AMC’s Owners Manual season finale: Check out exclusive photos!

We’ve watched them pilot stunt planes and a sail pirate ship,  brew some beer and assemble a train, drive like maniacs and down some trees. Having lived to tell the tale through all of it, Marcus Hunt and Ed Sanders, stars of AMC’s Owners Manual head into tonight’s season finale with a bang … and a coaster.

Those of you considering ditching your 9-to-5, desk jockey day job and running away with the carnival will especially want to tune  in to the two-part finale’s first episode, in which instructional-material devotee Hunt and freestyler Sanders sign on with California’s Christiansen Amusements and are tasked with assembling one of its most dangerous rides. the Zipper.

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Though the pair have a natural affinity for clowning around, they don’t lost sight of the fact that carnival-goers put their very lives in the hands of the people charged with assembling and maintaining the attractions.

Owners Manual AMC

In the second episode, Hunt and Sanders have a blast — literally — when they arrive at an open-faced quarry to dynamite 100 tons of rock through a mountainside. And that’s not all. They also have to ready the rock for delivery to a waiting client.

Even then, the on-the-job Odd Couple couldn’t repress their affinity for fun.

“We’re trying so hard to be serious because we’re about to blow up a mountain — Ed is literally about to pull the trigger on a mountain — and we cannot stop laughing long enough to pull the trigger,” Hunt told Channel Guide in an earlier interview.

owners manual amc

Even so, Sanders and Hunt are adamant that the real stars of Owner’s Manual are the experts who do these oft-dangerous jobs for living each day. “We absolutely have respect for what they do and the equipment, and it was so cool to interact with them and have them come out like heroes,” said Hunt.

Sanders expressed his admiration in a slightly more colorful fashion.

“I absolutely pack my pants every single episode — if I can put that as politely as possible.”

The two-part Owner’s Manual Season 1 finale premieres tonight at 10/9CT on AMC.

“Carnival” photo credits: Jessica Brooks/AMC
“Quarry” photo credits: David Berg/AMC

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