Long Island Medium Season 4 recap of “Bouffants and Bingo”

Long Island Medium Season 4 episode “Bouffants and Bingo,” original airdate 6/16/2013, finds Theresa at the local salon and at the Hicksville Boys and Girls Club.

Long Island Medium Season 4 recap of Bouffants and BingoIt’s all about hair and nails for Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo in the Season 4 episode “Bouffants and Bingo.” First, however, Theresa sets out to spend some quality time with her father playing bingo. Knowing her dad is quite gullible – and a skeptic of sorts when it comes to her medium abilities – Theresa was quick to take advantage of her unsuspecting dad,  revealing what number would be called next with exact precision (thanks to the TV screen that displayed the number first, which her father was unaware of). Her dad was amazed that Theresa could predict the bingo numbers so accurately. “I’ve always been a little freaked out with Theresa’s gift but when she started calling numbers before they are called I was even more freaked out,” he tells the camera.

Seriously?! Don’t you think Theresa would have been in Vegas years ago if she REALLY could do that? Either way, her pop was adorable and chuckled a bit after the prank before he hit up Theresa for a favor — to help with a local fundraiser for the Hicksville Boys and Girls Club. Now most fans know a night out with Theresa wouldn’t be complete unless she interrupted someone with a special message.

Theresa hands her bingo cards over to her dad and excuses herself for a moment. She approaches a table of strangers and does the whole “Who lost a mother?” intro. Of course, one of the women, Mary, could relate and Theresa begins validating that she’s the real deal with questions like: “What’s with the car?” (They just won a Corvette, Mary tells.) “What’s with the number 4?” (That’s Mary’s favorite number and the number they used to win the car raffle.) “Do you have a dog that died?” (Indeed she did, and Mary considered her black lab her baby.) Well, turns out Mary’s mother wants her to know that she and her dog are together, which is a new revelation for most of us — the idea of animals and humans connecting in the afterlife. But the real message Mary’s mother wanted to share (Mary’s mother died 26 years ago) was that even though she never met Mary’s daughter, her mother wanted her to know that she knows about her and that she should never feel alone.

Then it was on to the beauty salon where Theresa was getting her traditional cut and color at Ahead Haircutting. While in complete hair foils, Theresa turns to another patron and asks if she knew someone that died in a car accident. This time it was Leah’s turn, a woman from East Meadow, N.Y., who says it was her father-in-law who died 20 years ago. Leah’s with her teenage daughter. Theresa asks them about the fish and tells that he’s asking them to bring it up from the basement. The ladies know exactly what she’s talking about. “What’s with the deck?” Apparently Leah’s ex-husband is a carpenter. Theresa tells them that her father-in-law wants that deck to get fixed. Theresa then turns to the teen and asks her if she can sense him or feel him, and she’s bought to tears, as she never actually knew him but can feel him. Leah shares how her daughter hasn’t talked to her father in some time, and Theresa interprets the spiritual connection as a way in which her ex-father-in-law was trying to make them reconnect.

The real tearjerker moment of the “Bouffants and Bingo” episode came at the Hicksville Boys and Girls Club fundraiser.

WIN A READING WITH THERESA CAPUTO. Hint for this week’s contest: Before walking into the fundraiser Theresa mentions how she wishes her hair was puffier.

At the fundraiser a crowd of about 100 people gathered for a group reading. Scanning the room Theresa moves in on three teens and asks, “Whose mom is departed right here?” The three teens stand. “Who goes by John John?” Aghast, one of them says, “I’m John and my dad’s name is John.” Theresa says she feels as if the younger teen is asking to just hear her mother’s voice just one more time. “Did she pass a long time ago?” The teens — John, Erin and Kelly — share that they lost their mother to breast cancer 10 years ago, when Kelly was just 6. Theresa looks at Kelly and says that her mother makes her feel like Kelly is trying so hard to remember what she looked and smelled like when she held her. Ugh, gut wrenching. “Do you wear her blanket?” Theresa asks. Kelly tells how when she was little she had a yellow blanket with silk on one side that she used to share with her mother. Theresa tells Kelly that as she wraps herself in the yellow blanket know that her mother is with her. “Your mom just whispered in your ear, and said, ‘I’m right here.'”

Confused, Theresa asks the teens: “Is your dad newly departed?” The room of attendees gasp in utter despair. The teens also lost their father a few months prior to colon cancer. Theresa tells them that their father wants to apologize for his quick departure. “I miss my parents like no one could ever explain,” tells John. “Knowing now that at 17 years old I’m literally an orphan, with both of my parents gone, I feel like my whole world fell apart. My heart just literally ripped in half.” Pass the Kleenex now!

Theresa asks them if they felt their mother’s soul with them when their father died. Looking at his older sister, John says, “You flat out said, ‘I feel Mom here,’ the day we were sitting on his bed,” John says. Theresa tells the teens that their father wants them to know that their mother came for their dad’s soul. Theresa turns to John and says, “He actually said to you, ‘I love you more. I’m sorry for this burden you carry.'” And elaborates on how his father doesn’t want him to feel like he has to be the dad. “I need you to live your life for you. No matter what in life you choose to do, I will be so proud of you.”

Just to have that one last time to hear from their parents was life-changing for these teens. It was an episode that truly left you counting your blessings.


  1. Can’t stop thinking about John, Erin and Kelly. Since they were children and didn’t seem to be with an adult, it would be nice to know how they’re doing and if anyone is taking care of them.

  2. I knew that Mary yesterday . She worked with me around Wall Street area. I went to her wedding and then she went to mine we became friends. She lived in Staten Island before she did she lived in Brooklyn NY. I am sorry she lost her mother and dog. I lost three dogs and my parents two years apart. I wonder what my grandmother is saying to my parents because I lost 80 lbs. on Weight Watchers. Tell your husband smoking is no good I lost my relatives either on my fathers side some smoked cigars and pipes or second hand smoke. So it is a bad habit.

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