Win a reading with Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo in Tweet to Win event

Get ready for your chance to win a reading with Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo during TLC’s live Long Island Medium Tweet to Win event on Sunday, Oct. 6 beginning at 9pm ET. So how exactly do you enter this Long Island Medium tweet to win sweepstakes? First, you’re going to need to sign up for a Twitter account.

Long-Island_Medium-tweet-to-win-sweepstakesBased on all the letters and comments we get from viewers who are desperate to get on Theresa’s waiting list, I’m anticipating this will be a sought-after prize; however, I’m also anticipating many of Theresa’s fan base may not be all that Twitter savvy — so that could either increase your odds or cause you some frustration, but either way it’s a new opportunity to get you a reading.

The Long Island Medium tweet to win sweepstakes is tied around the season premiere of Long Island Medium, which begins Sunday, Oct. 6 at 9pm ET. Viewers who Tweet using the hashtag #LongIslandMedium while watching the premiere episode of Long Island Medium or while watching TLC’s new series Alaskan Women Looking for Love, immediately following at 10pm ET, could be eligible to win. During this period you also must be following @TLC on Twitter to see if you won. The sweepstakes period is from 9pm ET to 11pm ET. What’s great about this sweepstakes is there will be multiple winners — at least three people are going to win the grand prize, which consists of round-trip tickets to New York City (provided you live farther than 100 miles from NYC), hotel accommodations, some spending money and a private reading with Theresa Caputo. Another perk about this sweeps is the immediate gratification of knowing whether or not you won. Theresa will be randomly selecting winners (that probably means you can say just about anything) during commercial breaks and will be announcing them live on Oct. 6.

Here’s what the official rules have to say about the winner determination: “Theresa Caputo will randomly select at least three winners during the Sweepstakes Period from among all eligible Entries received as of the time of selection. Theresa will announce the Twitter handle of the winners on air during the live segments of the Long Island Medium premiere night broadcast on October 6, 2013 from 9 PM ET to 11:00 PM ET. Potential winners will then be notified on Twitter by Direct Message to their Twitter account. Note that if your Twitter handle is announced on air and you receive a Direct Message to your Twitter account, you are not a winner until your eligibility has been verified and you have complied with these Official Rules. Entrants residing in the Mountain and Pacific time zones will not be able to see the live announcement but are eligible to enter during the Sweepstakes Period and if deemed a winner will be notified through Twitter.”

There’s no guidance on what to Tweet or what not to Tweet detailed in the rules, so Tweet as often as you can and don’t forget to use the correct hashtag!

The rules also add that Theresa — at her sole discretion — also has an option to offer a live reading over the phone during the show’s broadcast for the potential winners, which could get very interesting. Talk about an immediate win, right!? [When I first interviewed Theresa, before her show even debuted, she connected with my departed mother over the phone (read the story here) — so the phone is an option.]

If you are a winner you will need to sign off on all sorts of paperwork, including being filmed and/or recorded and possibly being featured in a future episode.

So here’s a quick recap on how to enter the Long Island Medium tweet to win sweepstakes:
1. Sign up or log on to Twitter
2. Follow @TLC on Twitter
3. During the sweepstakes period (Oct. 6 from 9pm ET to 11pm ET) Tweet using the hashtag #LongIslandMedium
4. Watch the show and your Twitter account to see if you won.
To get the complete details, check out the official rules.

What’s new this season of Long Island Medium?
The new season kicks off with a Long Island Medium: On the Road episode, where Theresa heads to Philadelphia to surprise her fans with messages from their loved ones. While exploring the best of what Philly has to offer, Theresa helps a mother heal from her son’s tragic passing, she helps a young widow to reconnect with her true love and she gives a little girl closure on the loss of her baby sister. This season also will find the Caputo house under construction AGAIN. Apparently, Theresa couldn’t stop after the bathroom and closet renovations. The new house project, however, requires Theresa to relocate to her father’s house (remember Theresa’s adorable dad, Nick, last season?) for readings. Victoria’s back this season (yay!!), at least for an episode, when she comes home from college and brings an unannounced friend. Prepare yourself for some emotional readings, too, as the press materials hype the stories of a devastated man who finally releases the guilt he feels from his parents’ tragic passing, and another man who hears validations from his wife that no one else would know.


  1. Theresa, I watch your show every week I think you are amazing! I would like a reading, with you, do you do long distance readings? please feel free to leave me a message on my e-mail. I would even go out there if I had to. thanks! Jennie

  2. I must agree with a previous remark regarding that this is a twitter event because I am also challenged technically. I have been working unsuccessfully on setting up a twitter account for more than a week prior to the season’s premier. I have lost quite a few immediate family members recently. Thank you for what you do!
    Barbara Crandell

  3. I love your show and watch every week. What you do touches so many people and makes their lives so much better! It hurts me to see these people suffering and makes me happy when you read them and take away some of pain they are feeling.I lost a dear friend tragically several years ago and would love to have a reading so I could see if he is ok on the other side. I feel guilt related to his passing and it still haunts me to this day. Thanks for what you do, you are great!!!

  4. I lost my husband in 2008 and my life has forever changed. I miss him saying, “I love you Booger”. He was a my soulmate and I would love to have the chance to tell him how much I love him. I long to be with him forever. We did everything together and were never apart, which makes it so hard for me to go on. It would be comforting to know he is waiting for me in heaven. Thank you.

  5. I need a reading. Unlike the previous postings I will give up no information as I am a wee bit skeptical.
    I watch your show and see what you do with others and I feel a strong connection to someone that is passed.
    Please contact me for a reading.

  6. I would love to get a reading from you I miss my Mother and father, brother, brother in Law, and 3 aunts, and cousins and a best friend I have an older family and they have all passed since 2007 and has not stopped I just lost my aunt in February and cousin in July I have a sister and brother and a few cousins that would like to meet hear you reading

  7. I lost my ex husband and best friend four years ago. It has devastated me and my two oldest boys. Esp. My 16 year old who has superheroes. He struggles with the loss on a daily basis and like me is having a hard time getting over losing him. Please allow us to be blessed with your gift. Lauri and Samuel

  8. my daddy past away recently, an old soul and a great father that always worked hard and took care of his family. He died in a way that he did not deserve and i want him to know how much i love him, will always look up to him and want him not to be saddened by the wrongs that none of us can yet change.

  9. im not technology advanced and trying to set tp an account for an hour to tweet longislandmedium.

    • I do not use twitter and it’s not fair that this was a ‘tweet’ only event. Fair is fair and she should do another show for EVERYONE to have the same chance of winning a ‘coveted read’ spot on this terrific show.

  10. Hi Theresa, You recently were in Arizona and unfortunately I found out too late and was not able to attend your reading. I would appreciate finding out when you would either be in Arizona or California. Several people in my life think having a reading would be good for me and I have been inspired by watching your show. I truly enjoy you and your family and the show and I hope at some point to be able to do a reading with you..
    Thank you so much…

  11. Hello my wonderful Theresa!
    I would love to get a reading for my husband who lost his dad 1 year ago. The sad thing is his dad has two homes ya know the snow birds that go to Flordia in the winter from New York.
    The sad thing is, his dad was trying to reach my husband before he passed. He kept saying over and over to his second wife I WANT TO TALK TO JASON! Please call Jason. We Jason’s’ older brother thought the step mom was a hypercondreact and exaggerated the server ess for the sands condition….. By the time word finally got to my husband his dad had only days to live!
    My husband could not talk to find what hospital he was in so I stepped up to arrange everything for him to go to his dad from CA to FL. So with 4 days of Jason’s dad coming in and out of it, so my husband tried to bond again with his gravely ill father they watched the giants play football at least my husband tried to show him the images in my husbands mind for comfort ….” dad was watching the game with me”. . My husband Jason stayed by his father for 4 days, while his oldest brother tried to find other things to keep himself occupied. People deal with this in different ways…. So after 4 days beging by his dad’s side his took a big last breath- my husband said that it was peaceful not what he had expected. A month after he passed, we found out that we where having our second grandchild. 9 months later we got a beautiful grandson Jack!!!! So adorable! I have heard that the crossed over hold the grandchildren before they come from heaven to us on earth… I told my husband this and he tried up. I think its true. Also! Most important my husband was in a hospital collecting papers for work when a kid approached him and said “HI! YOUR NAME IS JASON” my husband asked him how do you know that. He pointed to his temple and said I just know! This is the same say his father went unconscious .
    Please Theresa if you could give my husband a chance to reach out to his dad… That would m
    Be so beautiful. I know you have a lot of followers I watch your show also but hubby’s not so sure

    Thank you for your time!!!!

  12. my mother died at the age of 57 from her lungs I am so worried that my mother went to hell

  13. Hello Theresa my name is Daniela my husbands father died a while back and I think he is trying to connect with him he misses him please help him to get true to his son thank you Theresa

  14. Hi Theresa! I had a pleasure to go to you show in Phoenix, AZ. I am so desperate to get your readings. And when you left I cried a lot because I didn’t get them. I still having a hope to have it. I need to healed and know about my mother who died tragedy.I won’t give up! Please help me. I love you 🙂

  15. Teresa
    My daddy died in April. Is he with my brother Robert. Does he know we really loved him Please Teresa give us a reading. Thank you.

  16. My MOM REALLY needs u before she dies of heart ache. Her name is Anne Anness and she watched her mother die due to a brain problem, and her dad just a few months befor because of a car accident and she never had the chance to say good bye and I love you, and ever since the my mom (Anne) has not been the same. She has MAJOR health problems and she needs answers. What CAN I do to get you to meet with her?

  17. About a year ago I lost my one and only dear sister who was also my best friend. We lived about 3 hours from each other but talked on the phone at least 3 times a day and made sure we had dinner together once a week. We vacationed together each year and the morning I was driving to meet her to leave on our annual vacation, I received phone call she had died of sudden heart attack. I just spoke to her half hour before. Then 6 months later, I lost my fiancé, also to sudden heart attack. Actually he was my ex-husband and we had 3 children together, lost our way and divorced after 13 years and each went our separate ways. After 25 years of being apart, we found our way back to each other. He was living in Florida at the time but came and spent 6 months of last summer with me and the kids and grandkids to re-build lost relationships. He returned to Florida to make arrangements to move back to Illinois to be with us. He asked me to marry him before he left and told me he would wait for an answer until he returned in one month. 3 weeks later, on Thanksgiving day I received phone call he had sudden heart attack and had died. The plan was for us to re-marry in August on what would have been our 40th anniversary! I never got to actually give him the answer he wanted. I miss them both so terribly bad every single day and I just wish I had some answers for myself and I pray every day to them to help me FEEL that they are still with me. I really need to know that! I watch your show every week and cry because I want to know for myself. Please help me Theresa.

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