Hardcore Pawn marathon goes “Behind the Deal” on truTV

If you’re like me, you’ll find yourself on occasion — and against your better judgment perhaps — passing by truTV during a good channel surf and getting sucked into a few episodes of a Hardcore Pawn marathon. Whether it’s Les Gold looking incredulously at some doofus who has brought in a toaster and is asking for $100, or if it’s Seth and Ashley putting their vicious sibling rivalry on full display, the action at Detroit’s American Jewelry and Loan is among the most entertaining in reality TV.

Is it “real”? No, it’s reality. Or, as truTV would put it, “Actuality.”

Tonight brings a special Hardcore Pawn marathon, titled Hardcore Pawn: Behind the Deal. It features six hand-picked episodes enhanced with behind-the-scenes access stories from the Les, Seth and Ashley, who will talk about their favorite moments while they also offer some tricks of the pawn trade, insider bargaining tips and, according to a press release, “even some family secrets.”

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Who knows what kind of secrets a family could have after they’ve already decided to star in a reality series, but I’m sure it’ll embarrass one if not all of the Golds. Perhaps they’ll share more personal stories about their families off-screen, or about how Ashley is in reality, a very nice person. I’m guessing there will be a plug or two for Les’ book. From the teaser the network offered, we will at least see them getting along and joking about their experiences, which is a nice change from them yelling at each other all the time. I prefer they just yell at their customers, personally, or shoot them the withering line, “What would you really take for that?”

Hardcore Pawn: Behind the Deal airs tonight from 8-11pm on truTV.


Hardcore Pawn marathon

Photo: Courtesy of truTV

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  1. i like this show but i dont have this tv station in the netherlands i realy mis it so i watch reruns on veronica tv

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