Win a reading with Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo in Tweet to Win event

Get ready for your chance to win a reading with Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo during TLC’s live Long Island Medium Tweet to Win event on Sunday, Oct. 6 beginning at 9pm ET. So how exactly do you enter this Long Island Medium tweet to win sweepstakes? First, you’re going to need to sign up for a Twitter account.

Long-Island_Medium-tweet-to-win-sweepstakesBased on all the letters and comments we get from viewers who are desperate to get on Theresa’s waiting list, I’m anticipating this will be a sought-after prize; however, I’m also anticipating many of Theresa’s fan base may not be all that Twitter savvy — so that could either increase your odds or cause you some frustration, but either way it’s a new opportunity to get you a reading.

The Long Island Medium tweet to win sweepstakes is tied around the season premiere of Long Island Medium, which begins Sunday, Oct. 6 at 9pm ET. Viewers who Tweet using the hashtag #LongIslandMedium while watching the premiere episode of Long Island Medium or while watching TLC’s new series Alaskan Women Looking for Love, immediately following at 10pm ET, could be eligible to win. During this period you also must be following @TLC on Twitter to see if you won. The sweepstakes period is from 9pm ET to 11pm ET. What’s great about this sweepstakes is there will be multiple winners — at least three people are going to win the grand prize, which consists of round-trip tickets to New York City (provided you live farther than 100 miles from NYC), hotel accommodations, some spending money and a private reading with Theresa Caputo. Another perk about this sweeps is the immediate gratification of knowing whether or not you won. Theresa will be randomly selecting winners (that probably means you can say just about anything) during commercial breaks and will be announcing them live on Oct. 6.

Here’s what the official rules have to say about the winner determination: “Theresa Caputo will randomly select at least three winners during the Sweepstakes Period from among all eligible Entries received as of the time of selection. Theresa will announce the Twitter handle of the winners on air during the live segments of the Long Island Medium premiere night broadcast on October 6, 2013 from 9 PM ET to 11:00 PM ET. Potential winners will then be notified on Twitter by Direct Message to their Twitter account. Note that if your Twitter handle is announced on air and you receive a Direct Message to your Twitter account, you are not a winner until your eligibility has been verified and you have complied with these Official Rules. Entrants residing in the Mountain and Pacific time zones will not be able to see the live announcement but are eligible to enter during the Sweepstakes Period and if deemed a winner will be notified through Twitter.”

There’s no guidance on what to Tweet or what not to Tweet detailed in the rules, so Tweet as often as you can and don’t forget to use the correct hashtag!

The rules also add that Theresa — at her sole discretion — also has an option to offer a live reading over the phone during the show’s broadcast for the potential winners, which could get very interesting. Talk about an immediate win, right!? [When I first interviewed Theresa, before her show even debuted, she connected with my departed mother over the phone (read the story here) — so the phone is an option.]

If you are a winner you will need to sign off on all sorts of paperwork, including being filmed and/or recorded and possibly being featured in a future episode.

So here’s a quick recap on how to enter the Long Island Medium tweet to win sweepstakes:
1. Sign up or log on to Twitter
2. Follow @TLC on Twitter
3. During the sweepstakes period (Oct. 6 from 9pm ET to 11pm ET) Tweet using the hashtag #LongIslandMedium
4. Watch the show and your Twitter account to see if you won.
To get the complete details, check out the official rules.

What’s new this season of Long Island Medium?
The new season kicks off with a Long Island Medium: On the Road episode, where Theresa heads to Philadelphia to surprise her fans with messages from their loved ones. While exploring the best of what Philly has to offer, Theresa helps a mother heal from her son’s tragic passing, she helps a young widow to reconnect with her true love and she gives a little girl closure on the loss of her baby sister. This season also will find the Caputo house under construction AGAIN. Apparently, Theresa couldn’t stop after the bathroom and closet renovations. The new house project, however, requires Theresa to relocate to her father’s house (remember Theresa’s adorable dad, Nick, last season?) for readings. Victoria’s back this season (yay!!), at least for an episode, when she comes home from college and brings an unannounced friend. Prepare yourself for some emotional readings, too, as the press materials hype the stories of a devastated man who finally releases the guilt he feels from his parents’ tragic passing, and another man who hears validations from his wife that no one else would know.


  1. Theresa

    I would love connect with mother , it is dream of mine to hear from her, I still miss her after 40 years she is still my best friend

  2. Hi Theresa, I lost my dad mother inlaw an husband an dog all in one year since then I fell in love with my husbands brother would love to know if my husband is okay with that.

  3. threasa you are amazing came to your show yesterday at the warner theatre my cousin so wanted to hear from her son who passed a month ago maybe someday we still really enjoyed your show your the best and beautiful inside and out!

  4. I would love to win a reading with Theresa. I am very interested in my family, my parents do not talk about them and it is a mystery. I am always researching for answers, I want to know who they were and how they passed and why it is so painful for my father. Thank you, Lisa

  5. Hi theresa! Please let me know that there is someone on the other side that cares about me and loves me because i have never had anyone truely love or care about me in this life. I have had a very tough life and it just seems to get worse. I am only 31 years old and i feel like im 80. I juat want to know if all of the things ive gone through in life are going to pay off on the other side. Please pick me. I never have any luck so im hoping you can change that chain of eventa for me. And you answering me would prove that there is someone out there who truely cares for me.

  6. Hello Theresa my name is Jenny .you do many of wonderful things for lots of people . I believe in everything u do ! I would love to one day meet you or hear from you . My brother has left us. It was very sudden. My son and I spent time with him that day . He was young and still don’t have as much closure in our lives. Not knowing if it was an accident or not. Please email even if you can just say how your doing.

    Thank you ,
    Jenny ( needing some closure. )

  7. I have had alot of deaths in my family in the past 7 years. In July 2-04-2003 I lost my mom. In Sep. 2004 lost my father-in law. In Feb 2005 lost my mother in law, in 2009 lost my youngest sister, in 2110 I lost my brother and in 2012 lost my brother in law!! I’ve missed my mom so so much sometimes I still run to call her if something special happens in my life. My brother and I were very very close and he died unexpectdly and was only 57. I would give anything to find out if they are near me and they are all ok, I loved them all so dearly. Thank you kindly. Laura Khanolkar.

  8. Hi Theresa,lost a love and never had closure on the relationship. He was a West Point Cadet and I chose the wrong person to marry. When I received word that he wanted to get in touch with me, shortly after, he was killed. It has taken over 30 years to try and find out what his thoughts were and what how he felt.Please try and help me get closure on this relationship as I still think of him and feel he may have still be alive if I had not made the wrong choice.

  9. My brother died of alls , I just want to know he’s ok, and that I love and miss him. But I want to know if he knows that he has a beautiful granddaughter . Please pick me !

  10. I love your show ! I think you are amazing ! My life has changed since I lost my father . I can’t understand how in life we have our love ones and in the blink of an eye there gone . I miss him so very much and would give any thing to know that my father is in peace . And to let him know that I miss him so very much . I need your help ! Deanna

  11. Hi Theresa! I watch your show all the time and I had a few things happen to me with those who have passed over, and I am hoping to get to one day get to meet u and get a reading. I love your show and even if I got to go to work in the morning I stay up and watch your show. I have to get up at 4:00 am ,but never miss your show if I know its on. I hope to hear from u and get to meet u very soon.

    thank you! Denece

  12. My sister and I have e-mailed you, We have lost a loved one and would truly appreciate a reading. Unfortunately we live in Canada. You have a very large following here in Canada, and I know I have gotten many people hooked on Long Island Medium.
    A reading from you would mean the world to my family. I know you want spirit to do all the work so I am not going to elaborate on who and why we wish to contact this individual, however it is extremely important to us to get a reading.

  13. Would really like if you could give my friends some closure. One lost her son 9
    years ago in a car accident; the other 1 year ago and are not sure how it happened.
    I know how busy you are but one can just hope.
    Love your show.
    Thank you.

  14. hi Theresa, I meet you on your book signing on wed, in Huntington. I was in a wheelchair and you were so kind to myself and son. I wanted so bad to get a reading on my resent loss of a loved one, but I respect the crowd of people you had to see. also did you hire the help to help you, if not my son would love to work with you. please call me if you can.

  15. Hi Theresa, I have a son that lost his father when I was 8 months pregnant. I really don’t know the truth about his death. My son grandmother state someone killed him but they never found the person. I believe there’s more to the story.

  16. Hi my name is Robin I would love to win a reading with Theresa. Because this year for my family
    and me its been bad we lost three family
    members. I would like to know if there all together .And if there ok. And if my cousin Johnny is happy now.


  18. I love ur show I would love to have a sit down with u would really help with some unanswered questions

  19. Hi, I really need to know why my son had to leave his family, and if he could somehow help his step-son get to a good place on earth.

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