Dance Moms recap Season 3 finale: Punch, drunk!

Lori Acken

And noooow … the end is heeeeere… and so we faaaaace …the final curtain. And at least one reunion show. But right now, it’s Season 3 finale time, Dance Moms nation!

We’re in the Big Easy for Nationals and Abby — sporting what looks like a fresh, and super-cocoalious, spray tan — wastes no time getting to the pyramid.

Dance Moms Season 3 finale Abby tan

Paige is bottom of the bottom because she is Paige and also for not tucking her knees tighter in the group dance. Next is Nia, again for the usual offense — sloppy feet. Then Brooke for a wayward headpiece. Then Kendall. Jill is mortified by this, since Kendall was part of the winning duet. Abby says if Jill would keep her mouth shut, maybe Kendall wouldn’t be there. Oh, little pyramid. You senseless thing, you. I won’t miss you while you’re gone.

Rounding out the bottom row is Payton, who has joined us to help facilitate a Big Win in the Big Easy, according to Abby in what I swear is a shamelessly recycled aside from the last time Payton invaded the team.

Row two begins with Chloe. Abby says Chloe knows she was a better dancer two years ago. Ah yes, but was Abby a better a coach two years ago is the real question. Then comes Asia. Brilliant as the demonic doll, hot mess as a Country Cutie, says Abby. Then Mack. Her solo was a winner, but her falling on the 48-count hand walk of doom ruined the group dance that, you know, took first place, anyway. Like Chloe, Mackenzie wisely says nothing.

Top of the top is Maddie for her part in the winning duet. Abby says she really could have danced it as a solo. Jill just rolls her eyes.

The group dance will feature everyone and honor the victims of Hurricane Katrina. I’m deeply relieved that Abby doesn’t make a “blow away the competition” joke.

Abby says because she is all about the fairness — well, actually she kind of acknowledges that she’s actually really not about being fair by wrapping “fair” in air quotes — everyone will learn a solo. Brooke and Payton will learn the same choreography. Leslie, who packed her Bumpit, says next to Brooke, Payton’s a star, so easy-peasy for her kid to win.

Dance Moms Season 3 Bumpit Leslie

Chloe and Kendall will be learning the same choreography, too. Christi’s not so sure why Jill looks so smug, since Chloe is the reigning national champion and even beat Maddie last year. My guess is because Abby openly hates you, Christi, and by virtue of that, your kid and that’s probably going to play out in what happens here. Plus, it’s better than going up against Maddie for a solo no matter what.

Abby says Asia should be a shoo-in for the mini solo, but since she fumbled some stuff last week and Mack was a winner, the two will be having a shootout. Melissa sadly says that Asia will probably outperform her youngest, even though Mack has superior technique.

Nia and Paige will also learn the same choreography. Oh, and by the way … Maddie’s in that group, too.

For real, Abby? No one is going to die of shock if you just give Maddie the damned dance and spare us the notion that this is any sort of genuine competition. You do realize that we have no problem with the idea that Maddie is an exceptional dancer — it’s the perpetual putdown of her dance mates that always has to accompany it that makes us want to poke you in the eye. You do realize that, yes? Say yes.

The group dance is called Home Again. The music was written specifically for the ALDC and Abby says the choreo is beautiful. It’s not that choreography that the mothers are worried about however; it’s whom Cathy will import to do the job for the Apples that’s bugging them. Leslie being Leslie, she says that the choreography doesn’t matter if you have good dancers. The other mothers take that predictably well.

Then we’re off to the Candy Apples’ New Orleans workspace, where we get a look at Yvette’s edgy new hair, Bridgette’s buttery yellow pants and also the guest choreographer du jour, Blake McGrath, whose voice could arguably be bottled as an aphrodisiac.

Again, I wonder why a guy who has danced with Madonna, Janet Jackson and Britney Spears thinks that this is such a great opportunity, but I’m happy to look at and listen to him either way. Cathy says they must behave like a proud and cohesive team and also sleep with their Candy Apples jackets like they’re their blankies.

The Apple group number will be called Voodoo, and Blake says it’s hard enough to stymy a senior company, let alone a bunch a juniors, so they’ve got work to do. Nicaya frowns hard. Zack chews his thumb nervously. Cathy asks a lot of questions, but not enough to piss Blake off like she frequently did Anthony.

Back with the Pitt Crew, Melissa decides to stir up a little trouble and ask Leslie if she’s happy she and Payton were able to make the trip. It works. Christi says she doesn’t get why, when there are only a few solos to go around, one of them might go to a team outsider. Leslie says they are not outsiders, and even if they are, she doesn’t give a crap. Her words about the crap, not mine.

Kristie is over it this much.

For their solo, Asia and Mackenzie will be playing doctor and making it all better on the dance floor, because Abby is often a nut goodie. Before she teaches them any choreography, though, she wants to see them both improvise, which is clearly Asia’s forte and not Mackenzie’s at all. Abby says she wants to see what they hear.

The music starts and Asia is immediately wiggling and twirling for all she is worth. Kenzie stands stock still and stares straight ahead.

“C’mon, Kenz, dance!” pleads Melissa. Kenz whimpers that she’s not good at improving. Melissa gets ticked. She tells Kenzie to sit if she doesn’t want to dance. Kenzie wants to dance. But she wants someone to tell her what dance to dance. Abby puts her face in her hands and shakes her head. Melissa stands up and yanks Mackenzie into a chair, her voice and her temper rising. Mack stands back up.

“IMPROV,” Melissa commands. “YOU DO IT ALL THE TIME AT HOME AND YOU’RE ADORABLE!” So be adorable before mommy knocks your block off, dammit.

Abby jumps on the bandwagon and starts hollering about how she will look like a fool if she sends Mack to an audition where improv is required and she does that. “You failed,” she tells the crestfallen kid.

Next, Chloe and Kendall work on a jazz routine. Even though Jill says Kendall has done more jazz solos, she thinks the choreography is geared more toward Chloe. Brooke and Payton will be squaring off on a jazz routine. Both mothers think the possibility of Brooke doing the solo is ridiculous, but probably for different reasons.

Paige, Nia and Maddie are dancing something lyrical to “Amazing Grace.” Kelly says she can tell immediately for whom the dance is designed — and it ain’t Paige. Dr. Holly agrees that it doesn’t take a Ph.D. to figure out how this is going to go. Melissa says she knows Maddie is a lock, but what a nice opportunity for the other girls getting to dance with her. Chuckle. Oh, Melissa.

In the Mom, uh, Chairs, Christi and Leslie get into it about how much time Abby is spending on the Solo That Shall Be Maddie’s Even Though Paige And Nia Are Learning It, Too. Christi says Abby is still bitter about Chloe beating Maddie for the national title last year and she’s making extra certain that doesn’t happen again. When Melissa rejoins the group, Leslie asks her if she’s sure Maddie will get the solo and Melissa makes the Many Expressions of Avoidance. Leslie tells her that Christi just said Abby is setting Chloe up to fail. Christi begs to differ. She just said that Maddie’s solo is the one that Abby cares most about.

Anybody else besides me think Leslie basically serves as Abby’s minion mouthpiece about Maddie and Chloe being afforded the same opportunities, no matter what the rest of us think?

Chloe’s not always the victim, Leslie tells Christi.
“Don’t go there, you,” warns Christi.
“I’m going there,” snaps Leslie. Leslie always goes there. Leslie is an champion There Goer.

But the acrimony apparently doesn’t last for too long, because look. We’ve loosed a Mom Gang on the streets of New Orleans.

Specifically at Muriel’s Jackson Square Bistro, where they’re going to drink away their stress for a bit.

And what the hell has landed in Kelly’s drink?

Dance Moms Season 3 finale voodoo doll

Oh, it’s not in her drink. Also, it’s a voodoo doll, which Christi says can be used for good or evil. They choose evil. They also have a bunch of the things. Christi says one is Yvette. One is Cathy “the fat-bottomed girl.”

Oh wait. THIS one is Abby the fat-bottomed girl. We have two fat-bottomed-girl dolls. Christi punches the Abby doll right out of Kelly’s hand.

Holly looks mortified by all of it. And it’s about to get worse. Melissa climbs up on her chair and asks the folks below if they have any beads. Kelly reminds her that you have to show your boobs to get beads. Melissa is undeterred. Especially after Christi double dog dares her. And possibly rubs a voodoo doll.

Ladies and gentlemen, some (blessedly doll-obscured) Melissa side-boob. Which represents the first and last time I will ever write “side-boob.” And hopefully the first and last time Melissa flashes New Orleans.


Then we throw Voodoo Doll Abby over the ledge.

When everybody settles down, Kristie relays some news. After Nationals, Asia is done being a competitive dancer on a team. She’s evasive about what the kid will be doing, but says that she’s been offered amazing opportunities back in L.A. Melissa doesn’t seem to know how she feels about that. Leslie knows exactly: “Move over! I’m movin’ in.”

With her big announcement made, Kristie grabs her feathery Yvette and heads off to refresh her drink.

Out on the street, Christi is loud-talking about being a real dance mom, which I think is directed at Kristie but upsets Leslie worse. Leslie tells her she’s had too much to drink and needs to hush. Christi reaches out and launches Leslie’s drink cup skyward. Leslie throws a girlie overhand punch and calls Christi a bitch (if you are waiting for me to say, “OK, no they didn’t — I’m just making this up for fun,” that’s not going to happen. We have us a real, really embarrassing, catfight here). Christi shoves Leslie’s arm away, which launches her own drink and Leslie advances on her, swinging her purple feathery voodoo doll like an ax.

Finally this dude steps in and breaks it up. Well, he tries. Leslie goes full-bore wingding and starts clobbering him instead.

Good. God. Leslie.

Next day in the Mom Chairs, Cage Match Ackerman is noticeably missing, Christi looks a little puffy and we decide to reiterate what exactly went down, because Lord knows, being there in person wasn’t enough. Jill offers her version: Leslie has a way of getting in people’s faces and started screaming that Christi is a drunk and Christi didn’t take it. So then Leslie snapped and wanted to beat the bejesus out of Christi.

Christi enjoys this version. The other Kristie, not so much.

Since she only has to deal with these people for dwindling moments, Mrs. Ray decides to tell it like it is. Which is not Jill’s version at all. Kristie says Christi got in Leslie’s face first and — according to the Ray Bylaws of Streetfighting, apparently — when you do that, you better be able to back it up.

“She called me a drunk!” protests Christi. “Control yourself!” commands Kristie. Holly looks like she can’t believe she’s associated with any of this.

It also looks like Kristie might be a little ticked that Leslie is trying to steal her thunder as the street-smart badass because next she launches into a profanity-laced tirade about everyone in the Pitt Crew being an effin’ liar or the accomplice of an effin’ liar, which is just as bad — and Christi’s the biggest one of all. Kristie says Christi is lucky it was Leslie who got into it with her instead of her. Then she leaves.

Out in the hallway, Kristie is tapping away on her phone when Abby comes through the door.

Dance Moms Season 3 finale

She can’t take the lies anymore.

Abby says she is heartbroken but happy that Asia is leaving undefeated. The whole thing is so bland and civil that you know this is about as much news to Abby as the sky being blue. Ten bucks says we see Abby and Asia together again relatively soon. Especially since Asia is hardly heartbroken as she hugs everyone goodbye.

After the Rays take their leave, the Pitt Crew appears in the studio. Leslie looks like she had a rough night — and her day is about to get even worse. Thanks to their little street fight, Christi, Leslie and their daughters will be flying home. Which leaves the ALDC down three dancers with one day to go before Nationals. That should be fun.

Over at the Apple space, Cathy says she likes dark mysterious things (like bunnies and having ice cream with Vivi?) and since they are in New Orleans, what better theme for a dance than mystical, magical voodoo.

And look — the Vivster even made the trip! Complete with large turquoise bird!

Cathy offers a little input here and there, I’m imagining since she made such a to-do about being in charge an episode or two back, but she says she is ultimately happy with the dance as Blake assembled it.

Back with ALDC, Abby gives the girls a little talking to about the behavior of the adults, then gets to work re-blocking the group dance to account for the smaller ranks.

Afterward, Abby tells Maddie she, indeed, has the solo and confirms that Abby believes she should have won last year. Nothing like sending Chloe home for the sins of her mother to ensure that she won’t beat Maddie ever again, eh, Ab?

Then Abby tells Kendall not to blow the solo opportunity created by Chloe’s absence and the girl nods. Abby says Brooke will not be doing the solo she and Payton practiced, so as not to jeopardize her title. I’m not sure if this means she will be doing a different dance or no dance at all, but I guess we’ll find out. Brooke nods as best she can with this thing stuck to the side of her head.

Dance Moms Season 3 finale recap Brooke headpiece

Mackenzie also defaults into a solo, thanks to Asia’s departure. Melissa says she is relieved and that Kenzie really deserved the dance, anyway.

Come competition day (Masters of Dance, by the way), the crowd goes berserkers for both the ALDC and the Apples. There’s no drama between the two as they enter.

In their get-ready, the Apples notice the absences in the ALDC ranks. There’s a little dustup in the hallway, during which Abby mysteriously calls Mackenzie her daughter, but nothing like we’re used to. Best behavior for Nationals, people! Kaya must have laryngitis.

Kenzie goes first. Why on earth is this the costume for a dance called Dance Doctor?

The choreography suggests that Abby did indeed plan for Asia to do the dance — lots of hip swivels, mugging, and pulling her leg straight up in the air and less of Mackenzie’s usual acrobatics. But the kid shows she has some swag after all and the crowd yells their approval loudly. Abby gives her an up-high clap in the audience.

Jill says Kendall is having a good day, so she believes that the girl’s Musical Theater solo, Voodoo Doll, will be a winner. It, indeed, goes beautifully. Another two-hands-up clap from Abby. Jill calls it a personal best for her girl.

Maddie is up next, dressed like the White Swan. Oh oh. Abby has a headache — and the skull necklace! The skull necklace is back in honor of voodoo town!

For some reason, this dance doesn’t quite sync up with the music. Maddie’s movements are just a shade too fast. I’m not sure what I think about it. In any case, Abby says she was an angel out there.

Lots of happy, victorious screaming and cuddles backstage, and curiously no mention of Christi and Chloe. Abby crows that the Apples were silent behind her.

In the Apples room, Blake wants to know who is ready to kill the Voodoo number. Apparently all of them, because it is creepy and dramatic and sophisticated and exciting to watch.

Abby looks appropriately worried. A super Zen Cathy — who may have discovered the joys of anti-anxiety meds — blandly says the kids looked good.

Home Again’s turn. The girls are wearing ethereal, rosy pink dresses.

This, too, is the kind of goose-bumpy dance that I wish would make up more of Dance Moms. It’s certainly more worthy of camera time than watching the mothers throw drinks and punches on a public street. Or Melissa’s boob.

Abby says they did the best they could possibly have done, with the dance, so it’s up to the judges.

Come awards time, even Abby sings along and rocks out to “When the Saints Go Marching In.” Again, there’s no mention from anyone about missing Chloe and Christi.

Dance Moms Season 3 finale

Kenzie’ solo gets second. Melissa says oh well, the girl that beat her was fabulous.

Kendall takes second, too. Maddie wins. Melissa stands on her chair, which appears to have become a habit for her down here in New Orleans.

Abby says she’s so nervous come small group awards time that she’s actually trembling.

Voodoo gets second. Home Again wins. The Pitt Crew happily freaks out. Cathy lifelessly says it’s back to the drawing table. You know what she means.

Clutching a giant check for $1,000 backstage, Abby congratulates everyone for earning that for her, and then the mood turns somber. Abby says Mrs. Miller — that’s Maryen Lorrain — is not doing well and Abby doesn’t know how much longer she will be able to serve as their coach. Then she takes her dramatic leave. Which I would worry about except you guys keep telling me that everyone is contracted for six seasons of this excitement, which takes way some of the suspense. So I’ll curtail my worry to the health of Mrs. Miller alone.

Coming up on the reunion show — oh, you know. Abby yells. The moms yell. Abby walks out. Kelly walks out. And there’s a great big reveal that could change the team forever.

So what say you, Dance Moms nation? Are you Team Christi, Team Leslie or Team No More Letting The Mothers Out Unsupervised Ever? Are you sad Asia and Kristie are gone, or glad things can maybe go back to normal? Did Voodoo get robbed or was Home Again the rightful winner? What are your hopes for Season 4? Sound off in the comments section below.

The Dance Moms Season 3 reunion show “Dance Moms Reunion: Hurricane Abby” airs Tuesday, Sept. 17, at 8/7CT followed by an all-new episode of Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition.


  1. I don’t know if I would be able to handle abby teaching my daughter to dance but all of her dancers are amazing.. Maddie, Mackenzie, and Asia are my favorites. Chole is amazing too but I just don’t see the passion from her anymore. Christi either needs to fix her relationship with abby or send chole to a new studio. Maddie may get more opertunitys compared to chole but my personal opinion is that Maddie is the better dancer. It cracks me up when people argue about who is a better dancer. It’s an opinion. Before I even watched the show and just watched the routines I personal preferred Maddie to chole. It has nothing to do with choreography. I just feel Maddie performs much better. I also don’t feel abby is so evil like a lot of people and she has lots of good points. Although, sometimes she says things I really don’t agree with. Melissa was horrible this episode and I normally somewhat like her (at least compared to Kelly, Christi, jill, and Leslie.) She has a teacher to tell her what she is doing wrong and a mom is there to comfort and bring the child up. Melissa is destroying her daughters self confidence.

    To anyone who say a abby should not pick favorites your crazy. This is not school, This is not “the little gym”, this is competive dance and if you are the best your going to get special treatment. It’s just the way it is. If you or child can’t handle it they are in the wrong sport. The world of dance is not nice. These girls need thick skin.

  2. I thought the finale episode was great. I admit I teared up a little when Abby called Kenzie her daughter! I know, sounds cheesy. But i’m sure we can all see at this point that Abby isn’t always the mean, ominous character she appears to be. She does have a sweet side, and genuinely cares about the girls. To be honest, if I was Abby, I probably would have kicked Christi and Leslie out for their behaviour too. Why Payton was even there in the first place is beyond me- it’s the last competition of the year and Payton is just joining now? Why not wait until the beginning of the next season? I enjoyed seeing Asia perform with the girls; for some reason I only thought she was with them for a few episodes, I forgot how long she had actually been with them for! She was definitely an asset to the team, but I am looking forward to getting things back to normal in Season 4. The whole point of Season 3 was to get viewers wondering what would happen next. We met lots of new dancers (both from ALDC and Candy Apples), and it was fun seeing all of their abilities and what they each contributed to their respective teams. I do think they overdid it with the Candy Apples this season, dedicating 2 FULL episodes to them and having them in almost every episode this season. I know the producers bring them in to stir up drama, but at this stage it’s clear 99% of the drama is preplanned.

    Can’t wait for Season 4! (By the way, i’m pretty sure they’re only contracted for 4 seasons. Could be wrong though! I also know they start filming for the new season at the beginning of October).

    Thanks for all of your fabulous recaps, Lori! It’s become a tradition of mine since Season 2 of Dance Moms to watch the new episode and then immediately read your recap afterwards. Your recaps are a huge part of my Dance Moms experience!

  3. Over time I think Abby and Melissa are creating a monster in Maddie. I don’t understand how Maddie can blatantly see how she gets more time, more solos, more opportunities, more encouragement and praise and say or do nothing. She can see how Abby treats all the other girls and especially Chloe and know in her heart that it is wrong. Yet she allows it to continue. In addition to have a mother who turns a blind eye to it all and trains Maddie to just be a taker and not stand up for fair treatment. Abby is the way she is because everyone allows it and pay her for it. A school teacher would be fired for the treatment Abby gives out regularly. I have never seen in any show over any season any bad behavior from Chloe. To be given an award and have your teacher make sure it is taken away and then lie about it in front of the whole group…. That took a lot of courage and strength for that little girl to walk the award over to Maddie. And for Maddie to have no empathy or care for Chloe’s feelings was appalling…. a monster in the making. Despite Christi’s poor choice I just don’t understand how Abby can treat a young girl the way she consistently treats Chloe.

    • As someone with very basic knowledge of dance I can only comment on how watching the dancer makes me feel. I tend to notice how natural and at ease they go into the next move, how confident they are…the more graceful a jump is handled the better I feel watching it. I have noticed that Maddie and Chloe are a joy to watch, they have that ease that I love to watch. Kendle does not. She’s a beautiful child but I always feel more tense when watching her. It’s the body language, facial expressions, the weight distribution when landing a jump, or maybe just my mood, I don’t know. I only know what makes me want to watch them and what makes me cringe.

  4. I can’t stand Christi, she is nothing but a shit disturber. Abby only treats Chloe the way she does coz of Christi’s attitude towards her. Further, if you were a teacher, would you not favour the child who works harder and wants it more? Christi and Kelly keep talking about having a balance of dance, school, and social life for their kids – I totally agree, so don’t sign your kid up for a competitive dance team! Would you join the army and complain about the work ethics? Idiots. They keep saying they don’t need Abby and they only stay cos of the team….so why don’t they all quit, take all their girls and find another dance teacher? According to Christi and Kelly, they don’t need Abby so why stay and torture ur kids? Honestly, how can any teachers deal with such ingrates..its been said on the show many times, dance Moms represent their kids at this age, and what teacher would want to work with Christi in Kelly who think Abby has done nothing for their kids. I would argue that what they are doing to their girls (not taking them off the team) is worst than abbys being mean. But why do they keep coming back? Fame whores. If Abby is so bad, why put your kids thru that? What kind of mother would you be?

    • Seriously? You think that just because Maddie supposedly works harder and wants it more, that Abby should favor her more than the other girls??? Absolutely not – a teacher is supposed to be unbiased, showing NO favoritism whatsoever. If she were a school teacher, she would be out of a job so fast it would make her head spin.

    • Contracts with Lifetime. Need I say more…they can’t leave Dance Moms until season 6 and by the meet and greet videos that get posted on YouTube it breaks their hearts..

  5. I guess I’m a Chloe fan!!!!! She wins on her talent despite Abby! Ever notice when opportunities come around that the sponsor does not allow Abby to dictate Chloe wins!!!!!! Maddie is a wonderful dancer but hands down if Chloe received the same training she would win every time. Get over the mom drama and Abby is an awful teacher. She needs to get over herself. The moms should not have anything to with whether or not the girls dance. Abby was afraid Chloe would beat maddie again.

  6. Lori,
    As usual, the best part of the show is your article – funny as ever. I wish the “fake” drama would end too. I liked the show so much better when it focused on dancing.

  7. Time for some Dance Mom rehab. Yes, Fat Christi, I am talking to you. Your family is worth more then the salary you are getting to be a drunken troublemaker.

    • Too early to tell, I’ll have to watch the first couple episodes before I decide. I do love watching the girls perform though, they’re beautiful.

    • I will not watch if they try another season. This season was horrible, and frankly, I am sick of this “Miller and Maddie show”. Last night, when Miller sent Christi and Chloe out, I changed the channel. I am done. That vile piece of *cuss word* has become too much for me.

      Seeing melissa the “gold digging husband stealer slut” showing her bobs disgusted me.

      I have enjoyed you recaps Lori. I am out.

  8. Melissa disgusts me! Seriously, she has affairs, shows her disgusting saggy boobies in public and thinks Maddie is God’s gift to the rest of the world. I doubt she would know the term humble if it hit her in the face! You can tell how wacky her and Abbie have made Maddie. She is a monster. Whenever she screws up she goes whacko! (remember her pushing Kenzie and when she forgot her dance, etc.). Also the damage Melissa is doing to poor McKenzie is awful! All she ever does is say how she “isn’t Maddie” and now this episode how she isn’t Asia. Then that whole improv scene?? That kid will need some serious counseling!! So sick of Melissa and Maddie!!! Please stop showing them!

    • If Kenzie got half as much attention and training as Maddie does, or did at that age, she could be just as good as her sister. I swear every single solo Kenz does has the same elements, just set to different music. If Abby challenged the kid to do other things and actually spent time with her instead of screaming at her all the time, that little girl could even end up with more titles and crowns than Maddie has. And at least Kenzie is cute, Maddie’s teeth and smile…..thank goodness she has braces now :S.

    • Hey Karen, remember how Melissa said how her boobs were perky. Nobody needed to see that. Melissa was out of control when she was yelling at Mackenzie, so not motherly. People complain about Christi but she would NEVER talk to Chloe like that. I too am so sick of the Maddie show. I love her but I don’t need every aspect of the show to revolve around Maddie or Abby’s obsession with her. Enough already.

  9. I think Christy & Kelly will end up ruining their daughter’s attitudes about dance just like they ruin their opportunities. Those are two very messed up, angry women! And I thought they were enemies anyway (?). I like Kristy, she’s right on when it comes down to the Mom’s, they are crazy! I’m not sure where Jill was standing when the catfight happened but , obviously, didn’t see it happen! Kristy’s straight forward comments were refreshing compared to the usual back stabbing.
    Oh well, it’s likely all scripted anyway!

  10. Melissa I wonder how your daughter McKenzie feels when you constantly remind her that she’s not Asia? What happened to building confidence in our children? She act confident if your knocking her down all the time! You moms have some serious issues!

  11. I actually hate to say this but I do agree with Leslie this time. Even though Abby hates her, Chloe does have so many more opportunities than most of the girls in that studio. She has a solo almost every week or a duet or trio. When outside opportunities come in she often gets them (like the music video or the Joffrey scholarship). Compare that to someone else, like Nia, for example who barely ever gets a solo or featured role but seems to work just as hard. And I would even argue that Abby does like Nia.

    • I disagree, if Abby had had anything to say about the Joffrey audition or the music video, both of those gigs would have gone to Maddie. Even when Chloe beats Maddie in competition, Abby is RARELY happy about it, as we all saw when she said Maddie should have beaten her at Nationals last year. Go back and watch the earlier episodes from this season, especially the ones after Chloe’s hat fell off during a group number. For WEEKS after that Abby treated her like absolute garbage, even going as far as not even calling her by name.

      • I’m not talking about the amount of praise Chloe gets, I’m talking about the opportunities. I am well aware that Abby hates Chloe, but she still gives Chloe a solo, duet, trio, or featured role almost every week. She always gets a chance to dance. I use Nia as an example because she is someone who arguably works just as hard had only 2 solos this whole entire season. She would probably love to have a fraction of the opportunities that Chloe gets. If I were Holly I would be incredibly sick of hearing Christi complain about Chloe “never getting chance” because she always gets to perform. Nia barely gets to do anything beyond the group number.

        I can’t stand Leslie, at all, but I had to agree when she said that Chloe gets a lot of amazing opportunities that Christi doesn’t seem to appreciate.

        • I wasn’t talking about the praise either, I was speaking of the opportunities and times that Chloe clearly beat out Maddie. I agree about Nia, and as harsh as it sounds, Nia isn’t as talented as Maddie or Chloe, I can count on one hand how many times Nia has finished first place. Granted she is probably one of the hardest workers, but it just doesn’t come naturally to her. Don’t get me wrong, I adore Nia, she is a sweet, compassionate, great kid, but she has to work harder than the other kids put together. She doesn’t have the naturally thin dancers body, the long legs, elegant lines. And before I get screamed at, I’m NOT saying Nia is overweight, but compared to Paige or Chloe, she’s bigger than the other girls, and the lines show it. I think the main reason why Chloe gets solos over Nia and even Paige, is that she is consistent, steady and always gives a beautiful performance. The kid is absolutely gorgeous to watch perform, and nothing Abby does or says can change the fact that judges and crowds love watching Chloe. I just hope that Chloe never loses her genuine love for dance, it really is a gift.

    • That is because Chloe has a God given talent and Abby knows it. The only reason Chloe went home is because Ab wanted to make sure Maddie had the win. Chloe earned the Lux video and the Joffrey scholarship and that killed both Melissa and Abby. If I were Christi I would get her the heck out of Aldc and send her to a Ballet school. She has the body and look of a ballerina that is already noticable at her age. Leslie is a wretched GOON wi a huge mouth. Being from Detroit we call that Ghetto Fabulous.

  12. I don’t like Christi as much as a I used too, she starts too much crap whether she’s drunk or not. If the show comes back for another season, then its going to take a lot for me to come back with another season for Christi vs. Everybody Else. Also, can the mama drama be toned down by a lot by next season? Seriously?

    • I really can’t see it being toned down, hence the name of the show, the girls are secondary when it comes to production and what they want to show during the episodes. As sad and disturbing as it is, drama and fighting sells….smh

  13. The fake drama is killing this show.

    There’s enough real, live competition going on here that if Collins had a clue they’d be able to keep the story lines interesting without resorting to screaming and shouting every week.

    Having said that, I was happy to see Kendall really nail her dance. I thought that was her best performance yet. I was also less impressed with the voodoo dance. The boys were great, but the girls were off in a number of spots.

  14. Don’t buy into the Chloe thing too much, they were on a family vacation the weekend during “nationals”. I think the being kicked out for the weekend was just for the show.

    • So GLAD to here that actually!! I was a little put off that the girls where sent home just because of the drunken stupidity of the mothers. I feel Chloe is put down constantly by Abby. Did everyone not see the episode where precious Maddie pushed her sister away after she felt her performance did not beat Chloe’s. Seriously if she had to endure what Chloe goes through she would of left the Abby Lee Dance Center ages ago!

  15. Team anyone but Abby or the Maddie Family. Just so bias. I think Abby brought Leslie in to stir up Christi in the hopes she could send her home so she would not beat her special little one Maddie. It worked. But Melissa can break the law and expose her breasts in public. The last time I checked that was an arrestable offense. But Maddie still dances.

    • Yes! I thought the same thing! Makes me wonder why Kristie Ray didn’t tell Abby about that too, or did she???? Disgustingly biased!

  16. Team Christi definitely. Leslie is a bully. Kristie with a K just came to ALDC for the TV exposure. Christi is very honest. She tells it the way she sees it. I feel for Chloe. Abby just wouldn’t take the chance that Chloe would beat Maddie again. So unfair to that child. If she sent people home for how they acted how about Melissa showing her boobs? I’m not watching AUDC this time and I’m considering Dance Moms. Abby is a terrible person and if she had children and they were treated the way she treats everyone but Maddie and Mackenzie, she would think differently. She is a mean, bitter, spoiled woman.

  17. A few people on imdb have pointed out Maddie doesn’t finish out her moves like she should, and sometimes they have to use different music on the show due to copyright.

    • Yes I remember hearing about that as well, also if you watch some of her youtube videos of her solos, the song is the same, but it’s a different arrangement. I agree about Maddie not finishing her moves completely, when she auditioned for Joffrey a couple seasons back, the adjudicators pointed that out as well. I think for her sometimes, if she would concentrate more on the moves and less on the face, she would have better technique. That’s where Chloe is better, at least imo.

  18. I would guess that Maddie’s solo was edited for timing in the episode and the real version fits the music better.

    • Know what I think it was about the number? There were too many moves to fit in with the music. The number called for slow, elegant, graceful elements, not one after the other, after the other. If she had cut out half of the spins, turns, leaps, arm movements, then it would have suited the music better. Abby needs to learn that sometimes less is more, especially with slow music like that. Simple would have been better, and if Maddie is as talented as Abby seems to think she is, it would have come across as just as technical and difficult, yet beautiful, as any of her other numbers.

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