New Destination America series looks for “Mountain Monsters”

Destination America is getting into the legendary monster business again. Coming on the heels of its series Monsters and Mysteries in America comes the new series Mountain Monsters, premiering June 22.

Like Monsters and Mysteries in America, Mountain Monsters focuses on the search for creatures out of folklore that have been reported in real life. In this series, the hunt is restricted to the Appalachian area, searching for the mythical beasts reported to haunt the dense woods and murky lakes within this 1,500-mile long mountain chain of the eastern United States.

Beyond narrowing its focus to a specific region, Mountain Monsters also differentiates itself from Monsters and Mysteries in America by adding a sort of reality show, Finding Bigfoot-type of element, giving us some quirky, native West Virginians who make it their task to seek out these creatures. Known as The Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings (AIMS), this band of hunters and trappers (pictured below) is led by founder John “Trapper” Trice, and attempts to use backwoods ingenuity along with traditional techniques and modern technology to snare the legendary beasts and help local mountain communities.


Destination America says there will be six episodes in the first season of Mountain Monsters. Upcoming episodes include the following:

“Wolfman of Wolfe County” — June 22 at 10pm ET/PT.  Following eyewitness leads and a trail of fresh physical evidence, the AIMS team embarks on a quest to capture the elusive Kentucky Wolfman. This 500-pound, 7-foot-tall wolf monster has supposedly been terrifying residents in, fittingly, Wolfe County, and locals are demanding answers.

“Perry County Grassman” — June 29 at 10pm ET/PT. Discovering an eyewitness video of the Ohio Grassman, the AIMS team travels to Southeastern Ohio to hunt down this 1,000-pound, 8-foot-tall cousin of the legendary Sasquatch, which was dubbed the Grassman because its fur reportedly resembles the color and texture of grass.

“Devil Dog of Logan County” — July 6 at 10pm ET/PT. Something in Logan County, West Virginia, is wreaking havoc on its population of coyotes – the former top of the food chain. AIMS has a theory, and suspects the legendary Devil Dog is to blame, sucking the blood and life from the coyotes.

“Wampus Beast of Pleasants County” — July 13 at 10pm ET/PT. AIMS sets out in their own backyard to capture a 500-600 pound feline-like predator known in the West Virginia area as the Wampus Beast, that reportedly has been killing livestock. Willie and Huckleberry have had first-hand encounters that lead to the crew’s most personal investigation yet.

“Mothman of Mason County” — July 20 at 10pm ET/PT. The team investigates recent video evidence of the most famous cryptid in West Virginia: Mothman, an enormous flying creature, said to dwell around bridge structures and a creature that has been spotted in Point Pleasant. AIMS attempts to capture this infamous winged beast by building their most ambitious trap, using a bridge, an electrified cage and fire torches.

“Lizard Demon of Wood County” — July 27 at 10pm ET/PT. In the season finale, the mountain men of AIMS investigate a creature said to be just as comfortable on land as it is in the waters of Appalachia. Lizard Demon sightings have been reported with increased frequency over the last few years, with more reports of aggressive behavior. The amphibious creature is said to be a cross between a giant reptile and a man. To catch the elusive beast, the team creates their first functional water-based trap.

Mountain Monsters airs Saturdays at 10pm ET/PT on Destination America starting June 22.


AIMS team in Mountain Monsters: Kurt Zell/Destination America


  1. I like the show, it is funny, myself I have had several Bigfoot encounters here in Okla, Nothing to worry about Bigfoot they are not dangerous, only curious.,..

  2. I lived in central PA all my life. Those same mountains are my back yard. We have bears, mt lions, deer, coyotes and every small critter you can think of. No bigfoot no wolf man no grass man, nothing out of place. I wish there was, I could get rich quick.

  3. I live in Hazel Green for 34 years and I’ve never heard of a wolf man! What kind of drugs are these people on? Never saw or met the two people “R” or “turtleman”. This show is bullcrap!

    • There a man called turtleman in Kentucky—And He’s no more backwoods then anyone else in Kentucky and he Squeals out yeyeyeyey-ye and say’s Live Action!! and he has a Mom called the Turtlemom–You can see them Animal Planet’s “Call of the Wildman”

  4. you would think with all the interest in bigfoot, someone would make a REAL show with REAL experts doing REAL investigations into finding the evidence needed. Ever other word was “I have never seen or heard anything like this”. What have they been doing since 2006. I have been out for 2 years in the woods in N.C. and I have heard what they have, plus foot prints. PLEASE someone make a GOOD show. Where is Monsterquest??

  5. you would think that as much interest there is in Bigfoot someone would put together some REAL experts to do a REAL show about trying to find REAL evidence.
    I spend many a day in the woods and yes I have had some encounters but these guys have staged all this. This channel must think we are all stupid.

    • What’s even better, is that YOU think that Bigfoot is real! Now that’s funny! Geez, lighten up and have some fun. These post are horrible.

  6. Be nice people. The little blob with the green head needs this show to succeed just to stay in groceries.

  7. I cant wait to see who get shot in the face or the back of the head like the didoo that had his head in the hole and the fat behind him pointing the gun at him…..lolololololo.

  8. my husband and i enjoyed the show.we will be tuning in next week to see what these crazy guys will do next time.

  9. CGI Video and the cave full of bones was hilarious to me. Building a giant metal cage and putting it in the woods was the kicker though.

    Obviously this show is 100% fake in every single imaginable way.

    Even morons who live in large Cities all their life know this is a joke…but it is a funny show, but not that funny.

  10. Attention to detail! Is what this show lacks!! Watched the wolf an episode, and just shook my head. If your going to have a pile of bones that were left from a carnivore attack, you should at least let a dog chew on them. The “bones” were clean and had no teeth marks. This is a dead giveaway that the bones were props by the producers.

    I used to think finding Bigfoot was funny, but then it just became a joke.

  11. This show is ridiculous. Bad acting and very poor execution. Next time get some better actors and a science director so you can set things up a little more realistic.

  12. While on the surface, these guys ‘look the part” However, showing such a “perfect’ wolf print was wrong, to perfect,to evenly indented.

    As a very experienced hunter/trapper, I cannot easily be fooled. I want to give this show a chance but to much drama right away. With most experienced hunters it takes days or even weeks to locate your quarry. These guys got to much “supposed action” right away.

    The “City people” watching this show might think this is real, while those of us that are experienced hunters will see it as a joke.

    If a stupid show like “Finding Bigfoot” can last 4 seasons, if this show lasts more than one season, I will not be surprised. People are becoming dumber and dumber every year.

  13. I think it was cool of course it’s not real but there’s nothing on tv anyway.i think they should have a twist and make the monsters come after the guys and let it be a reality slash paranormal tv show.

  14. Who cares if they find bigfoot . I just want someone to get scared take off running
    Get winded and fall down the mountain and land in a mud puddle or
    A cow funny would it have been if that one dude would have got his
    Face mauled by a honey badger or possum , and then chunk spook and pop a round off.
    “Look I found a hole in the ground that I can barely fit in” ” I think I will put my face down in it” . If I could pick the one person in the world to actually find bigfoot standing right in front of him on camera it would be chunk from this show.! I would pay to see him pass out on camera !

  15. Just watched the show- it is definitely staged. By coincidence they found three witnesses that when mapped out their locations it created a perfect triangle. Wa la! Wolfman in the middle. They even showed tracks of the wolf man that had a perfect wood stencil appearance. And wait- they even had a wolf- beast like not believable howl growl sound while they were searching for it. Pleeeeeeease! Give me a break. At least find hillbilly’s that can act! Do not waste your time watching this show.

    • You guys just haven’t figured it out yet .! This is suppose to make u laugh.
      Waiting for chunk to trip and fall and blast Tracker in the a$$.
      I thought it was great!!

    • The worst show I’ve ever watched.If this is all that Des Amer can offer it’s time to change channels

  16. Yea, another scripted monster show, is it cool to be a hillbilly redneck now or what. Just look at all the redneck shows there are lol

  17. Good God is this show freak in dumb. You would have to be a complete regard to believe this nonsense.

  18. No way these guys can hang. I can disappear for days in the mountains of Appalachia and often do covering 40 or 50 miles with my horse in a few days. I can track almost anything and have done so sense I was a child. I doubt these guys could last more then a couple of days in the deep wilderness without support. LOL!

    • These guys are the Real Deal, they are gonna be legends one day. Look at them, they look so professional, almost like army special unit guys, the way they yell “hoo-ra” is so friggin cool, and their beards remind me of my favorite rock group – ZZ Top. You people posting negative comments have no clue what you are talking about, these guys are the future! Who would you rather be with if you saw a monster? The police? hah! I would rather be with these guys! They are like Red Neck Super Heros!

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