Totally ’80s The Goldbergs recap: Why’re You Hitting Yourself?

The Goldbergs recap cable box Ryan Berenz

Totally ’80s The Goldbergs recap: Why’re You Hitting Yourself? (Original airdate on ABC Oct. 15) Beverly tries to play matchmaker for her father, while Adam and Barry bond after they discover a scrambled adult TV channel.

Totally Well Done: “I ordered the steak, she ordered the me.” – Pops

Totally ’80s Randomness: Another Voltron t-shirt, Carly Simon lips, partially ripped Hulkamania T-shirt, General Hospital‘s Luke and Laura

HA! I kill me!: “ALF eats cats and says what he thinks.” – Barry

Cable TV Remote Or Accordion? Cable TV “remotes” were monstrosities, though provided us with more fun as kids than they should have. The unit we had used the sliding-bar method (as pictured below), but with an A/B switch. The A cable emitted a warm, soothing orange light. The B cable turned on an eerie green light. The A switch was for the local and basic-cable channels. B had the cool cable channels (HBO for Fraggle Rock!). B kicked ass.

The Goldbergs recap cable box

There Really Is No Limit: Murray says his limit for the number of times he can eat frozen pizza in a given week is six. He is so very, very mistaken.

Can’t two bros put together a wolf puzzle in peace?: No.

The Goldbergs recap wolf puzzle

Walkie Talkies Totally Sucked In The ’80s: I had Walkie Talkies. They had an operable range of about 20 feet. They emitted loud static when not in use. Yelling to the person was more efficient and effective. Stupid Walkie Talkies.

Totally My Fantasy Football Team Name Next Year: Golden Falcon Shark

Totally My Fantasy Football Team Name The Year After That: The Shorty Flanders Trio

Almost Totally Gut: “I do too have the guts! I’m like 90% gut!” – Barry

“Let My Love Open the Door” by Pete Townshend is the featured tune.

Though this version of the song is far superior, IMHO:

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