MythBusters Breaking Bad special airs Monday on Discovery

My fellow Breaking Bad fans, have you ever wondered if some of the stuff that teacher-turned-meth-kingpin Walter White and his wayward acolyte Jesse Pinkman get into courtesy of Walt’s weird science could actually happen? Well, the MythBusters team is on the case.

But before you get your undies in a bundle fretting about what Bad‘s creator Vince Gilligan might think of the potential whistleblowing, you can relax.

It was his idea in the first place.

This Monday, Gilligan and Jesse Pinkman himself, Aaron Paul, appear on a special Breaking Bad episode of MythBusters, seeking to dispel viewers’ doubts about two of the show’s most memorable displays of homegrown science: Walt using mercury fulminate to blow up Tuco Salamanca’s headquarters, and Jesse attempting to dissolve his traitorous former meth-making partner Emilio’s body in a bathtub filled with hydrofluoric acid, obliterating the tub and the bathroom floor and sending a bloody stew plummeting to the hallway below.

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A pig carcass subs in for Emilio’s as Adam Savage, Jayme Hyneman and a team of experts take on the latter. And some blinged-out (and occasionally headless) department store mannequins play Tuco and his flunkies as Kari, Tory and Grant attempt to do some building-busting damage with mercury fulminate scored from a (properly trained and licensed) guy named Jesse (!), an explosives consultant for the U.S. military. A specially created robot topped with a mustachioed Styrofoam head stands in for the explosives-tossing Walt

You’ll have to tune in to see if Gilligan has his vindication — or some explaining to do — but for Breaking Bad fans panicking as the critically-acclaimed AMC drama heads for its Sept. 29 series finale, the MythBusters Breaking Bad special makes for a fascinating bonus dose of our favorite TV addiction.

mythbusters breaking bad special

The MythBusters Breaking Bad episode premieres Monday, Aug. 12 at 10pm ET/PT on Discovery.

Photo/video: Discovery


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