Win a reading with Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo, “Meet the Medium” Sweepstakes details

Win a reading with Long Island Medium Theresa CaputoWin a reading with Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo in TLC’s Season 4 “Meet the Medium” Sweepstakes.

We get so many requests and questions on how to get a reading with Theresa, so when I saw TLC was doing another sweepstakes titled “Meet the Medium” where you could win a reading with Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo, I wanted to make sure you had your chance. The sweepstakes is pretty straightforward but it does require you to enter rather quickly. The sweepstakes is running over an eight-week period. Every week you have an opportunity to enter, however, you are limited to just entry per person/per email per week. The sweepstakes started on the premiere of Season 4 (May 12) and will run through July 2. You don’t have to enter each week to qualify either, so if you missed a week or two, don’t worry. If you watch the show entering will be a breeze, as each week there’s a new question you have to answer to enter. So far the questions have all been multiple-choice and relate back to the episode that premiered that week. [I do provide the answer in my Long Island Medium Season 4 recaps.] Also, it does appear if you get the answer wrong you can make another selection.

To enter “Meet the Medium” go to the TLC website

Note that you only have a few days to enter after each new premiere episodes (new episodes air on TLC Sundays at 9pm ET). Here are the details on the entry periods.

Week 1
Entry period begins 9pm ET on 5/12/13
Entry period ends at 9pm ET on 5/14/13
Week 2
Entry period begins 9pm ET on 5/19/13
Entry period ends at 9pm ET on 5/21/13
Week 3
Entry period begins 9pm ET on 5/26/13
Entry period ends at 9pm ET on 5/28/13
Week 4
Entry period begins 9pm ET on 6/2/13
Entry period ends at 9pm ET on 6/4/13
Week 5
Entry period begins 9pm ET on 6/9/13
Entry period ends at 9pm ET on 6/11/13
Week 6
Entry period begins 9pm ET on 6/16/13
Entry period ends at 9pm ET on 6/18/13
Week 7
Entry period begins 9pm ET on 6/23/13
Entry period ends at 9pm ET on 6/25/13
Week 8
Entry period begins 9pm ET on 6/30/13
Entry period ends at 9pm ET on 7/2/13

The winner is going to be selected some time in July and they will get round-trip coach travel for two people to New York and a private reading with Theresa Caputo, as well as a 3 day/2 night hotel package and $500 in spending money. You can review the full rules and specifics of the sweepstakes when you enter.

We get a lot of feedback from younger kids who simply love Theresa and are desperately looking to connect with a parent, sibling or grandparent they lost; unfortunately, you have to be 21 years of age or older to answer — so get an older relative to enter! Good luck!!! I really hope one of you wins!




  1. My husband died on3/8/2012, it was a Thursday morning, and my future daughterinlaws mother died that same day around 6:00 pm. I’m missing them so much, as it was sudden, and unexcepted. I watch Teresa Caputo on
    TLC all the time, and would love to win a free reading.

  2. omg I love your show I cry every time you give someone a reading and I’d really like to get a reading for my mother in law. who lost her mother and grandmother in the last 3 years it’s really tough during the holidays and I know she would be happy and grateful to possible here words from her mother or grandmother it would help with any closure that wasn’t answered for her before they past. I would like to win this reading for this special person who deserves this one thing in life and it would make her so happy.

  3. Teresa I need to please have a reading I have lost the most important person in my life I have been over medicated myself cause I can’t forgive myself how the situation happened I’m going crazy missing that person.. please help please

  4. Hi Theresa,

    I have lost many loved ones for no reason. I think about it all the time and wondering why! I watch your show all the time and I cry each time when you talk to people and make them feel so much better when you have given them relief from grief for a lost loved one. I would love to meet you!

  5. Hi my mom needs your help hearing from my grandpaw and she cant stop crying and she loves him and when he died the family split up and now she needs to know if his ok and if his mad at her we really need your help

  6. I Lost My Mother, Father And Brother and would LOVE to connect with them with all my life and soul. I live all alone now and that would me the GREATEST thing in my life. Thank you. Judy Raines Port Saint Lucie Florida. Again Thank you.

  7. I have lost many people in my life and recently had serious medical issues myself.I would love to know any messages from the other side that would help me on this side

  8. Hello,
    My beautiful mother passed this May. our family is heartbroken. It would help the grieving process so much if we could have a reading with Theresa. My mother faced many challenges in her life and we miss her dearly. Please choose me and my sister to connect with her.

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