BBC America’s Danger Man: Behind the wild stunts of Jonathan Goodwin

BBC America’s Danger Man: Escape artist and stunt performer Jonathan Goodwin stars in the series Dangerman: The Incredible Mr. Goodwin Mondays.

Jonathan Goodwin is an escape artist and professional thrill-seeker taking his unique brand of entertainment onto the streets of Britain and the U.S. in the new BBC America series Dangerman: The Incredible Mr. Goodwin (Mondays, 10pm ET/PT). Goodwin scales buildings, gets buried alive, catches flying arrows and more dangerous stunts in this five-part series. Viewers will also get behind-the-scenes access to how Goodwin prepares and trains for his performances.

Episode Guide from BBC America:

Episode 1 (July 8, 10pm ET/PT)
In the Californian desert, Jonathan tackles a famous stunt which defeated Harry Houdini three times. Then, a hovering helicopter and circus trapeze provide the most lethal way to escape from a pair of handcuffs. Plus, a venom-laced visit to a South London ballroom ends with a slap in the face.

Episode 2 (July 15, 10pm ET/PT)
A Californian voluntary worker finds herself at the sharp end of Jonathan’s skills when he un-wraps a set of throwing knives. Plus tourists in Derbyshire, England, are in for a shock when he takes a heart-stopping ride hanging from their local cable car.

Episode 3 (July 22, 10pm ET/PT)
Rescued by safety divers after his last water escape went wrong, Jonathan is determined to crack the sport of free-diving while tied to a heavy weight. Plus he revives a traditional fakir’s bed of nails feat for a woman who is no slacker with a sledgehammer.

Episode 4 (July 29, 10pm ET/PT)
Jonathan faces a death-defying climb up a London skyscraper and a hazardous crawl along the belly of a speeding truck. Then, there’s the prospect of being dragged off a 200-foot cliff, if Jonathan fails to pick the padlock that locks him to a rocket-launched car.

Episode 5 (Aug. 5, 10pm ET/PT)
Jonathan has had a lifelong fascination for vaudeville showmen and stunt artists, and he is determined to revive their amazing techniques for a twenty-first century audience. In tonight’s final episode, and after years of preparation and rehearsal, Jonathan pulls off the biggest and most dangerous stunt of his entire life before the world’s media. He must escape from a strait-jacket while hanging upside-down on a burning rope from the London Eye, the world’s largest cantilevered observation wheel. He has just 90 seconds to free himself and reach safety before the rope snaps. Then, a woman is stunned to find herself re-enacting the legend of William Tell, when Jonathan fires a crossbow bolt at an apple on her head from 100 feet away. The tiniest deviation in his aim could be fatal.

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