Pretty Wicked Moms cast features 6 feisty Atlanta women

Meet the Pretty Wicked Moms cast — a group of six feisty Atlanta women who star in Lifetime’s new reality/comedy debuting Tuesday, June 4 at 10pm ET.

Lifetime's new reality/comedy series Pretty Wicked Moms cast

Get a group of moms together and ask their thoughts on raising kids and you’ll get a wide range of advice, opinions and maybe even a bit of one-upmanship on who knows what best. Lifetime puts the spotlight on a group of six feisty Atlanta moms in its unscripted reality series Pretty Wicked Moms (premiering Tuesday, June 4 at 10pm ET). Whether it’s an over-the-top birthday party for a toddler or charting their child’s routine to the precise minute, these moms get all in each other’s business in a fun, and at times, comedic way.

Lifetime's Queen Bee of Pretty Wicked Moms Emily Dee BouldenThe ring leader of the group is Emily Dees Boulden (pictured), mother of 2-year-old daughter Amzie and owner of Swank, a high-end boutique in Atlanta. “This show is really, really funny,” she shares. “It’s not vicious. I feel like, ‘let’s show America what it’s like.’ There are so many moms out there that go through the things that we go through. Everyone will see a little bit of themselves in all of these girls. Motherhood is tough. It’s the only place you can see heaven and hell at the same time. If people sit around and act like it’s so perfect and easy, it’s not. Let’s just tell it as it is.”

Emily and her BFF Nicole N., who is also featured on the show, provide much of the humor with their take on life and habit of “telling it as it is.” Nicole doesn’t have any children, but her obsessive coddling of her Shitzu dog Summer has earned her the official moniker of “The Doggy Mom.”

Miranda from Pretty Wicked Moms on LifetimeMiranda is the adorable Southern Belle of the group. She’s a stay-at-home mom for her 2-year-old son Ledger. She’s extremely persnickety about his daily schedule documenting and coordinating his day to the minute. Miranda and Emily know each other through their husbands, who have been friends since childhood. Emily considers their relationship more of a “forced friendship.”

“If I would have met her just randomly, we would not be friends,” she tells. “Our husbands are childhood best friends — I mean it goes back to kindergarten, and that’s part of every woman out there. There’s always a forced friendship. We try to make it work. I say what I think. I’m not a fake person. I’m really a genuinely nice person. If you’re beautiful I’ll say you’re beautiful.”

Emily’s not losing sleep over what Miranda thinks of her. “I don’t think she’ll be surprised by anything I say. I feel like I’ll probably be more surprised by the things she says. I don’t know. She knows how I feel about her. I told her before.”

Nicole B is the Alpha Mom on Pretty Wicked Moms on LifetimeNicole B. is the “alpha mom” of the group. She’s the mother of 1-year-old McKinley and a full-time working mom who believes her alpha mom title is fitting. “I think it’s probably very realistic only because I’m a take charge kind of gal. I’m doing the best I can to raise my daughter and one of my goals is to do it right and keep my hand in everything that she has going on, [as well as] work, run a household and balance a husband and stepdaughter, and then also try to continue to make health and physical fitness a part of our family. A feel like I’m juggling it all, so I guess that’s where it comes from.”

She’s also one of the most relatable moms on the series. “I view myself as just a normal girl,” Nicole B. says. “Some of the other girls are just so fabulous. I’m just like the average working mom. All I really want is to make sure my daughter gets the best of the best. I think I’m probably the one that takes health and fitness, a little of that stuff, to the extreme. Mainly health. I believe children need to eat right and sleep a certain amount of hours a day. I don’t feed my child junk.”

The other moms include:

Meredith, “The Newbie,” who recently moved to Atlanta with her husband and 3-year-old daughter, Addison, Meredith’s good heart and innocence lead her to strive for acceptance from the other moms.

Marci, “The Divorcee,” who is described as the most affluent and shrewdest mom of the clique. Marci is raising three kids on her own after 23 years of marriage, so she brings a completely different point of view to motherhood and the clique as they live life in the fast lane.

Photos: Credit: Richard Knapp/Lifetime


  1. I love the show! I like all of the moms, they are all running their family with the best of intentions in different ways, but I feel bad for saying this (or feeling this way) I cannot stand the kid Ledger. He needs a swift, firm handle on his aggression or he will be out of control. I mean he’s the kid you really want a few minutes alone with after he has terrorized your child at preschool. His mom needs to leave the show and spend her time trying to correct his issues before innocent kids are forced to go to school with him, and the poor teacher that has him as a student.

  2. Love the show! I’m from Mississippi so Emily is my favorite & she says the same things I do. Lol

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