SheZow brings gender-bending fun to Hub Network

Saturday, June 1
Hub Network, 12:30pm

SheZow HubIt’s every 12-year-old boy’s dream, right? To discover a power ring that transforms the wearer into a superhero. But with it comes a lesson that all 12-year-olds must learn as well: there’s always a catch. In this case, the ring is only meant to be worn by a girl. So when self-described extreme dude Guy Hamdon puts on the ring, he fights crime while wearing a rather bold female superhero costume. SheZow not only defeats the bad guys, but his new identity also helps Guy in his attitude towards the opposite sex.

Already a hit in its native Australia, SheZow promises to pack a punch when it makes its U.S. debut on Hub Network this weekend. But the show won’t be greeted without a bit of controversy. Some organizations believe the show is inappropriate for children because they believe it could promote gender confusion in children. Others say not so fast.


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