Community Season 5: Star Jim Rash says he’d welcome Dan Harmon’s return

Will Community Season 5 be a season of renewal?

Fan reaction to Season 4 of the cult comedy was mixed and fervent, with many saying that the show about a group of misfits at a community college just wasn’t the same without the input of creator Dan Harmon. While Harmon was a constant source of controversy during his time on the show, thanks mainly to his acrimonious run-ins with star Chevy Chase, it was thought that his singular comedic sensibility was essential to what made Community work.

Community Jim Rash NBCBut as Community is rumored to be returning for a final 13-episode run in next year’s midseason lineup, there are rumblings that Harmon could be coming back as well. This would suit cast member Jim Rash, who plays Greendale Community College’s batty Dean Pelton, just fine.

” I hope it works out, mainly because I love the idea that if it is our final 13, it would just be sort of nice to have him aboard to close the chapter officially,” Rash said. “Creatively, it would be a dream come true. We’ll just cross our fingers and see if it all works out. Regardless, it’s nice to have a fifth season.”

Not for nothing, Rash knows a little bit about writers’ input. He won an Academy Award for cowriting the script for 2011’s The Descendants, and his directorial debut The Way, Way Back fetched a whopping $10 million acquisition deal earlier this year. Rash can also be seen this summer hosting The Writers’ Room on Sundance Channel.

If for no other reason, it would be fascinating to see how Harmon would do on the show without his nemesis Chase, who finally ended his and everyone else’s suffering by leaving before Season 4 had finished filming. Although the behind-the-scenes drama grew increasingly tiresome, it seemed to become part of the show’s identity after a while, and maybe that was even part of what some felt was missing this go-round.

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  1. No the backstage drama only grew, so that was certainly not wat people were missing this time around. It was the quality people missed in S4.

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