Burn Notice wins 2013 Viewers Voice Award for TV Series You’ll Miss the Most in Channel Guide’s 2013 Viewers Voice Awards

Burn Notice wins 2013 Viewers Voice Award for the “TV Series You’ll Miss the Most,” in Channel Guide’s annual reader poll. Its final campaign might not have had the groundswell of, say, Breaking Bad’s home stretch, but Burn Notice left plenty of people sad to see it go. After seven seasons of sexy spy fun, Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan) and company went out with a particularly dark season and an epic finale that brought its characters to the very brink. For all those forlorn fans, though, creator Matt Nix says he hopes to bring back the series via the occasional TV movie.

burn notice season 7

Dearly Departed: The TV Series You’ll Miss the Most — Winner: Burn Notice

Burn Notice/USA Network 34.0%
Breaking Bad /AMC 25.6%
Dexter /Showtime 17.6%
The Borgias /Showtime 9.2%
Spartacus /Starz 8.0%
The Big C /Showtime 5.7%

Percentages may not total 100 due to rounding.

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Burn Notice photo: Robert Ascroft/USA Network


  1. I have been missing a Burn Notice so much! Thursday nights will never be the same. Even though Madeline’s sacrifice made absolute sense to me at the time, it saddens me that in the future TV movies will be made without her. I miss the whole cast. Guys and Fiona, you are the very best. :))

  2. Congratulations Burn Notice! Highly deserved and a great reflection of the writing, acting, and production of this amazing series! I still can’t believe it’s already over! Like all of the best things, it’s gone too quickly but will never be forgotten!

  3. I thought the last two years of the series…too dark! I thought they ended the series too soon. I have said before…pitch the last two years and say like Dallas that Michael had a terrible nightmare. Bring Michael’s brother and mom back! Bring the series back!!! The USA line-up is not great since Burn Notice is gone! I can’t stand Modern Family…and that new series…can’t remember the name of it! All those people in the beach house…not great. The characters are Boring!

  4. Congratulations to the entire BN cast and crew. What a rare combination of talents that will have us missing them each week. I look forward to the first of many BN movies. You just can’t bring Fiona, Sam, Jessie, Maddie (you know they will find a way to bring her back!) and Michael into our lives and expect us to just accept we won’t see them anymore. Can’t wait to see what the cast will do next.

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