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Totally ’80s The Goldbergs Blog: Mini Murray (original airdate on ABC Oct. 8, 2013) Wanting to buy a pair of Reebok Pumps, Barry works with Murray to earn the money and discovers a knack for selling furniture. Beverly uses Adam’s fear of Poltergeist to get affection.

Totally Best Line: “Here’s the thing about your dream. It’s stupid.” – Murray

Totally Pumping Up, Airing Out: Barry wants the Reebok Pump basketball shoe (original retail price $175!) to compensate for being truly horrible at basketball.

Totally The Least Popular Of Disney Mice: The Great Mouse Detective (1986) was indeed a real movie. It grossed $38.6 million at U.S. movie theaters. Poltergeist (1982) grossed $6.8 million. If the Reebok Pump came out in 1989, then those movies have been at the budget theater a hell of a long time.

Totally Putting Up Our Feet: The furniture store Murray works at is called the Ottoman Empire. I feel like this was already a store on The Simpsons, but can’t find evidence. But there was this Family Guy joke, anyway:

Totally Can Be My Wingman Anytime: Adam is wearing a Top Gun T-shirt.

“Jaws” (Totally Not The Shark.): Hard to think of a time before Ron Jaworski was a talking head on ESPN. “Jaws” played quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles from 1977-86.

Totally Random ’80s Stuff: Rubik’s Cube, Polaroid camera, G.I. Joe sleeping bag, Nintendo Entertainment System

Totally A Lot Of Boobs: Bill Murray’s Stripes (1981) is a great movie and an even greater spectacle of movie boobs.

Totally Just Another Heart In Need Of Rescue: Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again.” This one goes out to you, Tawny:

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