Duck Dynasty Season 4: Date, time, TV channel, preview and more!

Duck Dynasty Season 4
Wednesday, Aug. 14
A&E, 9pm

It’s usually around the fourth season when a hugely successful show starts to lose its way. Everybody starts to get a little blonder, a little thinner, the storylines start to reference each other to the point where even the most diehard fans start to roll their eyes … is this the fate that awaits Duck Dynasty Season 4?

The lovable hit about a colorful band of self-proclaimed “redneck millionaires” has grown each season, with last season’s finale — remember the Robinsons’ trip to Hawaii? — netting an incredible 9.6 million viewers in April, shattering an A&E record. While this was of course incredible news for Willie, Jase, Phil, Uncle Si, Miss Kay and the rest of the Duck Commander family, it begged the question of whether there was anywhere to go but down. Then came the surprising, and to some people, troubling reports of a salary dispute holding up production on Season 4. Such crass, materialistic maneuvers seemed beneath people that viewers had come to see as beacons of morality in a minefield of reality-TV depravity.

But lo and behold that pseudo controversy came and went and very quietly the network announced that Duck Dynasty Season 4 would be back on the air in August, the perfect late summer treat for those fans who had gone just too long without hearing Uncle Si say, “Look here,” while drinking his beloved tea.

Well, I’ve seen the first episode — the title of which, “Till Duck Do Us Part,” shows the producers haven’t lost their touch for puns — and can say that no worrisome signs of fatigue are present. A full recap will come after the show airs, but the personalities are as you expect, the comedic timing is as crisp as ever, and even though it’s getting harder and harder to buy that any of what we’re seeing is actually spontaneous, it’s still one of the best examples of a reality sitcom out there.

The main change this season is the addition of long-lost (according to the cameras anyway) brother Alan Robertson, Phil and Kay’s oldest son. He’s a minister who shunned the spotlight but found he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to showcase his Christian faith in front of such a wide audience. Alan also is rocking the no-beard look, which makes him an oddity around the rest of the family.

Those who are already on board the Robertson train will no doubt love Duck Dynasty Season 4, and those who have wondered what all the fuss is about might just find themselves wanting to pour a glass of tea and get in on the fun.

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Photo: © 2013 Credit: Karolina Wojtasik

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