“The Incredible Dr. Pol” Season 4 begins Aug. 17

Nat Geo Wild premieres Season 4 of its No. 1 series — The Incredible Dr. Pol — Saturday, Aug. 17, at 9pm ET/PT.

In The Incredible Dr. Pol Season 4, Dr. Pol’s son Charles is back from L.A. and comes home to help his parents and Dr. Brenda with the clinic. As usual, the staff at the clinic find themselves dealing with anything and everything imaginable. This season, Dr. Pol and his team will cure two calves of mysterious mutations, fish for a toy in a cat’s stomach and save the career of a money-making racehorse by fixing his wounded leg.

Here’s a look at some of the upcoming premiere episodes of The Incredible Dr. Pol Season 4. New episodes air Saturdays at 9pm; enhanced versions of previous episodes air at 10pm under the heading “Deja MOO!” Descriptions are from Nat Geo Wild. All times ET/PT:

“Pol’r Plunge” — Aug. 17 at 9pm. Dr. Pol¹s son Charles returns home from sunny L.A. to help his dad with the workload, but the good doctor has a treat for him. He challenges Charles to take part in the local Special Olympics charity event, the Polar Plunge, where participants dive into an icy lake in the height of winter. As Charles attempts to squirm out of his commitment, Dr. Pol races to a farm call to check on a horse that’s showing irregular symptoms. The owner anxiously awaits test results, as she is worried she may lose her favorite horse. Meanwhile, Dr. Brenda discovers a cow is having respiratory issues and has twisted its stomach, which must be fixed immediately. Finally, Dr. Pol must race out on an emergency farm call to help a young racehorse who has severely wounded his leg, jeopardizing his racing career and possibly his life. Dr. Pol quickly moves into action to numb the leg so he can carefully sew the wound. Only time will tell if the horse will ever be able to run again.

“Deja MOO!: Down and Derby” — Aug. 17 at 10pm. Check back on Dr. Pol and his hard-working team while they have another busy schedule of farm calls and clinic appointments this week.

“Charles in Charge” — Aug. 24 at 9pm. After successfully handling a cow with a twisted stomach, a rabbit with overgrown teeth, and a complicated foal delivery, Dr. and Mrs. Pol head off to their much needed vacation. Taking care of his patients is Dr. Brenda, who tends to Debo, a rambunctious escape artist dog who has broken his foot in four places. Will she be able to help Debo recover? But that’s not all, she also aids a cow that may have slipped on ice and a cat with a toy in its intestines. Eager to help, Charles goes on a farm call with Dr. Brenda to check on a baby goat with pneumonia. However, when he tries to lend a hand around the house and with the office’s clerical duties, he leaves a path of destruction in his wake.

“Deja MOO!: Llama-Rama Ding-Dong” — Aug. 24 at 10pm. This enhanced episode heads back to Michigan where temperatures are blazing. There are more farm calls than ever for Dr. Pol and his staff. The heat also brings more pregnancy checks and births, leading Dr. Pol and Charles to start their day by heading out to a stable to check the status of some horses. Dr. Pol uses an ultrasound machine to give the owner some good news — the horse is pregnant.

“Baby, It’s Cold Outside” — Aug. 31 at 9pm. For Dr. Pol, Valentine’s Day means flipping a cow upside down to fix his stomach, de-worming a champion goose, and curing the relentless cough of Zev, the Siberian Husky. Inspired by Zev, Charles takes a shot at driving a sled dog team, but realizes that mushing isn’t as easy as it seems. Meanwhile, Dr. Brenda dehorns a group of loud, but loveable pygmy goat babies. Feeling lonely on this romantic day, Charles finds love when he adopts an adorable puppy‹ — a Great Dane, to be exact.

“Deja MOO!: Vet and Wild” — Aug. 31 at 10pm. In an enhanced episode, Dr. Pol receives an emergency call from a client who finds her horse down and fears he may not make it. The episode also revisits the clinic’s 30th anniversary celebration.

“Pigs in a Blanket” — Sept. 7 at 9pm. As winter forges on in Weidman, Dr. Pol, Charles and the rest of the clinic try and keep up with the clinic and farm cases – some routine and others truly bizarre.

“Deja MOO!: Udder Madness” — Sept. 7 at 10pm. This enhanced episode revisits spring fever at the veterinary clinic while Dr. Pol and his staff have their hands full with emergencies and tripled-booked appointments.

“New Dog, Pol Tricks” — Sept. 14 at 9pm. It’s birthing season in Michigan, and between the emergency calving cases and a potential pneumonia epidemic among piglets, Dr. Pol and his clinic staff have their hands full.

“Deja MOO!: Up Sheep’s Creek” — Sept. 14 at 10pm. A re-visit with Dr. Pol on the farm as he goes to take blood samples from a flock of sheep. It’s not as easy as it sounds — Dr. Pol and Charles must wrestle them first.

“Cat in the H.A.T.S.” — Sept. 21 at 9pm. Dangerous farm calls quickly escalate to life and death; a mysterious growth on a frightened pooch; and Dr. Pol and Charles volunteer for the local Humane Animal Treatment Society to fight feral cat overpopulation.

“Deja MOO!: Rock ‘N Pol” — Sept. 21 at 10pm. This episode revisits Dr. Pol and his son Charles as they must solve a mystery. Ten Angus steers have suddenly gone lame and cannot stand. A steer’s kick can be lethal, and to treat the cattle, Dr. Pol will have to stand in harm’s way.


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  1. We watch Dr. Pol and only saw the first two shows of his 4th season and then it started showing re-runs again. Can you tell me what happened and why the shows didn’t run through?

    Thank you and look forward in hearing from you soon

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