Antenna TV remembers Jean Stapleton with “All in the Family” marathon

Actress Jean Stapleton passed away last Friday at the age of 90. Although having had a long body of acting work on stage, TV and film, Jean Stapleton is best remembered and beloved for her Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning role as Edith Bunker, the sweet-natured wife to curmudgeonly Archie Bunker, on the classic sitcom All in the Family from 1971-79 (she continued the role sporadically during the first season of the show’s spinoff, Archie Bunker’s Place).

In remembrance of Jean Stapleton’s celebrated Edith Bunker role, Antenna TV — a digital multicast network that shows classic television shows and movies, and normally airs All in the Family on Wednesday nights — will be presenting a 12-hour All in the Family marathon Tuesday, June 4, beginning at 3pm ET. Included during the marathon will be the famous episode in which Edith is trapped in her house by a rapist (“Edith’s 50th Birthday)” as well as the final episode of All in the Family (“Too Good Edith”).

The All in the Family marathon is preceded at 2:30pm ET on Antenna TV by a 1962 episode of Dennis the Menace called “Mr. Wilson’s Housekeeper,” guest-starring Jean Stapleton.



Antenna TV’s “Remembering Edith: A Tribute to Jean Stapleton” All in the Family Marathon Episode Guide (all times ET; marathon begins at 3pm ET June 4):

3pm: “Edith’s Accident”
3:30pm: “Edith’s Problem”
4pm: “Archie and Edith, Alone”
4:30pm: “Edith Gets a Mink”
5pm: “Archie Is Jealous”
5:30pm: “Edith Flips Her Wig”
6pm: “The Bunkers and the Swingers”
6:30pm: “Edith’s Winning Ticket”
7pm: “Class Reunion”
7:30pm: “The Battle of the Month”
8pm: “Archie the Gambler”
8:30pm: “Second Honeymoon”
9pm: “Edith’s Christmas Story”
9:30pm: “All’s Fair”
10pm: “Amelia’s Divorce”
10:30pm: “Edith’s Friend”
11pm: “Edith Breaks Out”
11:30pm: “Edith’s Night Out”
12am: “The Joys of Sex”
12:30am: “Cousin Liz”
1am: “Edith’s 50th Birthday (Pt. 1)”
1:30am: “Edith’s 50th Birthday (Pt. 2)”
2am: “Edith Gets Fired”
2:30am: “Too Good Edith”