Introducing Medium Martini, Long Island Medium recap “Girls Night In”

Cheers to Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo and her new signature drink the Medium Martini. In the Long Island Medium Season 4 episode “Girls Night In,” Theresa decides to host a girl party — free of the Larrys — where good eats and good conversation with friends would be the focus of the evening. Her harshest critics — Larry Sr. and Larry Jr. — scoffed at the idea, mocking Theresa on not having the hosting abilities to pull it off.

Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo introduces her Medium Martini“My mom is completely out of touch on how people have a good time,” Larry Jr. tells.

Now in my head I had Theresa pegged as a chardonnay type of gal, but that’s so not the case as we learn that Theresa doesn’t drink at all (probably a good thing as it could get confusing on who’s talking in her head: alcohol or spirit). Turns out Theresa knows virtually nothing when it comes to alcohol and what people consume when socializing. Here Larry Jr. shows off what a college degree really provides and rattles off his suggestions for drinks for the evening. The three go to the local liquor store where the clerk plants the idea that Theresa should create her own signature drink for the party, which results in the birth of the Medium Martini.

The liquor store clerk, however, was interrupted by Theresa and a spirit. “Who is the father figure on the other side?” Theresa asks and then elaborates, asking if her father had a hard time expressing his feelings. “When they show me a hanky and then when they take a bouquet,” Theresa explains, that is someone who carried something in memory of their father on the day of their wedding. “Your dad chose to use that to say that he attended your wedding in spirit.” We learn that the clerk struggled with feelings that her father didn’t care about her, so receiving this message from Theresa was life-changing.

Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo introduces her Medium MartiniAfter the real spirits depart, Theresa is fully focused on creating a new drink for her party. “I never thought in a million years I’d have a signature drink,” she laughs. Her cocktail originally was a mix of coconut vodka, Blue Curacao and a splash of pineapple juice. Once the three of them got home and started sampling the concoction, they felt the coloring of the drink was just too green, so Theresa decided to eliminate the pineapple juice and just stick with straight booze. Ouch!

“This medium martini I wouldn’t serve to Petie and Louie [their dogs], let alone guests,” Larry Sr. says after sampling. Theresa’s guests, however, loved the Medium Martini and the personal chef she hired for the evening.

At her shindig, Theresa felt the presence of a young male and questioned the women on whether they had a brother or a mentor who might be looking to connect. The partygoers had no clue who she was channeling and, frankly, didn’t look too interested in going there — wasn’t this about cocktails and food?! Plus, these ladies have known Theresa for probably some time and were tapped out on having the dead interrupt their fun time.

“He is now making me taste blood,” Theresa shares. “But that’s what happens when they want to make their presence known.” She should have taken one giant gulp of that Medium Martini to clear that palate; instead she continues to try to make the connection. When no one claims the spirit, Theresa turns to the crew and assumes it has to be a crew member. That’s when we meet poor Dana, and wouldn’t you know it, it’s her first day on the job.

“Do you know someone who died in a tragedy?” Theresa asks. Caught completely off-guard, the extremely uncomfortable audio mixer, Dana, confesses that she knows someone who was murdered. Not enjoying cameras turning on her, she awkwardly answers Theresa’s questions.

“It’s not up to me who comes through,” Theresa explains and then tries to give some validation to the whole process. “How do you connect to characters or drawing of characters?”

“I went to college for animation,” Dana says. The two exchange more validating commentary before Theresa provides the message that needed to be communicated, which was Dana’s dear friend (who was like a second mother to her) wanted her to know that she should not feel bad or guilty for not being with her when she was ill.

In other medium news, Theresa held a private reading with Robert, who was looking to connect with his father. “Do you have a tattoo?” she asks. “Do you smell your father’s cologne? Did your father wear Old Spice? Did you smell it right now?”

He does. He does. He does. Turns out he just got a tattoo in memory of his father. “Your father keeps placing me in a church,” Theresa tells him and explains how she’s getting the sense that there’s something with him and his church or faith. Robert explains how he hadn’t stepped into a church since his father’s passing, explaining that it’s just too painful, for they had a special bond singing together at church. An endearing video clip of Robert’s father singing while holding him as a young toddler is inserted. Theresa tells Robert that his father says “no regrets” and that he’s proud of who he has become. “Your father stands behind you and salutes you.” And it’s the message Robert needed to hear.

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