Food Network won’t renew Paula Deen’s contract

Food Network announced Friday afternoon that it will not renew Paula Deen’s contract, which is due to expire at the end of the month.

UPDATE: Paula Deen Today show interview will happen Wednesday

Deen is currently under fire for admitting that she used racial slurs while being deposed for a harassment lawsuit filed against the 66-year-old Food Network staple and her brother, Bubba Hiers, by Lisa Jackson, a former manager of the family’s restaurant, Uncle Bubba’s Seafood and Oyster House.

In the wake of the controversy, Deen cancelled an appearance on Friday morning’s Today, citing exhaustion,  then took to the web to issue a pair of apologies, various incarnations of which have appeared, disappeared and reappeared across the web. The latest addresses her reasoning for ditching the Today appearance, explains her family’s position on racial intolerance and again asks for the public’s understanding and forgiveness.

While Deen’s relationship with Food Network appears to be over,  People is reporting that Deen’s son Jamie’s show Home for Dinner with Jamie Deen will not be affected, nor will his brother Bobby’s Cooking Channel series, Not My Mama’s Meals.



  1. My earlier comment was to ( The young turks ). But i want the Food network to rethink . We want her back . She is a wonderful Lady and her family
    as well. Everyone makes a mistake its just that the whole world does not hear about it. She asked to be forgiven
    Thats all that God askes of us. I love your network but I will not watch it if this is how you treat people. I hope you and the staff do not live in a glass house.
    Thank you.

  2. Dear sir ,
    You sir and your use of words (F–k) are just as bad to many. Clean up your act. I bet in a private talk with someone you just may say other words as well that may raise a brow. Ms. Deen did a wrong thing , she said she was sorry . See where she goes from here , If she repeats this act then air your show again.

  3. People need to get over racial slurs. In a society as open as it is today it is ridiculous for us to be so sensitive. I don’t live in a great neighborhood and blacks are always calling each other the N word and creating other words that disrespect each other, women and other races. Just because Paula says one word shouldn’t mean anything. Society is too sensitive nowadays about ridiculous things. Put plainly, people need to get over it.

  4. Black people’s job opportunities are affected by their past all the time- no matter how “sorry” they are. So, Deen and all of her faithful followers can just get over it. I bet I wouldn’t hear this same “but she/he said sorry” the next time a black person makes a mistake. Btw: loose= not tight. The screw is loose. Lose=opposite of win. Did they lose the game? Some of you need to be more worried about grammar rather than Deen. It’s the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you’re shit.

  5. Oh yes, for those who see nothing wrong with this are just like your undercover partners, the KKK. By day you’re full of disguise but at night you cover your face but your heart is exposed through your actions.

  6. I agree with Foodnetwork. The “N” word useage is just like the saying, I can speak about my family but you can’t. If a black man made sexual moves on a white woman he could die. Yes, it happened just last September. Beaten, shot in the head and body left for wild hogs .
    There is more clever degrading slander acts done to other race but none as offensive as it is towards blacks. This lack of respect is served chiles to the man holding the highest office in our nation. Cancel the son’s show; they are repeats too.

    • You are delusional. The “word” was said 30 years ago. This is nothing more than a media feeding frenzy to stir the pot and juice up ratings/sales. Be damned what damage is done to good people. The country will never get anywhere if we can’t talk honestly and openly without the fear of this kid of garbage.

  7. This has been entirely blown out of proportion. This politically correct stuff is pure garbage. There isn’t a day that goes by the the German people are offended by all the Nazzi stuff from WW 2 on TV and film. You don’t hear an out cry from them. We are insulted and bashed daily for something we were never a part of. Our heritage is important to us and yet the film industry has used it to instill hate and discrimination for us. We are all entitled to free speech guarenteed under our constitution. Deen has been a pillar of the culinary institution. To drop her from the network is just wrong.

  8. If you drop Paula you will lose a lot of people who watch your channel. I for one will stop and many of my family and friends will also. This happened long ago and she has said she us sorry. Are your that stupid to drop one of the favorites on your shows. Stop and rethink this through again. You will lose so many viewers. And when you lose viewers your revenue will fall. Is that what you want???? I see layoffs in the future for your company.

  9. I will no longer watch your channel until Paula is brought back! I think it is awful the way you all are doing her! I bet the person reading this email has done the same thing in the PAST! Shame on you!!

  10. You have to be kidding. Have you heard the black comedians call themselves and each other the “N” word. I think this thing has gotten way out of hand. Someone can’t make an apology and and go on? Iam so sick of the way people’s careers can be ruined by one mistake. I am through with the Food Netword. The new show on with Deon Cole,” he makes remarks about white people but I guess that’s funny. I don’t like that so who can I complain to, to ruin his career?????

    • You are so right. Many black comedians have made racial slurs about whites time and again. Yet no one says anything about that. Those stand up comedians are offensive and use racial stuff in their acts all the time. The network is going to find out once they have dropped her that many viewers will stop buying their sponsors merchandise. Loose financial base and you will have many who will loose their jobs. The unemployment line is long and no fun. I for one will stop watching this channel.

    • Just to inform everyone, the N word is in the dictionary. I guess we have to burn all dictionaries. Doesn’t that remind you of what was done under socialism the burning of books. Next there will be executions for language…..where does this stop. It’s insane.

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