The Walking Dead wins Spookiest Series in Channel Guide’s 2013 Viewers Voice Awards

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The Walking Dead wins the 2013 Viewers Voice Award for the “Spookiest Series,” in Channel Guide’s annual reader poll.

Even if you put the series’ spot-on commentary about societal ills and human nature aside, Dead creator Robert Kirkman and special effects guru Greg Nicotero’s combined knack for making the living and the undead equally creepy makes this a shoo-in to feed our nightmares week after gloriously gut-wrenching (and gut-splattered) week.

Spookiest Series — Winner: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead/AMC 25.8%
American Horror Story: Asylum/FX 23.1%
Bates Motel/A&E 19.3%
True Blood/HBO 18.2%
Falling Skies/TNT 13.6%

Percentages may not total 100 due to rounding.

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Channel Guide Magazine, the only monthly print and online publication dedicated to making finding what to watch on TV fast and entertaining, published the ballot for its second annual Viewers Voice Awards in August 2013. Fans across the country cast their votes for the best and worst in cable TV in a variety of unusual categories.

The Walking Dead photo: Credit: Gene Page/AMC