Long Island Medium Season 4 recap “The Gambler”

Long Island Medium Season 4 recap of “The Gambler”
Original airdate May 26, 2013

Let’s get a slight distraction out of the way … anyone else thinking that Theresa’s nails are getting just a little obnoxious? Seeing Theresa with candles, those nails and the spiritual aura she creates before a reading is starting to remind me of the old fortuneteller from the local carny. Yikes, clip those things already!

Long Island Medium Season 4 recap of "The Gambler"In Long Island Medium “The Gambler,” the episode starts with Larry Jr. taking Theresa out for breakfast to butter her up before asking if he could have his pals over to the house for a night of poker. At the local diner Theresa stops one of the woman working, asking her if she lost her mother. The middle-aged woman acknowledges that she lost her mother and Theresa immediately goes into medium mode, questioning her on the significance of a necklace, the Virgin Mary and if her mother kept something hidden under the statue. Floored — the woman tells Theresa about the necklace she was wearing and about the Virgin Mary statue that her mother hid her money under. The real message Theresa was charged with passing along, however, was that the mother did not want her daughter to feel burdened by the fact that she wasn’t with her when she died. Her mother wanted her to know that she knew she was always there for her. The woman was elated. “I’m in my glory today,” she shares.

Next Theresa makes a house call in Smithtown, where viewers meet Stephanie. “Who is the husband that departed?” Theresa asks. “What was with the ties? … He tells me my ties were like my shoes.” [Theresa explains that he is saying he has just as many ties as Theresa has shoes. Not sure how he knows how many shoes Theresa has, but whatever, we get it.]

Theresa tells Stephanie that her breathing is labored and that she believes he may have drowned. “I feel like he was on a small boat. … He tells me that he saved your son.” Stephanie shares that her husband Patrick died tragically in a drowning accident, where Patrick and their son Caden were kayaking when a wake from a passing boat knocked Caden into the water. From what she understood, Patrick struggled to get Caden to safety but didn’t have enough strength to save himself. “Did your son tell you that daddy told me to stay here and hang on?” Theresa asks her. Stephanie is overwhelmed at the details Theresa is sharing with her. [Stop and grab your Kleenex.] Theresa asks why she stopped saying prayers with her children after he died, and tells her that her husband wants her to stop being bitter and angry, and that she can’t let that fuel her soul. “I’m going to allow him to cross the line,” Theresa states. “He asks, ‘Can you just thank God for the blessings we have? Can you do that to do that for me? Can you allow some sort of faith back into your soul?’’’

Next tearful moment was a group reading at the Long Island Italian restaurant Franina. Here viewers meet Erin, who was hoping to connect with her ex-boyfriend Allen. “Did you lose your boyfriend? … He’s funny,” Theresa tells her. Erin tells they shared a love/hate relationship. “He talks about his funeral. Did you bury him in a suit? He goes what the hell is this I got on?” Erin and Allen’s sister laugh between their tears, explaining that would be exactly what he would say and feel. “I feel like he collapsed,” Theresa tells them, and shares what he tells her, “I didn’t feel good and the next thing I died.” The ladies explain how Allen went to the hospital to get treated for an infection but instead had a heart attack and died.

“We never should have separated. Do you understand that? … He made me feel like there were certain choices and decisions that he made that he takes responsibility for. … Do you have children? Did you have a daughter with him?” Theresa gives Erin every validation she needs that he is still part of their life and shares his message of wanting her to completely embrace life to the fullest.

Theresa also reaches out to a teenage girl named Jenna, who was hoping to connect with her brother Jeffrey. Theresa tells Jenna that although Jeffrey was young when he left the physical world, he made her feel like he accomplished everything. Jenna shares that Jeffrey was 15 years older and was like a father figure to her. He died in a car accident. “I used to feel my brother all the time and as I get older I don’t feel him as much,” she tells Theresa.

“What’s with the Easy Bake Oven?” Theresa fires back. Thrilled, Jenna tells, “I loved to do it with him. That was one of my favorite things and I loved to cook.” Theresa gives her the reassurance she needs, telling her that Jeffrey just leaned over and kissed her and said that she is not alone. “You need to know that he hasn’t left you.” Ouch, that tugs at the heart.

As always, the episode does end on a lighter side as Larry Jr. welcomes his pals to the Caputo house for poker. “All my friends are well aware that my mom’s a medium. But they aren’t coming over for a reading, they are coming over to play cards.” Silly boy. You think he would know by now, right!?

To win a reading with Theresa, answer this week’s question. The answer to the question was featured in the “Why Me” episode and involves the woman who saw the rose in her front yard on the day of her husband’s funeral.

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