Total Divas episode 4 recap, what we learned about the WWE

Credit: Timothy White/E!

A low-key week for Total Divas Episode 4: Hey, life as a Diva can’t be ALL drama, right? In reality, WWE fans know that this week’s episode was scheduled against Summerslam, the WWE’s biggest pay-per-view event of the summer. With a highly anticipated match between Total Divas boy toys John Cena and Bryan “Daniel Bryan” Danielson on the card, it’s obvious that the show’s producers anticipated a drop-off in ratings this week, so they made sure that this edition was lighter in important developments than usual.

Nattie: Those who DID tune in to this week’s show witnessed a rare occurrence … a major spotlight for Nattie, who was distracted from her constant professional woes by her personal ones. It seems that the longtime relationship between Nattie and fellow WWE Superstar Tyson Kidd has gone stale, as Kidd’s injuries have taken his mind far away from romance and intimacy. Despite a trip to the lingerie store and weak seduction attempt, Nattie can’t seem to get any action from her man … nor can she get him to set a date for their long-delayed wedding. After further infuriating her by taking her on a surprise date to the courthouse for some quickie nuptuals, the longtime lovebirds finally come to an understanding about Nattie’s needs and begin planning a real wedding.

The Bella Twins: Boy, what this episode lacked in genuine drama, it made up for in boobs. In fact, Nikki’s surgically-enlarged “girls” seem to be a deep-seeded source for Brie’s frustrations with her sister’s weight. With an important photo shoot fast approaching, Brie wants the Bellas to look like the twins they are, so she spends the episode enforcing a hardcore diet for Nikki, whom is clearly much more comfortable in her own skin. In the end, Brie realizes that she and her sister don’t have to be identical, as long as they are both hot … I mean, happy.

The Funkadactyls: More breast issues, as Ariane has decided to consider an enlargement. A visit to a surgeon and a stint with some detachable “tryout” boobs leads to hilarious hijinx and an eventual decision to keep her body the way it is. It was like a very special episode of Blossom, but not nearly as funny.

JoJo and Eva Marie: After weeks of trading the spotlight, neither newbie was featured this week … but have no fear. Both were a part of Summerslam, so expect behind-the-scenes footage from this week’s event to showcase the youngins on this show in a big way.

More Total Divas: Perhaps the most newsworthy Divas tidbit in recent memory wasn’t even a part of this week’s actual episode. Instead, it came via an E! press release trumpeting the rating success of the series thus far and announcing that Season 1 has been given an additional 8 episodes. This season “extension” will begin airing in November after a hiatus (the existing episodes will finish up in mid-September), so we can all gear up for more bras, boobs and bodyslams deep into the fall & winter!