Burn Notice series finale: How will it end?

Burn Notice series finale: How will it end? That’s the million-dollar question millions of loyal fans are dying to find out when they tune in to USA Network tonight for “Reckoning,” the Burn Notice series finale episode.

And speaking of dying, we are told that a major cast member will not make it through tonight’s episode (9pm ET). Surely, it can’t be Michael Westen, the burned CIA spy brilliantly played by Jeffrey Donovan, right? For seven glorious and action-paced seasons, viewers have grown attached to Michael and his quest to find out who burned him in the 2007 series pilot.

If Michael survives, that leaves the possibility we could be saying farewell to his best friend Sam (Bruce Campbell), his on-and-off girlfriend Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar), his fellow burned spy Jesse (Coby Bell) or — gasp — his mother (Sharon Gless).

Even if Michael does make it, we are left with many questions as to where his loyalties lie. Once obsessed with figuring out who burned him, he now knows and is battling which side morally aligns with his beliefs. Is it the CIA that hung him out to dry? Is it the terrorist group led by James Kendrick (John Pyper-Ferguson), the man who burned him before ultimately recruiting him for missions?

Michael went undercover for the CIA to help apprehend James, but we were last left with him wondering which side is the lesser of two evils. That conflict has also left him at odds with his team of Fiona, Jesse and Sam, who are trying to rescue him from his own demons. In last week’s episode, Michael and Sam came to blows in a fight that had them both falling over a bridge and into the water.

“This final episode is a must-see for any Burn Notice fan — whether you’ve been with us since the pilot or just caught the occasional marathon on USA,” said show creator Matt Nix. “It’s bittersweet to bring the series to an end, but I’m really happy to be leaving viewers with a great series finale. It’s satisfying and has some major surprises.”

Leading up to tonight’s finale, fans can enjoy a day-long marathon, which began early this morning. The marathon will feature three episodes from season six and the complete and final seventh season. USA Network is also engaging fans with a full roster of social activities including:

  • Fan Farewells: USA is inviting fans to get in on the heart-stopping action by sending in their own farewell messages via Instagram, Tout and Vine using #FinalBurn. Select videos will run on-air and on the show’s official social channels throughout the marathon.
  • Thank You Thursdays: A series of weekly posts showing appreciation for its loyal fans by featuring their art on USA’s social channels.
  • Prizes: Viewers who are active in the #FinalBurn online conversation will have a chance to win Burn Notice prizes, including signed scripts.
  • Behind the Burn: As they watch the finale, fans can use their mobile devices to access an extraordinary second screen sync experience on www.sync.usanetwork.com.

Bidding farewell to a popular series is never easy, but like most fans I am ready for some closure. If I get this emotionally drained watching the show every week, I can’t imagine what the last six years have been like for Michael Westen.

“Reckoning,” the Burn Notice series finale episode, airs Sept. 12 at 9pm ET/PT on USA Network.


Jeffrey Donovan as Michael Weston in “Reckoning,” the Burn Notice series finale: Glenn Watson/USA Network

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