What happened to SPEED channel?

What happened to SPEED channel? On Aug. 17, SPEED becomes FOX Sports 1 on all major pay-TV providers. Many of the auto racing events previously airing on SPEED will now air on FS1.

On Saturday, Aug. 17, at 8am ET, SPEED will become FOX Sports 1, a new national sports network featuring live college football, auto racing, UFC, soccer, news shows and more. In most cases, the FOX Sports 1 channel will be the same channel formerly held by SPEED.  Many of the auto racing events previously airing on SPEED will still air on FS1, including the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race, practice and qualifying, and complementary programming like NASCAR Live. Select NASCAR Sprint Cup races will come to FS1 beginning in 2015.

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Use the FOX Sports 1 channel finder at FOXSports.com to find the channel number for your TV provider and area.

FS1’s Day 1 schedule is as follows (all times ET; L denotes Live):
8:00-8:30 AM — NASCAR LIVE (L)
2:30-3:30 PM — TRACKSIDE LIVE (L)
4:00-5:00 PM — UFC UNLEASHED
5:00-6:00 PM — UFC TONIGHT (L)
8:00-11:00 PM — FOX UFC SATURDAY (L)
11:00 PM-12:00 AM — FOX SPORTS LIVE (L)
12:00 AM-1:00 AM — FOX SPORTS LIVE (L)
1:00-2:00 AM — FOX SPORTS LIVE (L)

[UPDATE: FS1 ratings news: “Fox also narrowly beat SPEED’s ratings at this same time last year—the network Fox Sports 1 absorbed—by 3,000 viewers. Fox Sports 1’s average ratings for the entire day was at 81,000, down from SPEED’s 100,000 last year.“]

[UPDATE 2: MavTV has acquired the rights to former SPEED Channel original series Stacey David’s Gearz, My Classic Car and Chop Cut Rebuild, with encore episodes airing this month. New episodes will debut on MavTV in March.]




  1. Fox 1 SUCKS THE BIG ONE! Has anyone mentioned that yet? Yeah pretty much a theme here isn’t it? SPEED was the one channel that was on in my household most of the time since the wife love it too, big NASCAR fans. We loved the pre-race / post race banter and interviews, there is more to watching NASCAR than just the race you bone heads! Did I mention that, FOX 1 SUCKS THE BIG ONE? I want my SPEED back for all the other automotive shows, My Classic Car, Barrett Jackson and so on. In time you will find that you shit on the wrong people and I am calling for a boycott of all FOX channels…..lets do it people. Lets tank FOX by not watching any of their stupid programming. I have already begun, I refuse to pay for and watch FOX SHIT!

  2. bring back speed channel. it was just about all i watched on weekends. i wore the numbers off my remote from watching it so much. fox sports is a joke. but hey, what do you expect from a “sports” network that covers poker( last time i checked, that was a card game) on a regular basis. whats next for the new lineup? the national euchre tournament from shady lanes retirement home? gearheads care about motorsports and motorsports only. not soccer,not football, not poker. if it doesn’t have a motor, we don’t care. period!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. bring back speed channel lots ofgood stuff on there i particularly enjoyed pass time maybe its time to stop watching tv

  4. I really hate FS 1. I’m a brother who loves nascar. Watched speed channel more than ESPN. Miss my man Dave Despain on Sunday nights after day racing on Sunday’s. FS 1 IS THE SUCK…….

  5. I am very disappointed with your decision to cancel the SPEED CHANNEL.
    As a motor sport fan I feel ignored. You guys seem to be making room
    for empty headed reality TV. When ABC sports stopped their coverage
    of motor sports they left a huge void. You didn’t see their stewardship
    as a great opportunity for you to pick up the flag. Moto sport and soccer
    are the most watched events around the world. Lately, your programming
    choices on Speed have been less that satisfactory, hence poor ratings.
    Please listen to our honks for your attention!

  6. fox eat some shit because speed channel is better than your stupid sports crap channel, so go suck your buddys off.

  7. what a slap in the face for car fans so far this channel is below par fox has screwed up baseball now there doing same to race fans also shame on speed channel for giving in and taken the money

  8. Come on people, both Fox Sports and NBC can’t hold a candle to the quality work Speed Channel routinely aired. While Fox is bad, NBCs coverage of F1 and IRL is an absolute joke!!!!! NBC can’t cover the real world events let all sports, especially racing — it’s like having Barbara Walters cover the world of motor sports for Gods sake.
    Bring back Hobbs, Matchett and Varsha and real in depth coverage of motor sports.
    Bring back Speed Channel coverage of F1 and IRL , Barrett Jackson and Gearz.
    Everything lacks in comparison.
    Honestly, NBC and Fox motor sports coverage sucks!!!
    There is no other, more diplomatic way to say it!!!

  9. Don’t get mavtv! Speed was the best have to agree with others FS1 sucks! I want my speed back. Used to relish my Saturday mornings with my speed and all of the Barrett Jackson for endless hours(wife always didn’t ) . Don’t get to send a lot of time watching anything but lived speed. Huge fan lost!

  10. you have two channels make one auto racing oriented and the other with the other bull… i mean stuff. be different, this fs1 one is not original, stop copying each other and listen to what we want. i saw the ratings drop by the way i am pretty sure theres more dropping in your future – let the other network have the stuipid repeditive news type sports show. someone WILL take up the slack….. if you let it go, or you could keep us too. at least repeat what ever shows you still have so we have a chance at seeing it. 6 am on sunday no one will see it . i was hoping to see are you faster than a redneck again anyway

  11. I got the premium channels just for the speed channel and now it is gone…not happy about this at all…not a big football fan..but I love racing

  12. This is the most stupid thing I have seen yet , every great car show turn up side down , the power block is now the power nation , but get this it airs Saturday @6 am , Sunday @ 7 am or Monday @ 1 am , that’s real smart what kind of ratings you think they will get , mite as well take it off now.

  13. some of us gearheads dont give two shits about sports….what about monsterjam pinks…u know the good shit…lost a viewer

  14. bring back the powerblock . there are LOT,S of us car guy,s out there who wants to watch milloinare sport ball players . car,s are something i can do on a working man,s budget . more air racing would be nice too. ( not all pistion engine,s stay on the ground. )

  15. fs1 blows! Bring back Speed Channel NOW! It was TV heaven for us piston oriented guys and you totally blew it with your sucky stick an ball crap! There are those of us that need an engine and wheels to survive! FS1 you SUCK SUCK SUCK! Bring back my pistons to me NOW! Or start Speed on another channel because you SUCK! Did I say SUCK yet?? You SUCK!!!!!!!!!

  16. bring back the speed channel. fox sport network sucks, who gives a sh t about soccer, basket ball etc.

  17. I’ve watched FS1, bring back SPEED. FS1 is full of stuff I’ve no interest in. I watched SPEED because it was motorsports oriented… FS1 stinks. I’m going to change my entire satelite package cause I dont need the base group that had SPEED in it. I waited many years to have a channel devoted to gear heads like me. Thanks for nothing!

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