7 Questions with Suits star Gabriel Macht

7 Questions With … Suits star Gabriel Macht
Gabriel Macht stars as New York’s best lawyer — the infallible Harvey Specter, who says what he wants to say and rarely plays by the rules — in USA Network’s popular drama series Suits airing Tuesdays. Although it was painful for him, Macht slugged through our quirky 7 questions and was a great sport in sharing some insight on his personal life.

7 Questions with Suits star Gabriel Macht1. You’re at a magazine rack and can only pick three titles. Which ones do you choose?
The Herald Tribune, The New Yorker and probably an Entertainment Weekly.

2. If your TV only carried three shows, which ones would you want?
That’s hard. The Wire. Whose Line Is It Anyway? — I love that show. The original was the best, when they shot it in England. Can I pick Suits? Harvey would pick Suits.

3. What has been your strangest fan encounter?
Now we have fans in Toronto that just line up on the street to take photos — there’s literally like 150 fans that just hang out while we are shooting on the street and screaming different things. It’s kind of crazy. There was a guy, probably about 25 years old, who ran up across the street in the middle of our take and slams up against — literally takes his body and hurls himself into the glass wall [of the law firm building] and jumps back and starts jumping up and down like a rapper. Throwing his hand down going, “Suits. Suits. Suits. Suits is the s@#$. This is the s@#$. You guys are the bomb. Mother. S@#$.” And then he got taken off, I believe. That was crazy.

4. Tell me about a time when you were starstruck.
I was starstruck when I was 15 years old. I went to the premiere of Batman [starring Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson] and as I was walking into the theater I saw Chevy Chase. I was like, “Chevy, excuse me, you are a huge influence on me. I love your work and I think you’re great.” And he looked at me and he said, “So?” and then turned around and kept on walking. I was completely squashed. It was like one of the worst moments of my life.

5. Name three things you have to have in your fridge or pantry.
A fridge or pantry? Oh. Vegemite. Because I’m married to an Australian and I happen to like it. What else? Almond milk. Ummm. I don’t know — blueberries?

6. How many suits does Harvey have and do you ever wear the same one over?
There are anywhere from 10 to 12 suits. There are three or four more coming. And one or two being laid to rest. They are mostly Tom Ford — there’s a Harry Rosen from Toronto. They are bespoke tailors who have created even more of Harvey’s look. I do wear the suits again; we just change it up with a different shirt and tie and hankie. That’s how we keep it fresh.

7. Are you aware of how many people — men and women — absolutely love Harvey Specter?
There’s been a great response to this character. He says things that people just don’t say. He goes out on a limb. He takes such risks and I think people just love that. And there’s just a sense that women love him and men want to be him, that’s what I’m getting. Very often I say, “Why? Why do you want to be this guy?” He’s got so many issues. He’s so conflicted about so many things. He’s got so much maturing to do. … In one of the USA previews last year, they have Harvey putting on his jacket in fast motion but they made it seem like he had a cape on. He’s almost like this superhero lawyer. It was a cool effect but it was sort of like how he is. And people think Harvey is like Batman. And everyone wants to be Batman, so I get it.

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  1. “And there’s just a sense that women love him and men want to be him, that’s what I’m getting”

    Thats how people described Sinatra in his heyday and thats why we love them both so much!

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