The Glades Season 4 premiere: Date, time, TV channel, preview and more!

The Glades Season 4 premiere: “Yankee Dan”
Monday, May 27
A&E, 9pm ET

The Glades Season 4 kicks off with a funky episode that mixes a haunted house/slasher story with a bit of Fletch Lives. In “Yankee Dan,” a couple is driving around one night when they almost run into a strange-looking woman standing in the middle of the street. She leads them to an old creepy house where they find another woman lying on the floor with an axe buried in her back. Oh, and when the couple looks for the woman who led them there, turns out she’s vanished.

Turns out the scene of the crime is an old plantation house rumored to be crawling with paranormal activity. Not your typical subject matter for a crime-of-the-week procedural, but The Glades isn’t afraid to go there. The spooky angle is thankfully maintained throughout the episode, even challenging the sarcastic Jim Longworth (Matt Passmore) is a little thrown off from time to time. It also brings in one of my favorite TV guest stars, Jonathan Slavin (Andy Richter Controls the Universe), who plays a paranormal researcher who’s been interested in the plantation for quite some time. It was owned long ago by a colorful patriarch called “Yankee Dan,” from whom the episode derives its name.

Of course, Jim’s distraction could have something to do with something else looming large on his mind, namely his recent marriage proposal to Callie (Kiele Sanchez). She didn’t say no, people, OK? She’s just thinking about it. At least this is what he’s telling everybody, including the ever-suffering Carlos (Carlos Gomez). Callie is actually saying it, too, weighing her love of Jim versus her career ambitions. She knows she loves the guy, but she also wants to be free to go wherever her profession may take her, and she knows that long-distance relationships don’t work.


The Glades Season 4 Matt Passmore

Photo: © 2011 Credit: Jeff Daley