Theresa Caputo connects with negative energy: Long Island Medium Season 4 recap “The Royal Flush”

Long Island Medium Season 4 recap of “The Royal Flush,” original air date Sunday, May 19.

Win a reading with Theresa Caputo, Long Island Medium Season 4 recapTheresa Caputo continues to amaze in Long Island Medium Season 4. In “The Royal Flush,” Theresa experiences a spiritual first when she connects with a negative energy that calls her a whore.

The reading started out as any normal reading where Theresa greeted Fran and Jamie, a mother and daughter who came for a private reading. While Theresa ran through her normal shtick on how she works and how she only channel souls that walk in God’s white light, she wasn’t really prepared for what she was about to encounter. Theresa was quick to assess that Jamie had lost her sister and Fran her daughter. “What was with her teeth?” she asks them. She was a dental hygienist.

“She wants to talk about the children,” Theresa says. We learn that the deceased is Heather and that she left behind two beautiful young daughters, Emma and Sophia, whom Fran and Jamie are now raising. “All I keep seeing is she stepped forward in red.”

Theresa explains in graphic detail how she tastes blood and feels like she is just immersed in a pool of blood. She tells the women that Heather wants them to know that she fought, and that she was not afraid.

Then a second spirit enters. “I can’t see him but I can hear him. He was just cursing at me. … I’m nothing but a whore,” Theresa says of the negative energy. “He’s continuing. He’s disgusting. I normally don’t see or react with any negative energy.” But then assures that she’s very well protected from her own spirit guides.

The women explain that the negative energy Theresa is hearing comes from Heather’s husband, who stabbed her 20 to 30 times before taking his own life. Theresa explains that Heather knew this was her only way out and that she sacrificed herself for her children. Heather says that she is “blessed and grateful that they have her girls.” Everything Fran and Jamie are doing Heather supports, Theresa tells. Heather asks them to let go of the nightmare and focus on her girls. It’s the reassurance these women needed to hear to move on with raising these young girls in a happier environment. Jamie tells Theresa that Emma just told her that “laughing is fun, it’s good for the soul.”

On a much lighter note, Theresa decides to redo the downstairs bathroom and elects black marble for the décor. Larry’s not too happy about the black marble and considers it something you’d see in a gangster movie from the ’70s. “Theresa changes things in the house like she changes underwear,” Larry says.

The toilet shopping, however, left us with a visual of Larry we probably didn’t need to see. I guess we could consider it another classic Caputo moment — Larry testing out toilets (pants on) with reading material folded in hand. While the couple has been together for 20 years, Theresa tells cameras she has never watched him sit on a toilet. Thank you. No good would come of elaborating on that scenario any further.

The saleswoman at the bathroom design store was caught off guard when Theresa asked her who the father figure was who passed. She tells Theresa that it was her father. Theresa shocks her when she asks what the connection with Bermuda was. Apparently the woman took her mother there for her 75th birthday, where Theresa explains that was just her father’s way of confirming he was with them.

With the Caputo’s bathroom being redone, Theresa makes a house call where viewers meet Linda, a well-to-do woman in her 60s who was looking to connect with her sister Helene. “Is it your sister that departed?” Theresa asks. She asks who Rachel is. We learn it’s Linda’s nickname and the girls used it when they were playing. “What is with the plaque?” That’s when Linda loses it. Prior to Theresa’s visit, Linda removed the plaque from the room, which had Helene Marin’s name on it because she didn’t want to give Theresa any clues. Theresa explains that Helene was ready to die and she treated everything on her own terms. “My family needs to know that I’m at peace,” Theresa shares for Helene, and tells Linda that she needs to continue to embrace life without her sister.


The episode concludes with the bathroom renovation complete and Larry officially pleased, renaming the room “The Royal Flush.”