldbergs recap: The Ring

Ryan Berenz

Totally ’80s The Goldbergs recap: The Ring When a box of old love letters Murray wrote to an ex is discovered in the garage, Beverly learns the origin of her ring. Adam learns that romance doesn’t work like it does in the movies after his attempt to impress a girl backfires. (Original airdate on ABC, Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2013)

Best Line: “You see? She doesn’t give a crap. That’s what a strong marriage is: mutual not giving a crap.” – Murray


Old Forty One: Pops appears to be drinking a bottle of beer with Old Forty One on the label. Probably just a prop, but it would be cool to learn the origin. Add it to the list of fictional beers.

Bicycles, right? Bicycles.

My Girlfriend Who Lives In Canada: I must visit this enchanted land of Canada, full of large-chested, foxy girlfriends of American teen boys.

The Jeweler’s Totally Rad Skullet.

Your Favorite Fad In Cereal Form: I was a sucker for breakfast cereals branded with my favorite pop culture. I know I have eaten C-3P0s, E.T. Cereal, Smurfberry Crunch, Nintendo Cereal, Batman Cereal and probably many more I’ve forgotten. My favorite was Pac-Man Cereal, which Barry is seen night-snacking on. (So if Say Anything came out in 1989, that box of cereal is probably pretty damn old.)


Totally Better Than Madden: Adam appears to be playing Mattel Electronic Football when he steps out of the house.

T-Shirt Roundup: The Clash, Ghostbusters

I’m Just Gonna Hang With Your Daughter: Adam attempts the legendary Say Anything (1989) method of pitching woo to Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes.”

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