Meet the super-rich, super-spoiled “Princesses: Long Island”

Princesses Long Island Ryan Berenz

Meet the future “Housewives” of tomorrow as Bravo documents the lives of six college-educated young women from affluent areas of Long Island who live pampered lifestyles in the comfort of their parents’ homes and at the expense of their bank accounts. Princesses: Long Island premieres June 2 at 10pm ET.

Princesses Long Island

Long Island is certainly fertile ground for reality TV. More cameras descend in the area, this time to document a handful of pampered princesses who are living the life of luxury still under the comforts of their parents’ homes and bank accounts.

Princesses: Long Island follows six colorful, college-educated women who vary in wit, wealth and status. Erica Gimbel says she’s enjoyed a fairy tale upbringing in an affluent area and certainly doesn’t have any immediate plans of moving on from her lavish lifestyle. While she works part time in marketing for her father’s printing business, a full-time position at age 29 really wouldn’t cut it with her lifestyle. “The summertime is definitely difficult. I’d prefer to be not working that much when it’s beautiful outside,” she shares.

Understandable, as Gimbel is somewhat of a party girl, seen hosting summer pool parties and cocktailing round the clock with her new group of gals.

“Everyone is kind of connected via six degrees of separation,” Gimbel says of her castmates. “Chanel went to a neighboring high school, same with most of the other girls. Some of them I didn’t know, some of them I did. … Developing those relationships with these women has definitely been interesting. Some have developed into great relationships and some, you know — there’s good and bad with all.”

The Snooki-looking Ashlee White (29) appears to be the most ostentatious of the group. “I know Joey doesn’t come from money but I didn’t know it was this bad,” she says en route to Long Island’s South Shore to pick up fellow castmate Joey Lauren. “I feel bad for them. I literally want to give everyone a hug and then get the hell out.”

But Joey’s a proud South Shore girl and knows who she’s dealing with. “A lot of girls in Long Island are part of the lucky sperm club. I’m so far from spoiled. I don’t even know what that looks or feels like,” she tells. “I have a full-time job and I’m launching my own business, and according to my dad, I’m still not working hard enough. The car you drive, the bag on your arm, the guy you date is pretty much who you are in Long Island. South Shore girls are hotter, way cooler and without a doubt tougher.”

Then there’s Amanda Bertoncini (27), who lives with her clingy mom Babs and is in love with this annoying man named Jeff (38). The mother/daughter swimsuit shopping excursion with Jeff is beyond awkward as he gushes over the duo, saying “Oh my God you are so hot” so frequently it’s nauseating.

There’s also Chanel Omari (a.k.a. Coco), the social connector on Long Island who’s on the hunt for a good Jewish boy. Coco, 27, has a journalism degree and is a regular blogger who aspires to have her own talk show. Coco’s BFF is Casey Cohen, who holds a master’s in art education from NYU and lives only part time with her mother, commuting between Jericho and Manhattan as she pursues her passion for art and works for a hospitality company.

Gimbel says that while the series definitely captured dramatic moments and confrontations between the girls, “the fact is it’s just us being who we are and it’s as real as it gets.”

Photo: Credit: Alex Martinez/Bravo