Dance Moms Season 3 reunion recap: A change is gonna come

Lori Acken

So this is it, Dance Moms nation. The last words from the Pitt Crew until Season 4 arrives sometime after the new year. Will you miss me as much as I’ll miss you? Will you miss anyone over the age of 30 that has to do with this show, or are you happy to have the break? And are you ready to brave Hurricane Abby? Because here we go.

We start out with JC, Executive Producer Superstar and Abby alone on the stage and a recap of the Leslie/Christi disaster last week in New Orleans. Abby says they succeeded in destroying what it took her 30 years to build because they acted like the trash they are. Then we go right ahead and bring out the trash.

Christi and Abby chose the same shade of steely gray blue for the occasion, but somehow I doubt they called each other up to coordinate outfits. Also, Christi and Leslie are still so at odds about what happened that Leslie didn’t even join the other moms in the green room. The stage will be the first time they’ve seen each other since the drinks and fists and voodoo dolls flew.

dance moms season 3 reunion recap

Let’s get Christi’s take on the drama first. She says they went from having fun to a street brawl in the blink of an eye and she admitted she was wrong for her part in it the very next day in the studio. Also, there were certain things the police wanted her to do, but she didn’t, because that’s just her. I assume we’re talking about pressing charges. She looks genuinely weary and contrite.

Leslie’s turn.

She says Christi is very predictable, telling her whole sad tale to Jeff and not once looking Leslie in the eye. Christi says she did look her in the eye, but she was looking down. Leslie tells her to shut up and let her speak.

Next Leslie says that she tried and tried to steer clear of Christi but all of a sudden she just went cuckoo. Christi reminds Leslie that she is the one who has been charged with assault in the past, not Christi. Leslie doesn’t want to talk about that. She wants to know what Christi was thinking before she assaulted Leslie. Christi says whapping the bottom of a drink glass is not assault. Leslie says it is too, if the alcohol gets in your eyes. That Leslie is very knowledgeable of the law, where what does and doesn’t constitute assault is concerned.

Christi, who would clearly like all of this to be over with, says she didn’t realize Leslie was a judge, and Leslie retorts that she is not either a judge, she’s a Dance Mom. A Dance Mom who is older than Christi and has been fighting to get her daughters ahead in this industry and, unlike Christi, knows how to treat people properly.

Dance Moms Christi Lukasiak

Let’s hear what Abby has to say.

Abby says that ALDC contracts handle stuff like this, but she decided that winning nationals was secondary to the integrity of herself and her studio, so she decided to send Leslie and Payton and Christi and Chloe packing. Thing is, she says, Leslie was remorseful right away and apologized to her and the team the very next day. Christi? Bupkis. Before Christi has a chance to explain herself, JC interrupts to say that we’re about to be treated to some never-before-seen footage of the Bourbon Street Brawl. Which basically entails Christi calling the cops on Leslie and another guy having to hold Leslie back from making it really worth their time.

JC asks Christi if she regrets making the call and Christi says yes, which is why she didn’t press charges even though the cops said she should file a restraining order against Mrs. Ackerman because she threatened to kill her and all. Leslie would just like to revisit the part where Christi admitted she was wrong.

Letting the whole “I’m going to kill” part slide, JC wants to know what Leslie thinks is the hardest part of dealing with the dance moms. I’ll take “the fact that they exist” for $1,000, Alex!

Nope. Leslie says she’s not out to hate on anybody, even if they get more opportunities than her kid and are not grateful for them. Opportunities are the reason they are all there, so however could she hate? It’s Christi who hates.

Then JC wants to know what Christi thinks is the toughest thing to take about Leslie. I’ll take “the fact that she exists” for $1,000, Alex!

Nope. Christi says it’s that everything Leslie does is so aggressive. Like, enh!

And she says every other mother will back her up on that assessment.

What better time for Asia’s and Kenzie’s “We Hit Harder” duet? Who else would have sold their soul to see Christi and Leslie’s battle end up like this? I don’t much care which one did the lifting.

When we come back from commercial, it’s time to talk with Kristie Ray, who comes out in a gold one-shouldered gown and sky-high heels and takes a seat next to Leslie.

JC accuses her of taking sides in the Leslie v. Christi battle. That’s right, JC. And it’s because the next day in the studio when Kristie tried to stand up for Leslie who wasn’t there to stand up for herself, all the other mothers instantly ganged up on her. And that’s because they are afraid to stand up to Christi. When she’s not around, says Kristie, the other mothers admit Christi bullies them. I’m going to guess that by “other mothers,” she means Melissa, but whatever.

Then Abby informs Christi that she is the Dance Moms equivalent of the Tin Man. No heart. No heart at all. Christi retorts that if we want to talk about heartless, let’s talk about a woman who is willing to destroy a 12-year-old on national television. Abby says it’s Christi who is destroying Chloe, not her. Then we get to relive Kristie’s tirade in the New Orleans mom chairs.

JC asks Leslie how it feels to have Mrs. Ray stands up for her. Leslie says good. And Christi owes her an apology. Let us look self righteous.

JC says we’ll have to wait until next season to find out who stays and who goes, but in the meantime, let’s move on to Kelly and Abby’s ongoing drama.

JC wants to know what’s behind Kelly’s suddenly ballsiness this season, and Kelly says she’s no longer willing to fight with Abby. She wants to get her kids ahead in the entertainment business, Abby or no Abby, so if they miss dance class to work on their modeling (Paige) and singing (Brooke) careers, so be it.

Abby says Kelly is being naive and that she doesn’t want any of her kids to be one-hit wonders. The audience applauds when she tells Kelly not see this as the end of Brooke’s dance career, but the beginning of her career as a whole.

Aw. Abby! That was nice. I’m not sure you mean a word of it. But it was nice.

Then we relive the re-created-for-the-sake-of-television throw down at the dance concert, which JC calls a recital even though Abby has been adamant that that’s not what it is since the very first time we experienced one. We don’t talk one bit about the re-created part, but Abby accuses Kelly of bailing out on every dance recital and says the new solo would have made ‘40s pinup girl Paige look great.

JC wants to switch gears. Specifically to the part where Abby wouldn’t let Kelly the Nincompoop sit down in the Sarasota auditorium. JC wants to know that the rumor that Kelly just stood there for 30 minutes is true. Then we have a discussion of proper auditorium etiquette.

When we come back from commercial, Maddie, Chloe, Paige, Brooke, Kendall and Nia do Gone Too Soon, a.k.a. the dead celebrity dance.

Next we talk about Kelly’s sneaky return to the studio when Abby was MIA. Kelly tells JC that she came back because her kids are part of the team and every single mom and child wanted them back there. Well, maybe not every single one.

Leslie says that it was wrong of Kelly to come back, because she and Payton were there to fill in for Kelly and her kids and it made the Ackermans just very, very uncomfortable to have the Hylands back. Kelly says she never told Leslie and Payton that they had to leave just because they were back. Well, yes, but it made them uncomfortable, Kelly. Besides, Leslie wants to know, how many times does she think they can just leave — you know, just go ahead and leave — and come back? Kelly says she only leaves when it’s in the best interest of her children and Abby says that’s no excuse.

JC wants to switch gears again. JC is all about the switching of gears this evening. Now if we could only get him to be all about the switching gears next season, that would be awesome.

But anyway, JC wants to have a little fun. Exactly my point, JC. Unfortunately, Kelly and Abby aren’t done hollering about departures and Abby calling Kelly a wacko and Abby says if Kelly wants to get off the show she can. Then Abby gets off the stage. And Kelly reiterates that she is NOT a wacko.

“Where you goin’, Abby?” JC wants to know! Oh well. Since we have some extra room on the stage now, let’s fill it up with Holly, Jill and Melissa.

JC wants to know what they thought about Abby’s disappearance. I’m guessing he means over the course of the season, not right this minute.

Dr. Holly says that all they ever asked is that Abby give them a call so they know what is going on. And she never does. Leslie has a different take on it. She says that with the way the Pitt Crew talks about Abby and is so mean to her, she doesn’t owe them anything. They’re all hypocrites. The mothers protest that if Leslie wasn’t even there, how can she speak with such authority about Abby’s absences?

Then a distressed looking JC has us watch the clip where Christi discovers via Instagram that Abby was actually judging another competition when she led them to believe that she was tending to her sick mother.

Yeah, but it WAS only for three hours, says Melissa.

Then we move on to the anti Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition pact that Melissa broke. Ever the contrarians, Kristie and Leslie want to know why there had to be a pact in the first place and why taking advantage of an opportunity for their children is ever a bad thing. Again, says Holly, all they were asking for is honesty. Melissa looks away.

More unpleasant rehash footage about Christi being a sneak and Melissa sleeping with her boss, after which Melissa and Kristie agree that Christi’s low blow about Melissa sleeping around makes up for Melissa breaking the pact.

Let’s switch gears. No really. Let’s.

No such luck. We move on to Jill’s admission that she would have done the same thing as Melissa if Abby would have let Kendall dance on AUDC and the kick-a-bitch-out clip.

Holly reminds everyone that being upfront and keeping their word is very important.

When we come back from commercial, it’s time to talk about Kristie’s and Jill’s issues, complete with the clip where Jill drops the F-bomb and Kristie does jazz hands about it.

dance moms season 3 reunion kristie

Which inspires JC to do jazz hands, too.

Then he asks Kristie to describe Jill, and Kristie says that she always has to repeat herself around Mrs. Vertes and if Jill would just concentrate on Kendall instead of everybody else, maybe that wouldn’t be the case.

For the sake of fairness, I guess, JC asks Jill why she thinks the Rays bailed on the ALDC right before nationals and Jill says, duh, because they got a better offer. They milked Abby and Dance Moms and the team for all that they could get out of it, and then the ingrates just split.

Kristie says excuse her, but Asia delivered eight victories to Abby, thank you very much.

“What she said,” says Leslie. No really. That’s exactly what Leslie said. Then she gets in an argument with the Pitt Crew about the pyramid and being an interloper.

Next it’s Holly’s turn to rehash her battles with Leslie, complete with the “Shame on you!” clip that makes the other mothers laugh and applaud.

JC asks Leslie if she agrees with Holly that her parenting skills are soft and Leslie says no, Holly just doesn’t understand her. She will never be a mean person, but she will always do whatever it takes to get Payton ahead. Holly lets the “never be a mean person” thing slide and gently reminds her that you don’t have to sacrifice character for success and that a parent’s primary responsibility is to reinforce their child’s moral fiber.

Time for another incredible dance number — Maddie performing Drowning. Did we actually see this dance during the season? I don’t remember it. Wait, was it when we were trying to get Maddie to break out of her usual angsty lyrical thing and be more edgy? Or did we not ever see it? Because I am pretty sure I would have remembered the snazzy Exorcist crab walk maneuver she did in the middle of the dance.

Speaking of exorcisms, the only way Saint Abby will return to stage is if the demon Kelly will leave. Actually, the way JC puts it is, “We would prefer if you would excuse yourself.” Kelly cheerfully does so.

Abby returns just in time for a commercial break.

When we come back, Abby says she loves Kelly’s kids like they are her own, and it’s Kelly who is responsible for the wedge between Abby and the Hylands. I would propose that asking Kelly to leave so Abby can make accusations without challenge — especially when everyone else here has had to face the music — would signify that Abby really knows it goes both ways. But before I can get my undies too much in a bundle, JC calls her out on behalf of the mothers for leaving her own show as often as she did while at the same time telling their children that it’s their job to show up and accept their responsibilities, no matter how tough the circumstance.

“I know,” nods Abby.

When Holly is assigned the unfortunate task of expounding on how confusing Abby’s mixed message is for the kids, Abby looks haughty and says every woman has the right to change their mind (except Kelly) and she’s been doing this for 33 years, 25 of which at the expense of her own life and aspirations.

Holly says the kids just deserve some context for her asserting her freedom is all.

Then Abby drops the promised big bombshell, which is that she will be conducting auditions for new members of the Abby Lee Dance Company “elite team” when she is out on the road scouting talent for the next season of Abby’s Ultimate or at competitions. Oh oh.

Feeble applause from the Holly, Kristie, Leslie side of the room. Stony silence from Christi, Jill, Melissa side. “That’s greeeeeat,” Kristie warbles half-heartedly, suggesting she has no idea if it is great or not. Then Jill asks if Abby means that the existing team is elite and just getting new additions or if she’s building a whole new team, and Abby uses the opportunity to take down Kendall without an ounce of further clarity about what the new development entails.

Before we get to Brooke’s first live televised singing performance, does any one else besides me think that Abby should have to write Cathy Stein a handwritten, framable letter apologizing for everything she has ever said about the Candy Apples being made up of imported dancers?

Abby cheers the loudest for Brooke’s performance, which is sweet and somehow makes her seem younger than her 15 years. And that’s all she wrote. Me, too.

So what say you, Dance Moms nation? Does the prospect of new ALDC dancers make you hurt, yeah, hurt, all over your body — or happy that some change is going to come? Do you think Leslie really believes she is not a mean person? Did Christi have every right to call the cops on Leslie? What else caught your attention on ’Hurricane Abby’? Sound off in the comments section below.



  1. Go to you tube and type “Single Ladies Dance (7 years old- Original)” in the search box. Watch those little 7 year olds, notice the dance and costumes. And see where Miller stole the dance “Electricity” and the costumes, exactly the same except for the color. This video is at least a year older than Miller’s Electricity. And these 7 little girls, while at first horrified me, won me over quickly, and rock that dance. 🙂

    • No edit button 🙂 I forgot to say, in the video of the 7 year olds, at first I was a bit shocked at the sexual nature of the dance, but those girls quickly won my heart. Not because of the moves but because those little girls were dancing with joy. Those little girls were having a ball. It never occurred to me until I watched this video, the difference between them and the DM girls. Somehow, somewhere along the line, it became about battles, a war, with the DM girls. They never seem to be having fun when they dance. They know that it is “win or die” and if they ever danced because they love it, it got lost. Those little 7 year olds were dancing with joy on their faces, and I am fairly sure that when they left the stage, they didn’t have to fear being screamed at or told how horrid they were. Or having to hear how it is all about their teacher’s name. Those little girls love of dance, their joy, came through. The DM girls, lost that, if they ever did have it. Maybe the show stole their joy. But that is what I feel is missing now. Miller made dance all about a war, her name, ect. That is sad.

  2. I was at the Apple store in Pittsburgh last Friday night. Who do I see but Kelly working her phone and ipad.

    She was in a roomful of people (the new iphone lauched that day) but was sitting at a table by herself…only empty table in room. People with gesturing with their eyes that she was there. Young girls looked thrilled. No one spoke to her.

    I was struck by how unhappy she seemed. Isolated ….I would have loved to have asked her if this show was all worth it….the constant fighting in front of the kids, the notoriety, the angst. I watched the repeat of the reunion last night. Many people when very upset, turn red over their throats and chest. She was that way for most of the show. While this show may be scripted, it seems to be creating a ton of anxiety and negative feelings for her. And her children are watching her for a role model. Again…is it worth it?

  3. Loved the recap, Lori!

    I, too, am a huge Chloe fan. She has such beautiful lines and I just love watching her. It really strikes me that Abby would just be another dance teacher of middling rank (and a legend in her own mind) were it not for those girls and the moms. They made her a household name just as much as she made them.

    I also wonder if Abby is really that over the top or she is just trying to follow the Simon Cowell role in a successful show. “Mean” makes money and notoriety. It seems that she thinks that this notoriety gives her free license and automatic approval for more self-centered and nasty behavior. I almost choked when she talked about the other mothers behavior.

    As to a new cast, it seems that the Candy Apples, and Dance Moms Miami followed the same nasty, feuding formula, so what would it change? You can change the faces but I doubt it would change the formula. I don’t think I want to invest time learning new people and their angles/alliances/personality quirks. Am hoping the announcement is just a ratings gimmick to tune in for next season.

    One last observation, the show picks who they want to give the camera time to. I would love to see more of the girls and their dancing. Give Christi and Kelli less time. Would love to see more of Holly/Nia, please!

    By the way, Abby, dear. If you are the catalyst for wanting new faces because you are tired of dealing with the old and their sometimes legitimate gripes and how bad it makes you look, a word of warning. Be careful of what you ask for. You just might get it.

    • Kim – great post, I would love to see more of Holly/Nia and even Kendall. Not really a fan of Jill, but we don’t really know much about Kendall. I’d like to see how the show is affecting the girls’ families and how they feel about the moms and girls being away so much.

      • Michelle, seeing how dance affects their lives would be such an interesting angle and a great idea! And you’re right, Kendall is lovely. She certainly has progressed and it has been so interesting to watch.

        I also enjoyed watching the senior dancers. I think all in all, I really like watching the prep for the competition and the competition itself. Less moms, more on the kids.

        • Kim, I would love to see more of the seniors as well, since they are that much closer to making dance a career, away from Abby’s critical eyes. She’s always bragging about how her students have gone on to do great and wonderful things, but we never see any of those results…..things that make you go hmmmm LOL.

  4. Your recaps are good, Lori. I agree that Brooke can’t sing professionally, she’s not that good, wwhile as a dancer/acrobat she is amazing. I am really sick of Christi and her big mouth and those snarky faces she is always making. She’s ugly already with that nose. I think Kelly is not the sharpest knife in the block and I’d like them both to be gone. Jill is a troublemaker. None of them are doing their kids any favors. I think all those kids would be better off somewhere else. I say bring back Minister Dawn. She was hilarious.

  5. First things first: Leslie is a total punk. To quote my favorite philosopher, Jay-Z, “you know the type, louder than a motorbike, but wouldn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight.” That fight was a joke and I hate when people act like they can fight or want to fight and then start using words like “assault” and “victim.” I may be wrong on this. We should consult Kristi Ray’s Book of Street Fighting Etiquette.

    And I also have a question:

    What is this show about, anymore?

    I’m about to join Rik and throw in the towel, too. Things have gotten just stupid. It’s fake scenarios written by people who aren’t writers, acted out by people who aren’t actors and lots of weird footage that skirt the ACTUAL drama on the show sort of sloppily thrown together in editing.

    If there were one more layer of non-reality, my living room would implode.

    Meanwhile, they all are clearly arguing about money and appearances and whose kid is getting more screen time which, to me, would make a much better show. Who wouldn’t watch a show called, “My Kid’s Going to Be More Famous Than Your Kid, Now Step Aside?”

    Once again, however, you’ve delivered a delicious little nugget of entertainment. It’s a sweet treat I use to garnish the turd cupcake Lifetime just deposited in my DVR.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to “assault” myself in the face with a cocktail.

  6. Abbey is such an awful person ~ she should be ashamed of herself the way she treats Chloe. I love her and will not watch next season if Chloe is not on. At least Christi lashes out because she is so hurt that her daughter is treated so unfairly. Christi you need to just let things go and not respond…
    Melissa you need to just go away,

  7. I like Asia, Kristie, MacKenzie, Brooke, and Abby. Whatever you think about Abby, she is great TV. Clearly Lifetime agrees with me or Abby wouldn’t have two shows. Gia is too nice to helm the show. It would be snooze city.

  8. I watched that sick mess last night. Surely under the words pathological liar in the dictionary, miller’s mug is there. Seeing her try to act coy make me ill. She looked like she has gained another 100 lbs. Melissa, just no. I was amazed the moms would bother to ask her to join some pact, then be surprised she didn’t keep her word. I detest melissa most because I agree with Holly, that a person’s word means something, and melissa has no honor. Why is Miller still harping on “Kelly quit dance”? Was Kelly the one and only student, ever, in that “studio”, who quit dance? In my opinion, Miller was, and still is, extremely jealous of Kelly. Kelly had talent, Miller did not. Kelly was slim and pretty, the boys liked her, Miller did not. Now, Kelly has a husband, home, children, and Miller never will. So she tries to get a pity party because she “chose to give up her aspirations” for their kids? Cry me a river. That woman did not start a thing. Her mother gave her that studio. I find it amusing to read that studios all over Pittsburgh has had enrollment go up, since this show started, while one can go to ALDC site and see that Miller is practically begging for students. Miller, get your own life and stop glamming for stardom off these children,,,and get over your jealousy of those mothers who will not allow you to “raise” their kids. We see what your “raising” maddie has done.

    Lori, you have my admiration if you keep watching that hideous hag in the future. I won’t.

    • This is very perceptive of you. Gives insight into the Kelly/Abby problem. I feel my blood pressure go up as I watch either show. It is hard to sleep afterward. Bet Abby sleeps like a baby! She is so very “It’s all about getting Abby attention, it’s all about her”!There is a name for that type of sickness. So sorry for the girls, Mom’s too. They probably are taking antidepressants and blood pressure meds &/or
      Valium to make it through. At what point will they forget the contract with the show/Abby and take their daughters to a true dance instructor or hire their own teacher???

  9. If Abby replaces the core dancers the ratings will sink faster than a box of donuts going into her mouth.

    Unfortunately, it has been proven countless times that the reason the audience has remained faithful is because they immediately bonded with the cast. The producers were phenomenally lucky to have assembled a group of girls who were instantly relatable as well as inspirational.

    There’s no better example of insight into her delusional mind than the fact that Abby has had 3 seasons of seeing herself on “wide”-screen TV and still hasn’t made the connection that she could become a much better mentor if she had enlisted the help of a personal trainer and dietician. Those pounds and tent-jackets are coverin’ up a lifetime of hurt and rejection.

  10. I look forward to the new season and to see how the show changes. I think Chloe is a good dancer, but if she has to leave in order for Christi to be off the show, it’s worth it!

  11. Get rid of the big fat monster and her minion, Melissa! Maddie is good but not as good as the others, she just gets more of Abby’s time (sat. practice during the same dance episode) the dances are made to show off her skill set (Chloe hiphop and Maddie tap), put in the front and then other (Brooke, etc) yelled at for watching the timing, gets Paige’s solo spot but can do an old number (Maddie doesn’t have to learn a new dance the same day, and Paige can’t do her winning number). The only true thing out of Abby’s mouth is that Maddie wouldn’t be where she is without her (she wouldn’t get the extras, the constant building her up and someone willing to cheat for her (no music and notify the judges to change the score). The girls would be better off without Maddie as they are treated like her back up dancers even though they are better. Maddie will not make it once the special treatment ends. I’m done if my favorites leave. I felt the same way with other shows and I haven’t gone back!

  12. I most certainly agree with Whitney, Kim and Lori. I know the title is “Dance Moms” but I really wish the program would show more of the girls dancing. And even if it is about “Dance Moms” does it have to be as ugly and, at times, ridiculous as this season has been? Why doesn’t Kristie just take Chloe, who is a beautiful dancer, to another studio if she is so unhappy with the ALDC? I don’t agree with everything Abbie does by any means, but NOTHING she does is ever going to please Kelli and Kristi. As for the idea that Maddie gets everything. Chloe was the lead in the video and got the ballet scholarship. Kendal ended up as the cover photo for the dance magazine. So why was it so terrible for Maddie to be featured in the magazine story? Not certain I will even tune in next season, but thanks for all the recaps.

    • Thank you, Bjobbie. I’d love it if we could have the luxury of not being put in the position of considering any child a villain, no matter how irritating their mother, their teacher, their circumstance is.

    • If Abby had any say about the scholarship, the video or the magazine cover, Maddie would have gotten all of them.

      • Which really begs the question-if Christi and Kelly feel this way, why do they keep sending their children to Abby’s studio? It’s ridiculous!

    • Bjobbie-I agree with everything you wrote. I really hope they revamp the show, get rid of the moms who create the most drama, and start focusing more on dancing! Christi and Kelly are never going to happy and they should go to another studio, where they feel like their girls are getting what they need. I’m so sick of two grown women complaining about Maddie every chance they get. They need to grow up and focus their attention on their own children.

  13. Thanks for these recaps, Lori! I was so glad when I found them. I really hated the last part of this season. I am a big Chloe fan and hated the way that Abby continued to stomp on her self esteem. She would give Chloe solos, but then would go out of her way to talk about how ‘horrible’ she was in them or how ‘she can’t dance anymore.’ Even the last show Chloe danced in…her duet with Asia, she was beautiful and certainly wasn’t outdanced by Asia as Abby said. Just another excuse to cut Chloe down. Although I believe that Christi shares the blame in a huge way, I have never seen a woman be so hateful to a kid and get away with it. The fact that Chloe handled it with such grace…well. I still am sickened over the time that Chloe won the convoluted ‘same dance’ battle and Abby took it away from her and then congratulated Maddie (!) at how well SHE handled it and didn’t mention Chloe at all. I will no longer watch if Chloe and the rest of the girls aren’t on the team. I have already quit watching Abby’s Dance challenge. I think that any mom that would subject their kids to that woman deserves what she gets, but those poor girls. It seemed like no one got the pain that Brooke was trying to express in her song. How she danced and danced and was always treated like crap by Abby, but she danced her way through the pain…I think there was reference to her physical pain as well as Abby continues to insist that all that Brooke can do is contortionist stuff. I really loved the show were the other choreographer made a dance for Brooke that wasn’t all about acro. Well…I know that Maddie and Mackie will still be on the team, but my big wish is that Christi will just get a clue and take Chloe to New York to try for one of the big ballet companies. I wonder if she still has the scholarship to the Joffrey. If not, she should try again and try for the ABT school as well. Get her away from Abby as soon as she can. I have hated what Christi has done to her as much as Abby, but the fact that Abby has had it out for her ever since she won the scholarship instead of Maddie has been so awful. No one ever mentions that part of the problem that Chloe had with readjusting her dancing was the fact that she appeared to have grown at least 3 or 4 inches. It’s hard to adjust to that much growth in a short time and that was part of what the problem was for her. I truly pray that Chloe stays with dance (her truly God given gift) and that Abby and Christi haven’t ruined it for her. I hope that Brooke keeps dancing through the pain. If Paige loves dance, I hope she can find a place where she can grow, and the same for Nia. Maddie and Mackie will stay with Abby and God help them. I am done with the show if the other girls are gone. I agree about the hypocracy of Abby doing an open call for new talent. How about the up and comers at her own studio. I also wish that they would quit rewarding Abby’s destructive behavior with new shows. No wonder she keeps getting worse. She actually thinks that people agree with her and doesn’t get it that her appeal is that people like to peek at car accidents and peek at people that are abusive. I started watching the show because the girls were such beautiful dancers and at first I thought that ‘at least she had created some beautiful dancers’ but then as the seasons went on and she became bound and determined to destroy what she had created…well…the woman is sick. I no longer give her the credit, but look at Gia and the professional students that actually give class at her studio as the ones responsible. I saw Abby’s throwing Christi and Chloe out before Nationals as Abby making it absolutely certain that Maddie would get the title this time and she could crucify Chloe even more for her ‘poor dancing’ instead of for what really happened. Poor Chloe. I have never understood her taking what the Moms do out on the kids. Even when Christi mentioned that and that she shouldn’t have taken what she did out on Chloe in New Orleans, Abby started in on implying that Chloe was to blame, too.
    Well…I am ranting and raving myself, so will close with hoping that all the Mom’s get their girls into studios where they can really advance, instead of thinking that this is a good thing because it puts he spotlight on their kids and gets them on TV. There are more important things. My biggest hope is that they will all keep dancing away from Abby.

    • I could not agree with you more!!! Great points also about how much Chloe has grown, that makes a huge difference in the way someone dances. The same can be said for Paige, that girl is going to be as tall as Kelly is.

    • Thanks, Kathryn. I really hope the powers that be read the insights of the fans who are really invested in the children and makes some tweaks accordingly. I really do.

    • Great comment! I will say this-the sole reason Christi (or the other moms, for that matter) refuse to withdraw from this abusive woman’s studio is FAME. At another school, no matter how big or prestigious, they would not be on TV. That is it in a nutshell and they should be ashamed. Christie is convinced that Chloe is a star, and can make it in life on their pay by admission “meet and greets”. Why would I or anyone pay what, $100 per ticket to meet them? They are the flavor of the week. Chloe is a beautiful dancer, and Maddie, even though sweet, has always struck me as a one trick pony. Every dance, every expression-exactly the same. Sigh. But, as I said, this is too big a paycheck, too much publicity, and now involves huge narcissistic moms who LOVE being on tv. They really have no idea the world they are trying to push their daughters in to-the entertainment industry is not for the faint of heart, and chews kids up & spits them out. Kristie Ray-SHE is the one who knows what is up, and is the smartest one there. I read somewhere that she and her husband (Asia’s dad) are both professional body builders and have been in “the business” a long time, and are therefore MUCH better equipped to guide their child through this. One last thing-it really struck home to me last night-the reason these girls are wonderful dancers but are by no means break out stars-they do not have the life experiences that sadly most big entertainers have. They have all lived very sheltered, pampered lives-how on earth can Abby expect them to emote suicide and the other mature themes she comes up with? That is the main reason they do not deliver.

  14. This episode made me hate Abby even more. She takes no responsibility for her actions and she’s the biggest hypocrite ever.

    I was hoping the announcement would be that Abby wouldn’t be running the team – you know, so she can go after her dreams and aspirations she’s put on hold for all these years – and hand it over to Gia. Also no more Lesile. Can.Not.Stand.

    Next season? Probably not, but will continue to read the recaps.

    Ok, I admit I will keep Dance Moms as a scheduled recording.

    And I will probably watch it, but I will not subject the husband to it!

  15. So Abby is gonna go out and purchase a national all star team, for what? to compete directly with the Candy Apples? Perhaps there are parents (who should be beaten vigorously) that might move their families to Pittsburgh and subject their children to the emotional and mental abuse that is The Bovine Abby Lee Miller, incidently every time I see her make her weekly entrance I hear the song “Swagger Jagger”, Perhaps there are those parents, but their ability to parent should really be called into question. Take your kid to LA or New York or Miami and find a real dance teacher that isn’t risking a heart attack or diabetes. I have found that most of the professional artistic world views Abby Miller (who?) as a big fat scar on the face of professional dance and theater, everyone know her, but they’d rather not.
    A couple of posts mention Chloe. Chloe is such a quiet and unassuming kid that it would be a real tragedy if she were no longer a part of the show because in spite of her being quiet and unassuming, she is the shows biggest star. The thing I discovered from observing Large Cow and her group of dancers is that she needs them a whole lot more than they need her and she knows that, and it scares her. Chloe in particular… this is a beautiful kid that is just dripping with success. Whether Chloe wants to be a doctor, lawyer, dancer, teacher, pro bowler, actress, or a stay at home mom, Chloe will be a superstar at whatever she chooses to do. Abby knows this, so before Chloe scrapes Abby off her shoe like some old dog poop, Abby is trying her best to keep her down and push her away and when Chloe finds the confidence to realize that Abby is basically as useful as dryer lint she will grow so much more as an artist and a person because she will finally be free of mad cow disease

    • Great points about Abby and her weight. I mean, she’s supposed to be setting an example for these kids, and here she is, larger and larger as the season progresses. She really is a heart attack or stroke waiting to happen. If she had any pride in herself or the studio, she would get healthy. Then maybe she wouldn’t be so miserable all the time.

  16. So before I get into the actual reunion…BROOKE CANNOT SING!! I’m sorry but she needs to just stick to dancing, so I’m going to definitely go with Abby when she tells Kelly to NOT END BROOKE’S DANCING CAREER!! Anyway, is it wrong that I’m leaning more towards Leslie and Kristie during this reunion? Everything they said made sense, but on the “Everybody take Christi side”…they just backed up Christi and said that Leslie was wrong. They were BOTH wrong for fighting, but if Leslie was actually remorseful after the fact, then I’m going to take Leslie’s side. And are Leslie and Kristie Ray like besties now or is this a one time thing? Sorry I got side-tracked.

    As far as the new change, I’m looking forward to it. I”m ready for some new blood and I would like for some major changes within the studio too. Such as, lets tone down the drama by like a lot. I remember when the show focused solely on the girls…now we hardly see them because the Pitt Crew always having to throw some kind of fit because they’re daughter isn’t in front or whatever. When Dance Moms come back next season, I would love to see more of Payton and Leslie. I think that’s all I have to say this season lol…see you next season!!

    • Kris-I completely agree with you! I too am looking forward to changes on Dance Moms, and I really hope that Christi and Kelly aren’t there next season. I actually found myself liking Leslie and Kristie Ray more too-they actually made sense the other mothers didn’t. I felt sorry for Melissa when she talked about Christi and the other moms talking about her husband. Those women are not Melissa’s friends, and yet they think she should do whatever they tell her to.

  17. Lori, I love your recaps. I look forward to reading them on Wednesdays. They are by far the best of all the recaps I’ve ever read. Moving on to the show. Abbey needs to take ownership in her relationship with Kelley and the girls and they all need to grow up. I will miss not seeing Chloe, I hope she gets to come back. Maybe her Mom can just duct tape her mouth when she comes in. She behaved better when Kelley wasn’t beside her. Just noticing that little bit. I’ll be glad to see the Ray’s leave. Leslie needs to go away too. I love, love Holly. She is the only real adult on the show and Nia is a little HOlly. She is respectful and polite. Maddie dances beautifully, we all know that but I enjoyed the fact that the camera was not focused on her through the group numbers last night. It gave us a chance to see the other girls are just as beautiful and talented. Christie and Leslie should have both been tossed in jail that night as far as I’m concerned. The girls suffered because of their stupid mother’s actions. Shame on them. I loved it when Giana was with the girls, it was much calmer, even with the dreaded Candy Apples in the mix. Thank you for not subjecting us to the Candy Apples ring leader last night too. Cannot abide that woman. I have more but I must get back to work. 🙂 Looking forward to more witty recaps by you Lori.

  18. Honestly, I don’t know about the new show format. Yes, it’s a show about the moms, but the heart and makes us watch are the kids dancing. Who cares about the fighting? Who cares about the drama? We care about seeing the girls dance beautifully and seeing them grow not just in the dance world, but as girls growing up to be wonderful young ladies. New girls with new moms and the same old scripted drama isn’t going to save this show, it’s going back to square one, with what we had from the first season. It’s giving the girls a chance to dance and building them to succeed as dancers, not watching them cry every week.

    Personally of I could have my dream Dance Moms show, Gianna would take over with the girls. I enjoyed those episodes with her the most. Besides the incident with Abby and Kelly, Brooke, and Paige, everyone was happy and the girls were happy to dance. I want to see the girls work hard and compete and are given solos fairly and see them work hard to improve, but hey, that’s just a dream I guess! 😉

    • I agree completely, Whitney. Let Gia nurture the girls, let’s get to see them pursue other interests and succeed and be happy, and Abby can drop by once in a while to keep things interesting and pursue her real passion, which is California dreamin’ and AUDC.

      • Great ides, Whitney and Lori, Gia is a nurture driven teacher and the girls were so much happier at practice and relaxed in the competition! It was a much more satisfying experience for me as a viewer and for the dancers. They could actually “own” their success and Abby was not there to take all the credit or put them down!

    • yeah, anyone can sound good in a studio, that’s why they invented auto-tune. I saw a clip of Kenzie singing though, now THAT little girl has a voice! I’d much rather listen to her :).

    • Oh, she was absolutely lip syncing! No doubt. My husband played music professionally for years, and he noticed that right away. And, sorry-but I do not like that song, or the way she sings. And she looked as if she would rather be ANYWHERE else in the world besides in that studio singing her song! “I Hurt all over my body”-and she had on her face a blase, bored expression the entire time. We are supposed to believe that is pain? Mental or physical? Sorry, not buying it.

  19. Hi Lori. Just wanted to let you know that I look forward to your reviews of Dance Moms as much as the show itself. Your reviews are fantastic. Anyways, I really did not enjoy this season of Dance Moms. Most of the shows left me with a bad feeling. If Chloe will no longer be part of the next season, I will stop watching. This isn’t out of anger, but just because I will no longer be interested if Chloe is not a part of the show.

    • Thanks, Kim. I’m on the fence about Season 4, as well. I enjoy writing the recaps for you nice people much more than I enjoy the ugly tenor of the show that has become the norm. I miss DM being at least a little about the girls trying to become the best dancers they can be. So let’s sleep on it for several months and see what we decide. 🙂

      • I echo everything Kim says, esp. the bits about Chloe (though I’d add Paige and Nia) and your excellent write-ups.

    • I agree! I will not watch the show if Chloe isn’t dancing! And Abby owes Chloe a public apology on how and why she treats her the way she does! She will rot in hell!

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