New Destination America series looks for “Mountain Monsters”

Destination America is getting into the legendary monster business again. Coming on the heels of its series Monsters and Mysteries in America comes the new series Mountain Monsters, premiering June 22.

Like Monsters and Mysteries in America, Mountain Monsters focuses on the search for creatures out of folklore that have been reported in real life. In this series, the hunt is restricted to the Appalachian area, searching for the mythical beasts reported to haunt the dense woods and murky lakes within this 1,500-mile long mountain chain of the eastern United States.

Beyond narrowing its focus to a specific region, Mountain Monsters also differentiates itself from Monsters and Mysteries in America by adding a sort of reality show, Finding Bigfoot-type of element, giving us some quirky, native West Virginians who make it their task to seek out these creatures. Known as The Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings (AIMS), this band of hunters and trappers (pictured below) is led by founder John “Trapper” Trice, and attempts to use backwoods ingenuity along with traditional techniques and modern technology to snare the legendary beasts and help local mountain communities.


Destination America says there will be six episodes in the first season of Mountain Monsters. Upcoming episodes include the following:

“Wolfman of Wolfe County” — June 22 at 10pm ET/PT.  Following eyewitness leads and a trail of fresh physical evidence, the AIMS team embarks on a quest to capture the elusive Kentucky Wolfman. This 500-pound, 7-foot-tall wolf monster has supposedly been terrifying residents in, fittingly, Wolfe County, and locals are demanding answers.

“Perry County Grassman” — June 29 at 10pm ET/PT. Discovering an eyewitness video of the Ohio Grassman, the AIMS team travels to Southeastern Ohio to hunt down this 1,000-pound, 8-foot-tall cousin of the legendary Sasquatch, which was dubbed the Grassman because its fur reportedly resembles the color and texture of grass.

“Devil Dog of Logan County” — July 6 at 10pm ET/PT. Something in Logan County, West Virginia, is wreaking havoc on its population of coyotes – the former top of the food chain. AIMS has a theory, and suspects the legendary Devil Dog is to blame, sucking the blood and life from the coyotes.

“Wampus Beast of Pleasants County” — July 13 at 10pm ET/PT. AIMS sets out in their own backyard to capture a 500-600 pound feline-like predator known in the West Virginia area as the Wampus Beast, that reportedly has been killing livestock. Willie and Huckleberry have had first-hand encounters that lead to the crew’s most personal investigation yet.

“Mothman of Mason County” — July 20 at 10pm ET/PT. The team investigates recent video evidence of the most famous cryptid in West Virginia: Mothman, an enormous flying creature, said to dwell around bridge structures and a creature that has been spotted in Point Pleasant. AIMS attempts to capture this infamous winged beast by building their most ambitious trap, using a bridge, an electrified cage and fire torches.

“Lizard Demon of Wood County” — July 27 at 10pm ET/PT. In the season finale, the mountain men of AIMS investigate a creature said to be just as comfortable on land as it is in the waters of Appalachia. Lizard Demon sightings have been reported with increased frequency over the last few years, with more reports of aggressive behavior. The amphibious creature is said to be a cross between a giant reptile and a man. To catch the elusive beast, the team creates their first functional water-based trap.

Mountain Monsters airs Saturdays at 10pm ET/PT on Destination America starting June 22.


AIMS team in Mountain Monsters: Kurt Zell/Destination America


  1. Better than all the reruns on Saturday night. Kinda fun watching ZZ Top running around with shotguns.

  2. Can’t believe I’m saying this, but the show is actually too fake for its own good.

    I actually was looking forward to this show because I thought it would be funny, and poke fun at the people who take these shows too serious…but it’s really too much.

    Watching that fat guy fall down over and over with his rifle in hand was so cringe worthy I had to turn it off.

    • I can’t wait to see Buck keel over in a faint, the preview for next week was hysterical, showing Buck passing out after seeing the red eyes of the Mothman! LOL! That guy can’t stay on his feet for nothing…maybe they trip him on purpose!

  3. Hate to break it to all you “hunters” and “trappers” out there but most rednecks do talk and act like this. I am related to too many of them in NC, Va., and W.Va. Most of these folks don’t have the sense God gave a door knob so it does not surprise me a bit to see these idiots running around with guns that they will never shoot.

    How do you know this is fake? No hair samples, no foot print casts, no recordings, etc. It is good fun though for all of these guys represent someone I am related to, sadly.

  4. I like the idea behind the show. I thought it would be interesting to have a show where a team searches for monsters other than Bigfoot. Sadly, after watching the first episode I found it unbelievable. It felt staged. I want to give the show another chance since I live in Appalachia and I am familiar with several of the legendary/mythical monsters they will be hunting. I also liked the personalities of the men, but thought that sometimes they were trying too hard to fit the Appalachian stereotype. For example, when the one Hunter mentioned “bipedal” several times they all pretended to not understand. I know it was likely meant to be funny, but I’d enjoy the show more if they were completely authentic (viewers can sense that). I think these monster hunters are smarter than they let on. I appreciate their Appalachian accents and they seem like good men. I hope that they are able to improve the program and it continues to air.

    • I agree with you 100% I live in the mountains of Pa where I have trouble with is running around in the middle of the night with loaded firearms not being able to se a target someone is going to get hurt also with the trap camera’s they should put 3 up in a triangle

    • Well, put five unshaven, beer bellied, ignorant rednecks together, set them lose in the backwoods of the Appalachian mountains, and better yet, put a rifle in each one’s hands. What do you have? A brand new television show destined to exploit otherwise peaceful, unarmed creatures who shy away from “man the killer” in order to survive living upon their much encroached natural habitat. Unlike the laid back and unproductive BRFO show where they passively trail Bigfoot – who is never to be seen yet barely heard, these yahoos go tearing through the forest, out of shape and wobbling, barely able to walk because they are so overweight, yet tear off running with rifles filled with live ammo, trying to catch up to and slaughter a more intelligent, but endangered crypto logical creature. At best, with the conglomerate IQ of 100 between them, in their frenzy they will wind up shooting each other. One can only hope.

      This show is a disgrace to our own species, at best an exploitative view of the main stream American A-hole doing what it loves to do best – kill. Frankly, they would be better off taking a few more trips to Weight Watchers rather than stomping through the woods acting like a pack of starving dough boys storming the tables at a free buffet. Congratulations Destination America, I am certain this disgusting, overindulgent display of traumatizing and killing of extinct animals will produce adequate, idiotic bliss and inspire insensitive serial killers with yet another reason to slaughter bigger game. Undoubtedly, this vulgar exhibition of blood lust, greed for ratings, and fiscal rewards will be a big hit for you.

  5. Personally, I find the show highly entertaining. In one show at least we heard several scary growls , saw some footprints and got a picture off the trailcam all of which never seem to happen on the Finding Bigfoot series. I think the guys come across as being (most of them) very intelligent and at least a lot of fun.

    • I agree. On the bigfoot show IMO, I don’t think they should do yells to see if a Bigfoot is around, tree knocks are enough, I like the approach used on Mountain Monsters to gather evidence.
      As close as they were to catching The Grassman last night, I’d like to see in the same area, strategically placed foxholes dug, that are downwind at that time, put some people in them and just wait till The Grassman shows up again. 🙂

  6. I agree with the first post I have watch this show for the second week it has been on it reminds me of 5 old farts and a young wiper snapper running threw the woods at 2 am with locked and loaded firearms they are going to shoot each other.

  7. I really hate to comment, but the sheer stupidity of this show compels me to do so, To the Team members, This show really gives rednecks a bad name. Your actions, comments and acting falls right into the general public perception of how southern rednecks are! Your being made fools of and probably don’t even know it!

    Also you look and act like a band of blood-thirsty killers, again that’s how Hollywood and most of the general public perceive Rednecks/hunters as but for now, without the beer.

    And what about “Gun Safety” Don’t you know better that to run with a “supposed” loaded gun.

    In watching just the first two episodes, I’m coming to the conclusion that your not the experienced hunter/Trappers your made up to be. And if your the “real deal” I really can’t see how your were successful hunters in real life.

    With this show, your really giving the perceived impression that all southerners are dumb.

    • Seems to me that the folks who write that the guys give southerns a bad name, give southerners a bad name. Seems to me that these men have had some success that teams from other shows have not had. So far in the first two episodes, they have one picture that is pretty good–sure it’s being debunked on the internet, but it’s pretty good–and one picture that is so-so. But Moneymaker and Josh have virtually nothing. And it also seems to me that a couple or more of these guys are military veterans–they use military terminology and appear to have a knowledge of tactics and strategy. And maybe you take all of that and put it together to hunt for unknown creatures. Some of these creatures are really dangerous, and I don’t see the guys who write the these southerners make all southerners look dumb, out there hunting potentially deadly creatures.

  8. Thé paw huff that was in the bush in the corner of the TV screen is the one wolfman series ,thats the oneTheremstamping on the Ground…..Fake show

  9. My uncles from tennessee Never acted like Them Guy s..Them guys from thé show Montain monsters are cool guys but thé TV show is making Them look dum.

  10. Theres a sqwach out there ?????? And u never see nothing ,mountain monsters could have been a good show,its for sheeple..there trying to make mountain men look a sirtain way “dum” for when the time comes sirtine groups from the UN wont be afraid of southern people..when they try to roumd them up..

  11. The wolfman serries,when he went tp look in the hole were the den was to the right corner theres a animals leg and huf sticking out of the bush,your telling me a real southern mountain man would not notice that….come on the network is trying to make you guys look like fulls

  12. Why can’t they leave these creatures alone instead of always wanting to kill them.. They are encroaching on their territory. Maybe one of these redneck freak would like it if a group of these creatures stalked them in their home trying to kill them. What a blessing! Especially Marine boy. What’s his deal? He talks like he’s got a mouthful of bigfoot dung. Brilliant mind too. These guys want to shoot things so bad, ship them over to Afghanistan.

  13. Well, this is poorly edited, obviously staged and a total hybrid of Call of the Wildman, and the other low cost profit center “Finding Bigfoot”. I love the subject material but this is really for the huddled masses with a first grade education. They jump to conclusions based on the flimsiest of evidence – all of it set up by a staging crew.

  14. Once again, a T.V. show depicts what “they think”(The producers)hunting/Trapping is. Once again, they never “think it out” before airing this stuff.

    The “City Bred’ public and non-out doors man may fall for this crap, but seasoned hunters/trappers know better.

    The mistakes made are numerous; To many Team members, most out of shape, talk way to much, and the biggest mistake,hunting at night! Where you can’t see anything,(Tracks, sign etc)Can’t be quiet etc.

    I want to give this show a chance, but so far, I’m not impressed! I hope you do give that other stupid show “Finding Bigfoot” a run for it’s money, but you will have to do much better otherwise it’s just another copy-cat show.,or else it will last only one season.

    I hope someone from the show are reading these comments and learn from the mistakes made! .

  15. Really enjoyed the show. They actually got evidence on camera. Can’t wait for tonight’s episode.

  16. Cutting edge! Really like that they carry weapons for protection! Looking forward of capturing and or killing a creature that is not discovered yet! Better than the show finding

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