Best Redneck Show: The 2nd Annual Viewers Voice Awards

The redneck genre is still going strong in 2013. Swamp People cleaned up in the Best Redneck Show category last year, but is out of the running in 2013. (Swamp People fans – don’t fret! Just head over to the Best Swamp Romp category & vote!) Will Duck Dynasty take the title? Maybe Here Comes Honey Boo Boo? Vote below!

Did we miss any redneck shows? Let us know in the comments below or check out the other categories in the 2nd Annual Viewers Voice Awards

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  1. Duck Dynasty outshines all other redneck series by far! Family values, teaching about nature and about how simple life should really be, and that having a lot of money does necessarily add good to one’s life…. you can live without spending much money or keeping up with the Jones’. Of course, what would life be without a sense of humor and being happy, happy, happy for everything you are blessed with.

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