Total Divas on E! features sexy women of WWE

Credit: Timothy White/E!

Total Divas on E! goes behind the curtain with the sexy women of the WWE.

What happens when seven of the feistiest femme fatales in sports-entertainment are pitted against one another in a never-ending battle to reign supreme as World Wrestling Entertainment’s top Diva?

By the way, this scenario isn’t just a wrestling match … it’s their whole lives.

The WWE (formerly known as the WWF) has long been considered the world’s top source of “pro wrestling,” the enduring form of simulated combat that walks a fine line between athleticism and amusement. As part of the company’s entertainment-minded evolution in the ’90s, the former standard of hard-nosed female wrestlers was replaced with an ever-changing roster of “Divas”: gorgeous women who were also skilled athletes. In short, they can put on one heck of a show, but in the ring, they can definitely go.

If any network has the experience, the audience and the cojones to bring you this unprecedented insider’s look at the camaraderie, the cattiness and the competitiveness between the most athletic entertainers on the planet, it’s E! Total Divas (airing Sundays beginning July 28 at 10pm ET) will take you behind the curtain to meet seven of the WWE’s fatal beauties, all vying for the television exposure, the magazine covers and the hottest storylines becoming of a true Diva.

One would assume that, being a distinct minority in the male-dominated world of the WWE, the ladies would be forced to stick together at all times. But if you’re expecting a strong team environment (and really, what kind of a show would that be?), think again.

“Everyone is trying to get ahead in WWE,” says Natalya, a third-generation WWE Superstar with ties to the famous Hart wrestling legacy. “All of the Divas want that top spot, so you’re gonna see all sorts of conflict and drama.”

Without a doubt, viewers unfamiliar with the sports-entertainment business will be shocked by some of the hard-hitting slams and falls that the Divas must endure while in the ring. Scripted or not, pro wrestling is a tough, painful “sport” for men or women … yet the backbreakers and bruises that they endure between the ropes may pale in comparison to the challenges that lie outside the ring.

Total Divas on E!, pictured is Natalya“What we do inside the ring sometimes is only five or 10 minutes, but we spend a good eight to 15 hours a day outside the ring at work,” says Natalya (pictured). “Whether it’s catching a flight, getting a rental car, getting to our hotel, dealing with family members, boyfriends, Diva conflicts, you’ve got to be able to survive the pre-ring stuff before you actually deal with the drama in the ring. It’s a tough balance but I think all the Divas prove in very different ways that we can make it through.”

As with any other reality show about the young and sexy, viewers can be assured that we’ll see the Divas finding time for plenty of fun after long days of work.

“Oh, we play hard!” Natalya laughs. “We all have very interesting personal lives and they’re very busy, so I think people will be stunned to see what we do outside of the ring and what our lives are like at home.”

The Divas even find time for romance … often with their hunky male counterparts in the WWE.

“Romance is a priority,” smiles Natalya. “Yes, you will see romance on the show … even if it takes forcing it out of the guys. Some of them need to get in touch with their feminine side and learn how to handle us Divas.”

Beyond Natalya, the cast of Total Divas will include The Bella Twins (sisters with an attitude), Naomi and Cameron (the bootylicious dancers known as “The Funkadactyls”), and Divas “newbies” Jo-Jo Offerman and Eva Marie. Expect to see the fur fly between any and all of these ladies at some point during the series, but perhaps the bond between them will reveal itself after all.

“There is definitely a sisterhood,” Natalya admits. “We’re in the trenches together because nobody else knows what we go through. We go through the same struggles; we all have the same hopes, and the same dreams.”