Long Island Medium Season 4 recap Once Upon a Dream

Long Island Medium Season 4 recap Once Upon a Dream — original airdate 6/23/2013 — finds Theresa Caputo dealing with the thought of adultery.

Long-Island-Medium-Season 4 recap Once Upon a DreamPoor Larry. He’s in trouble and has no idea why. In Long Island Medium Season 4 episode “Once Upon a Dream,” Theresa dreams that Larry’s cheating on her and she is not happy. While most men would brush this off and call it for what it is — simply ridiculous — Larry’s not like most. Instead, he admits to Theresa that he just [damn, that psychic wife of his] had a dream about a girl who was hitting on him. This gets Theresa all fired up and she insists that they either seek counseling or get dance lessons. Larry opts for the latter. In between their playful bickering, Larry Jr. comes down from upstairs and just because he asks what’s going on, he’s immediately part of the situation and gets sentenced to a night of dance lessons, too.

“Only in my life do I get in trouble for something she had in a dream,” Larry says.

Before the dance lessons, however, Theresa attends a group reading during the day. She scans the group looking for someone who she says “carries a burden of guilt that you should have or could have done more — it’s a mother figure.” Here viewers meet Donna, whose mother passed eight years ago as a result of lung cancer. Theresa validates the connection by asking about a certain article of clothing she still holds on to. Oddly, it was her mother’s bra. “My mother knows I would keep it until the day I died,” and Donna explains the story behind it. Theresa tells Donna that her mother knows she is carrying a great burden that is eating away at her soul and that she needs her to release any negative emotion.

In a private reading earlier with sisters India and Tenisha, Theresa helped India connect with her fiancé who was recently killed. “Who is the young male? … Would you call him KK?” Theresa asks. India explains it’s her fiancé, who everyone called Kenny Kash. Theresa tells her that Kenny said, “It came from nowhere and the next thing I knew I died.” India explains how she was sitting in their bedroom with Kenny watching TV when they heard a gunshot. They both ran out of the room to see what was going on and Kenny went back into the room where a second shot came through the wall and killed him. “Can you still hear yourself screaming when you found him?” Theresa asks her. “I need you to stop reliving that night and feeling you could have done something different.” Theresa goes on to validate the significance of Kenny never wanting to say goodbye and a rose India gave to Kenny; it was what she needed to begin her healing process.

Then it was on to the dance lesson. “This whole dancing thing is ridiculous,” Larry complained. Apparently, we learn, back in the day when Larry was a bit younger, the girls would be asking him to dance at the clubs. Today it’s a bit of a different story. Theresa teases, calling him Left Foot Larry, and says, “Take a look over at ol’ Fred Astaire. I don’t think his clubbing days are helping him out.”


Larry Jr., who attended with his girlfriend, considered himself to be the shortest man in Long Island but really was the most promising of the Caputo group. It was a good night out for the Caputos, and Theresa summed it up best. “I felt like Ginger Caputo.”