PHOTOS: The cast of ABC Family’s “The Vineyard”

Even if you’ve been to Martha’s Vineyard, odds are you’ve never seen it like this. Beginning July 23, ABC Family is heading to one of America’s favorite vacation spots for The Vineyard, a fun, sexy new reality series that follows the lives of 11 young people at pivotal times in their lives as they spend the summer living on the Massachusetts island and working at the famed The Black Dog tavern.

Some will be locals, while others are “wash-ashores,” so called because they come in and out every summer. But all of them will be entertaining, promises executive producer Dave Broome.

“A lot of kids this age come to the island certainly to have a great time and have fun, work and earn money, but also to kind of figure out their lives, and that’s kind of where we find our characters,” Broome says. “They’re coming here for summer fun, summer flings, but they’re all at a crossroads. They’re all trying to figure it out, whether they’ve been in a relationship with somebody right out of college for several years and they’re deciding if this is the one, or they’re trying to get into a relationship with somebody, or what they want to do professionally. … Those are the kinds of things we’re going to be dealing with against this incredible backdrop that’s just a magnificent place to make television.”

The “Wash-ashores”:

Sophi Alvarez
Sophi Alvarez The Vineyard ABC Family
A Miami Venezuelan, Sophi is a gifted singer who dreams of a career in music. She is extremely motivated and hopes her time on the Vineyard will put her one step closer to her goal. As she looks for inspiration on the island, Sophi will discover some unexpected things about herself along the way.

Katie Tardif
Katie Tardif The Vineyard ABC Family
Beautiful and gregarious, Katie arrives on the island at a defining moment in her personal and professional life; not only is she trying to reconcile her fashion career with her desire to make a difference in the world, but she also isn’t sure if her boyfriend of four years is the man she wants to be with for the rest of her life. Katie is using the summer to clear her head and figure out if her boyfriend is her true love or if it’s time to move on.

Emily Burns
Emily Burns The Vineyard ABC Family
Sophisticated and opinionated, Emily knows what she wants in life – a successful man to take care of her. Emily is convinced there’s no better place to find him than during summer on Martha’s Vineyard, and her stunning features and flawless physique guarantee she’ll get any man she wants. Emily thinks she knows what will make her happy, but her time on the island may surprise her.

Taelyr Robinson
Taelyr Robinson The Vineyard ABC Family
Shy and inexperienced, Taelyr missed out on the wild teen years; after her father passed away, she needed to grow up fast and take care of those around her. Taeylr’s summer on the Vineyard will undoubtedly help her come out of her shell and into her own.

Luis D’Agostino
Luis D'Agostino The Vineyard ABC Family
Charming, spontaneous and impulsive, Lou’s bad-boy persona hides his sensitive soul. A hopeless romantic and chivalrous to the core, Lou arrives on the island for the summer determined to find the girl of his dreams.

Jon Franco
Jon Franco The Vineyard ABC Family
The All-American pre-med student, Jonathan has this summer to let loose before he has to focus all of his attention on school. A self -described “player,” Jon loves women but doesn’t want to be tied down. He won’t let anything distract him from becoming the first doctor in his family, but could a potential summer fling turn into something more and lead him away from his goal?

Daniel Lipshutz
Daniel Lipshutz The Vineyard ABC Family
Outgoing and upbeat with a great sense of humor, Daniel loves throwing parties and hopes to turn his passion into a career. He’s great at bringing people together and making connections, but when it comes to his own love life, Daniel just can’t seem to find the right girl.

The Locals:

Cat Todd
Cat Todd The Vineyard ABC Family
Rebellious Cat is still trying to decide what she wants to do with her life, an issue that usually puts her at odds with her mom. She has a history with Ben, but is determined not to have a relationship this summer. As she struggles to find her identity, Cat is torn between exploring life off the Vineyard or staying on the island and developing her artistic talents.

Ben Rossi
Ben Rossi The Vineyard ABC Family
The strong, silent heartthrob, Ben’s life has been in a holding pattern since he returned to the island after leaving the Coast Guard. Determined to move out of his parents’ place, Ben turns his attention toward finding a job but encounters some unexpected drama when Cat reenters his life.

Jackie Lyons
Jackie Lyons The Vineyard ABC Family
An aspiring writer, Jackie left the bright lights of Los Angeles to move back to the Vineyard and be closer to her ailing mother. Quick to fall hard for guys, Jackie often finds herself brokenhearted. Will Jackie continue to chase love or listen to her mom’s advice and finally let it find her?

Gabby Lapointe
Gabby Lapointe The Vineyard ABC Family
Levelheaded with a take-charge attitude, Gabby is the confidante for her two best friends, Jackie and Katie. Often caught between them, her well-intentioned advice inevitably constantly leads to drama. As she begins another summer on the island, Gabby is excited to embrace the vibrant opportunities this season will undoubtedly bring.

(Character descriptions provided by ABC Family. Photos: © 2013 Disney Enterprises, Inc. Credit: Claire Folger)

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