Most Outrageous Syfy Movie Title: The 2nd Annual Viewers Voice Awards

Syfy is the network of some of the most creative movie titles. Sharknado has been getting tons of buzz lately, but can it stand up against Chupacabra vs. the Alamo? Take a look at some of the wacky Syfy movie titles below & vote for your favorite!

What do you think SHOULD be the title of a Syfy movie? Get creative in the comments below or check out the other categories in the 2nd Annual Viewers Voice Awards


  1. Syfy is my favorite channel to look at I love my Syfy movies. Giant creatures of any kind and weather storms are fantastic, even with creatures are great. Sharknado yes awesome movie. Love u Syfy

  2. I love syfy movies. I LOOK FORWARD TO THEM. I especially love disaster and shark movies .Good job on Sharknadoe. Don’t stop making them. Keep up the good work . Best channel on tv.

  3. Please stop dumb SyFy movies so you can spend more on series that deserve a longer run, like Warehouse 13!

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