Best Paranormal Or Monster Show Or Special: The 2nd Annual Viewers Voice Awards

The best paranormal category of programming is still going strong in 2013. Ghost Hunters won rather handily last year. Will a Mermaid take the Hunters down? Maybe it’s time for the Long Island Medium to win this category. Vote now for your favorite!

Which show did we miss? Let us know in the comments below or check out the other categories in the 2nd Annual Viewers Voice Awards


  1. mountain monsters at least they find stuff ..better than bigfoot no proof show us if there is in n.h.

  2. Mountain Monsters is by far the best monster show. Mermaid does not deserve to be in this category because it is faked and Mountain Monsters is real.

  3. This is an excellent show explaining the true “mountain monster” lore that has been passed down through generations of Appalachian culture. It is difficult for anyone outside our mountain heritage to understand what Trapper and the guys are trying to do. It is not the “catching” of one of the very dangerous “mountain monsters” that is priority, it is the study, pursuit and understanding of these illusive creatures that is important. These creatures do exist. They are real. The opinions of scoffers and unbelievers is not important for such rhetoric of unknowing disbelievers is of no consequence. It is the attempt to prove the existence and capture truth that is paramount. Lead on Trapper!

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