Different night, same wild titles, for Syfy Original Movies this summer

If you’re a fan of Syfy Original Movies, you may have noticed that the traditional Saturday night premiere slot for new titles has been filled in recent weeks by the series Sinbad and Primeval: New World. But do not fear, fans of cheesy, so-bad-they’re-good flicks. Syfy Original Movies will merely be seen on a different night, Thursdays, during the summer run of these series, a Syfy contact tells me. And they won’t lack for any of the crazy titles and C-list star power that you’ve come to know and love, with doozies like Independence Day-Saster and Sharknado coming up, and with actors such as Ian Ziering, Frankie Muniz and Tara Reid the main attractions.

Syfy Original Movies begin their Thursday night summer run this Thursday, June 27, at 9pm ET/PT, with Independence Day-Saster, to get you into a patriotic mood. The film is about an alien invasion that cripples America’s conventional defense forces. When the president’s helicopter is shot down, his brother (a small-town hero) and a renegade scientist must find the aliens’ weakness and defeat them. Independence Day-Saster stars Ryan Merriman, Tom Everett Scott, Emily Holmes and Andrea Brooks.

And that’s just the beginning. On Thursday, July 11, at 9pm ET/PT, the Syfy Original Movie Sharknado will air. Now, the poster for Sharknado screams “Enough Said!” in terms of its self-evident title and plot, but Syfy sent a synopsis nonetheless. In the film, a supersized storm sucks sharks from the ocean and hurls them onto land. Regulars of a beachside bar, including owner Fin (Ian Ziering), bartender Nova (Casie Scerbo) and local drunk George (John Heard) team up with Fin’s ex-wife April (Tara Reid) to investigate the ecological nightmare that has sharks swimming through the streets of Los Angeles and falling from the skies. Sharknado comes from the production company The Asylum, which has also brought you titles such as Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus and Mega Piranha.


Next up on the Syfy Original Movies summer schedule is Blast Vegas, starring Frankie Muniz and Barry Bostwick, on Thursday, July 18, at 9pm ET/PT. A group of wild frat bros and their nerdy tag-along Nelson (Muniz) head to Las Vegas for the spring break of a lifetime. When one of them steals an Egyptian relic from a casino, an ancient curse is unleashed on the fabled strip.

Other Syfy Original Movies this summer include Invasion Roswell (w.t.) on Aug. 8, and Ghost Shark on Aug. 22.



Sharknado poster: Courtesy The Asylum

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